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Best Vacuum Sealers Reviews

Top 5 Vacuum SealersVacuum sealing of food might sound like a new technology but it isn’t. In fact, this food packaging technique has been in use in the commercial food processing sphere for quite some time. But with refrigerators having become a usual appliance in every home nowadays, where is the need for vacuum sealing? And moreover, isn’t the whole idea behind storing food in a refrigerator so that it can stay fresh for long?

Yes, the good old fridge cum freezer does do a neat job when it comes to storage of food and preserving freshness, but only to a certain extent. Whether it is the consumer centric mentality or sheer laziness which forces us shop for groceries for the week in one go, the common result is the same. Harvested and/or slaughtered food products, which are almost always purchased in excess citing ‘future use’ and stored in the fridge (or freezer), go bad after a few days when not used.

Using a top vacuum food sealer to store food products in plastic packs drastically reduces the rate of deterioration in them. Plus, a vacuum sealed food product in a fridge remains fresh for longer when compared to the same food if it were keep as it is. In order to understand why vacuum food sealing proves beneficial in preserving perishables, we need to look at the science behind the technique.

Basically, any food item faces risk of spoilage from factors that can be internal or external by nature. For instance, enzyme action is an intrinsic aspect which results in the decline of a food product’s micro biological quality and nutritional value. So, keeping the perishable item under low temperatures in a fridge (3-5°C) or the freezer (-18°C) delays the enzyme action and thereby keeps retains the food’s freshness for a slightly longer period.

From an external perspective, air and moisture happen to be the main culprits which accelerate the rate of decay in food items. The oxygen present in air initiates a chemical reaction called oxidation when it comes in contact with food. And it is this oxidation process which adversely affects the texture, flavor, freshness and overall quality of a food product over time, irrespective of whether it is stored inside or outside a fridge.However, when the same perishable food item is placed in a plastic bag and applied to a vacuum sealer, all the air from the bag is first sucked out and then it’s sealed out completely. In doing so, the chances of deterioration of the perishable product from oxidation are pretty much taken care of. Furthermore, when a vacuum sealed food item is refrigerated, it stays fresh and preserved for up to3-5 times longer as compared to conventional cold storage methods.

But freshness apart, vacuum food sealing also affords many other benefits. For instance, removing fat from meat that has been in the freezer for a certain period of time does get difficult at times. In contrast, it’s much easier to trim if you vacuum seal the meat first and then store it in the freezer. Similarly, vacuum sealing can keep the body of harvested food (read fruits and vegetables) intact to a point that you can remove its faded region and utilize the rest for your cooking needs.

However, even the best vacuum food sealer does not improve the microbiological quality of the food, nor does it reverse the rate of decay. Instead, the technique slows down spoilage by eliminating oxidation of food, and therefore controls the growth of bacteria, fungi and mold on them.

Top 5 Rated Sealers Comparison

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Weston Pro 2300 Review

Weston Pro 2300This machine is no slouch on the job. The Weston is a different kind of machine altogether from the other standard units available on the market. This is the largest and most capable machine out there and is commercial grade in every respect. This is one serious, high duty cycle vacuum sealer that will stand up to whatever job you have for it to do. If you have to pack up 30 lbs of porterhouse steaks, this unit will do it standing on its head.

If you have to pack up 400 lbs of elk fresh from the range, no problem. Just plug it in, get a lot of bags and have at it. It won’t quit. It won’t complain. It will just seal up your game meat and wait for the next job.

This is a huge machine. It will seal a bag of up to 15 inches wide. That’s bigger than any other unit on the market. But with that kind of capability comes the bulk to handle the load. It has cooling fans and other amenities to keep it running under heavy use. It is built like a tank. I do have one piece of good advice. Only use the Weston Vac Mesh Bags with this sealer. They aren’t any more expensive than other brands like FoodSaver and Rival but they are the ones that provide the best results.

