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Best Watch Brands Reviews

best-watch-brandsIt is a fact that it is very difficult for everyone to decide when it comes to buy a new watch. The difficulty is that the new purchase must be compatible with your style, needs and budget at the same time.

Choosing a new watch depends on many factors but primarily is proportional to each person’s perception of how the perfect watch should look.

If you are indecisive and do not know what product to choose from the wide range of watches on the market, then the perfect place to get some information is here. Below are listed some of the best watch brands in the world. It takes only a few minutes to read the details.

What to Take Into Account When Choosing a New Watch?

First you need to decide what is your favorite company producing watch brand. After you have done this, you need to decide on the qualities of the product, what you want from the product you are going to acquire. Each watch company has categorized the models after their functionality and design. To help in decision-making, the list below includes some specific features of the watches.

Digital or Analog type

The analog clocks have a mechanism that indicates time with the help of mechanical structures. The digital watches have a mechanism that indicate time by using electronic structures, such as LED or liquid crystal.

A clock with digital display indicates the time using figure or digit; an analog clock display is set with clock pins that rotate over a dial with numbers. The digital display can show other information, such as alarms, chronograph, date and other time zones. Analog display shows the time in a way easy to understand: you only have to look at the position of the indicators.

Reviews of the Top 5 Best Watch Brands

The following are the lists of top 5 best brands of watches which you need to know. These could be your guide in choosing the best one that is suitable for your taste and preferences.

Citizen Men’s BM8180-03E “Eco-Drive” Canvas Strap Watch

Citizen Men’s BM8180-03E is a type of watch that is relatively good for you. If you want to have a quality type of watch, then you may choose to purchase this product. This item offers remarkable features and attributes. So, you can have an assurance that this is really worth for your investment.

Many people tend to purchase this kind of product because of its high water-resistance and durability. In fact, this kind of watch is highly resistant even under 100 m/330 ft. It has also an analog display that moves in Japanese Quartz.

So, you will not find it difficult to look at the actual time on your analog display. With its durable canvas strap that contains leather lining, metal-lined grommets and high powered eco-drive; you can have a great guarantee that your money is worth for this investment.

Invicta Men’s 8928OB “Pro Diver” 23k Gold Plating and Stainless Steel Two-Tone Automatic Watch

Another type of product that is good for you is the Invicta Men’s 8928OB “Pro Diver”. You may choose to purchase and wear this kind of product if you want to have an elegant-look. Buying this type of wristwatch can provide you multiple benefits and features.

It has a protective crystal mineral dial window that provides stunning-look on the item. It also features unidirectional bezel, stainless steel construction, magnified date window at 3 o’clock position and luminous markers and hands.

In addition to that, Invicta watch is a highly resistant in water. So, you don’t need to be fret about its water damage.

Invicta Men’s 8928OB “Pro Diver” is an ideal type of watch that provides more convenience, especially if you are wearing the product. So, you can check it out in any stores that are available through offline and online basis.

Seiko Men’s SKA366 Kinetic Black Ion Watch

Another type of watch that you can find in the market is the Seiko Men’s SKA366. It is a great option for your investment since it offers a lot of benefits, advantages and remarkable features. One of the best features of this product is its kinetic movement. As you wear this watch, it powers kinetically through your arm’s movement.

This is very ideal to your outfit, especially if you will attend special occasions and meetings. It has a durable Hardlex crystal that protects the dial from scrathes. It is highly resistant in water up to 100 m/ 330 ft.

The case of this watch is made up of stainless steel. So, you can make sure that this will provide you long life span. You can also have the guarantee that this is really a high quality type of product since it is covered by 3-year warranty period.

Bulova Men’s 96A108 Stainless Steel and Brown Leather Automatic Mechanical Watch

Bulova Men’s 96A108 is a stainless steel type of watch that has brown leather bracelet. One of the advantages that you can get out of using this watch is its high quality. It is highly resistant to water up to 99 ft/30m.

So, you don’t need to worry about its water damage. Furthermore, this type of watch has a protective domed crystal mineral dial window that provides durability. You can easily see the actual time on your watch since it has an analog display as well.

There are lots of customers who tend to purchase this type of watch and most of them are highly satisfied with its quality and actual appearance. If you will take a look at the product review, you can see that it receives an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars.

G-Shock Men’s G100-1BV

One of the best watch brands is the G-Shock Men’s G100-1BV. It offers high resistance in water up to 200 m. So, this watch will not be damaged by water pressure. Purchasing this kind of watch is definitely a nice choice since you have two options for the time display.

You can choose either in digital format or in analog format. Either of the two is good to use as long as that you are comfortable with its actual appearance.

For quality assurance, this type of watch – G-Shock Men’s G100-1BV is covered by 1-year warranty period. If there is something wrong with your watch within that given timeframe, then you can just go back to your product-providers and let them know about the product’s status/condition.

With its dual time display, chronograph, shock resistance, luminosity and stopwatch; you can have an assurance that the product is beneficial for you.

What Automatic, Traditional of Quartz Movement?

1. Quartz clock

  • Disadvantages: They have a reduced lifespan due to wear faster and lower reliability of electronic components.