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This thing will draw up to 28 inches of vacuum and has a bank of LED lights to let you know where it is in the process of sealing your goods. It has a patent pending transparent “sealing window” that allows you to view the power of the vacuum removing the air from the vacuum bag, as well as providing you a way to guide the bag into the air channel for accurate sealing.

You can choose either automatic or manual mode on the b If you choose the automatic mode, the on-board computer will control the process from vacuuming to sealing. If you choose the manual mode, you can control the amount of air removed with the simple touch of a button. This method is most suitable forpackaging delicate objects and other fragile goods or food.

Features of the Weston Pro 2300

  • strong 935-watt motor and double piston vacuum pump
  • The commercial stainless-steel design seals bags up to 15″ wide
  • One-touch automatic mode via an onboard computer
  • Manual seal mode puts you in control of the sealing pressure
  • Convenient LED lights let you monitor the sealing process
  • A patent-pending clear acrylic lid allows for precise bag alignment
  • Motor is fan cooled to ensure continued excellent performance over extended periods of time


If you’re into a no fooling around kind of machine that takes up some space, then the Weston Pro 2300 is for you. It’s a heavy duty performer that just won’t quit. It’s built for endurance. That boatload of fish you just caught doesn’t stand a chance. It will be vacuumed and sealed before the day is done.


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VacMaster VP210C Review

VacMaster VP210CUnderstand that this top vacuum sealer is a whole new ballgame if you’re used to the standard countertop FoodSaver’s, Rival’s or Deni’s. They operate under a completely different mode of operation. It does not simply suck the air out of the bag you’re trying to seal. The VacMaster VP210C uses a complete vacuum chamber in which you place the whole bag and the chamber itself is completely evacuated keeping the pressure equal inside and outside the bag.

Why is that important? Because, it totally solves the one problem that the standard countertop units have, sealing bags with wet foods like stews and soups or meat with marinades. Since the VacMaster doesn’t suck the air out of the bag, the liquids and moisture stay in the bag right where you put it. There are tradeoffs however. The VacMaster requires a little more mastery of the machine because many of the settings are adjustable and depending on the bags used and the goods being sealed, you need to set up the machine to get optimum results.

After you jump the learning curve, these sealers are an answer to the vacuum sealing game. Not having to worry about sucking liquids into the vacuum pump and ruining the machine provides you a peace of mind that is hard to explain. It’s just there if you know what I mean. The cost of the VacMaster is a bit daunting but there is a tradeoff in the cost of bags to seal with.

The convenience of the standard countertop bag sucking machines costs you about 36.5 cents per bag. The VacMaster bags cost you about 3.5 cents per bag. Given the price of the VacMaster, you wouldn’t recover the total cost of the machine until after the 2000th bag or so but, it’s possible if you’re a food bagging and freezing zealot or you have a really big family.

The great thing about these chamber style sealers is that if whatever you’re sealing fits in the chamber, it will vacuum seal. That’s important because there is no accessory port on the VacMaster to run a tube to a jar or canister. The size of the chamber is also variable using the inserts that come with the unit. Thus, if you’re doing small bags, you can control how long it takes by putting in the proper insert. Hey, I told you there was a learning curve. The good news is that once you’ve got it, it’s all good. You can vacuum and seal your heart out with no worries.


  • Bag to be sealed are placed inside the vacuum chamber completely and close the lid
  • Chamber machines reach a higher level of vacuum in the 27 – 29 inches of hg level
  • No sweat to seal bags with liquids including soups, stews and marinades
  • Freeze and store fish and meats scent free for up to 5 times longer than not vacuum sealing. The food items will come out fresh and tasty after months of storage.
  • Save money and eliminate waste of bulk food quantities. Stop feeding the landfill!!
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If you’re willing to spend the time how to learn to use this type of machine properly, its more than worth the money. It will give you years of sturdy, reliable service. At 90 lbs per unit, it’s not portable to the extent that you can take it Aunt Shirley’s house for a good old vacuum and seal party. It’ll fit on your kitchen counter fine mostly because you don’t need any space in front of the machine for the bag. It all goes in the chamber. This one will give you guaranteed results.