2. Mechanical watches

  • There are two categories of mechanical watches with manual winding and automatic watches. The manual requires periodic return by turning the crown. While not requiring return, automatic watches do not run on battery but also due to a mechanical system. It is provided with a disc, which in a simple movement of the hand rotates around its own axes, acting in a spring motor.


  • Mechanical watches often leave to see inside the mechanism by transparent rear cover or openings on the dial.
  • These watches can easily be distinguished because of the fluidity of movement of secondary forefinger unlike some of the quartz that have jerky motion.
  • Sustainability: a quality watch and well maintained can operate for decades without problems.


  • Maintenance: for most mechanical watches are necessary revisions every five years, they must be performed by an authorized watchmaker.
  • They are less accurate than quartz.
  • They are more expensive because they are more difficult to manufacture and require more expensive materials.
  • Resistance: are more sensitive to shocks because that can disrupt easier.

What Creates Crystal Material?

The most exposed part of a wristwatch, the glass cover should be both shock resistant and scratch to provide good visibility and to be not very expensive compared to other parts. Although it is often called crystal or mineral glass cover is a synthetic (artificial) and is usually made of toughened glass, plexiglass or sapphire.

1. Plastic

  • It is a cheap material, but less resistant and therefore scratch or breaks quite easily.
  • It is used for cheap watches.

2. Glass mineral

  • Although hardened during the manufacturing process it breaks quite easily but is more resistant to scratches.
  • It is used for the middle range watches.

3. Synthetic sapphire

  • It is the most expensive material, but also the toughest.
  • Usually it is use on quality watches or luxury.
  • Synthetic sapphire is identical to the natural one used to make jewelry but without the coloring agents that make it so brilliant.

From the point of view of appearance, there are no clear differences between a mineral glass and sapphire crystal. If you want to test a protective glass, you can use any metal tool to do it. It will not scratch the sapphire, but most likely will leave streaks on the glass.

Watch Case Materials

Housing gives shape clock. The analogue may have enclosures round, square, rectangular, sometimes polygonal. Can be matte, glossy or embellished with various stones.

Analog watches are usually metal casing (gold, silver, platinum, steel or titanium).

A watch with a casing (and / or belt) made of last platinum, gold or silver is priced higher than the rest, but many manufacturers of watches use precious metals mixed with different alloys for a more affordable price. So there are some common markes:

  • 18k or 750 signifies the existence of approx. 75% pure gold in an alloy.
  • 14k or 585 signifies the existence of approx. 58% pure gold in an alloy.
  • 10k signifies the existence of approx. 42% pure gold in an alloy.

Water Resistance

Most watches have a marking on housing or dial, the water resistance. This goal can be expressed in bar (bar), atmospheres (atm), and meters (m) form 30m (3 atm) to 200m (20 atm or bar).

Watches marked “diving” are specially designed for diving. In some cases it is written “water resistant” but appear only initials WR. From the point of view of the manufacturers, markings on watches can be translated as following:

  • no marking: wet watch at your own risk;
  • Water resistant (no indication in meters): not recommended for wet ;
  • Water resistant 30 m: clock resists accidental splashing, rain, washing hands;
  • Water resistant 50m: withstand time, shower, swimming area;
  • 100 m water resistant: withstands time jumping in the water and water sports;
  • 200 m water resistant: withstands time diving.

You should know:

  • most vulnerable point of a watch is the crown;
  • over wearing the watch, besides static pressure, dynamic pressure can occur which even if are not high at one time can affect the water resistance of the watch;
  • when you wash your hands, the soap is deposited around the crown and reach the seals, consisting of very small grains and create water way inwards clock;
  • Moist clock will retain dust very easily. Dust is the easiest to laying a wreath, which leads to wear liners;
  • Sudden changes in temperature are very harmful to the watch. Clock components have different coefficients of expansion and contraction; at sudden change of temperature, water makes its way inside the watch.

What Watch Bands and types?

The ideal material for watch bands should meet several conditions: to be durable, comfortable, easy to maintain, easily molded into various shapes and not expensive.

1. Gold or other precious metals

  • It is made with great carefulness and provides an exclusive air. It is suitable for those who go to fancy places or important business meetings.
  • The disadvantage is that a watch with such bracelet is very expensive.
  • Depending on your drive links these metal bracelets can collect dirt and are difficult to clean.

2. Leather

  • The most elegant watches are the ones with leather strap.
  • They are comfortable and do not get dirty.
  • They are more difficult to maintain.
  • They deteriorate more quickly and they are less resistant to water.

3. Plastic

  • It is used especially in combination with electronic watches.
  • Fits rather with children watches but is also found in some fashion watches.

4. Silicon

  • It is wear-resistant and to temperature variations.
  • It is stylish and ecological and very cheap.


In summation, we can say that there are a number of best watch brands in the market which are designed to suit all types of customers’ needs. Customers can easily choose one brand and purchase any of their models to compliment their casual as well as party wear requirements.

The thing to mention is the type of material your watch should have. Selection of material is really an important factor as it enables users to enhance their personality. Also, there is a wide variety of best watches for women.So, let’s decide on the watch brand you wish to wear, evaluate your budget, order a suitable model and start inspiring others.