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FoodSaver V3835 Review

FoodSaver V3835We just loved the upright design of the FoodSaver V3835. It makes it so convenient to be able to set it back against the rear of the counter and leave the area in front for food preparation. We don’t know about you but counter space in every house is at a premium. I’m always moving something to make room for other things.

The FoodSaver V3835 saves me that hassle. This was also our first encounter with what FoodSaver calls its SmartSeal technology. I’m not in love with technology so it always concerns me what that little brain they put inside the box actually does. Well, SmartSeal lived up to its hype. Once you put the bag into the slot for vacuuming and sealing, the machine will just take off and do its thing perfectly. It’s a pretty smart little brain in there.

The FoodSaver V3835 Vacuum Food Sealer comes with all the features you’ve come to expect from a FoodSaver and more. They give you total control over the process so that if you packaging up things you don’t want crushed, you control how much air is vacuumed out. But, this unit goes further than that. It has a sensor on it that automatically detects what kind of food you’re trying to store and adjust itself in controlling the level of vacuum and sealing.

This is a smart little devil. That’s why they call it SmartSeal, I’ll bet. The two step process couldn’t be any simpler. First, fill the bag with food and place it in to the open end of the appliance. Read the directions before you charge off though. The bag, once it’s packed and ready, is placed in the slot by sliding it in from left to right. That way the machine will sense the bag correctly as to size and type of food. That’s the little brain at work. Second, watch the machine do its job automatically. Bingo, you’re done. Put the bag in the freezer and dinner for next Thursday is ready to go.


  • Automatic vacuum-packaging system with SmartSeal technology
  • 2 vacuum speeds with 2 seal levels
  • Accessory port for canister mode
  • Marinade mode for marinating in minutes rather than hours
  • Space-saving upright design, much taller than it is wide (16” tall. 10” long and only 5” wide)
  • Fancy LED meter progress lights
  • Auto liquid detection and removable drip tray
  • Built-in bag-roll storage for making custom sized bags
  • Includes 11-inch roll, 3 quart-size bags, 2 gallon-size bags


The FoodSaver V3835 was is an useful addition to any kitchen and an improvement over the old vacuum sealer. Those factors alone made the purchase of the machine worth the time and effort. I’ve only had good experience with it. The new fangled technology is reliable and does exactly what it says it’s supposed to do. That’s amazing in its own right. I’ll get many useful years of use out of it.


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FoodSaver V3240 Review

FoodSaver V3240This is the vacuum sealer for the cost conscious casual machine user. The convenience of its stand up, countertop space saving design appealed to me from the moment I saw it. I don’t really do anything fancy with the food I buy. I just buy it in bulk when there’s a good special over at Costco or Sam’s Club or the local grocery chain and need to seal up what I’m not going to use right away so it stays fresh and tasty. I’m a simple person with simple tastes and I live on a pretty strict budget.

I have a habit of pre-cooking most of the food I vacuum seal for later use. I’m a busy person and all I usually want to do is open the bag, defrost the food and eat on the run. Ok, it’s not the best lifestyle but it’s mine and there’s no reason I can’t do this so I eat healthy even if I’m doing it on the fly. The FoodSaver V3240 helps me achieve that objective.

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The simplicity of the easy latch and lock operation of the lid and the large, easy to read controls and indicators are perfect for me. I don’t have to spend days learning how to use it. It’s a plug and play kind of machine. It has onboard storage for the bag roll and it’s easy to cut and prepare custom sized bags. It’s also cheaper than buying the pre-cut bags. Save yourself some money and buy the roll of bags.

I know I said I was in a hurry most of the time but I’m also on the tight budget. Time spent wins over money spent every time. There is an accessory port for the times when I use a jar or canister to store my food and that’s convenient. It also has two levels of sealing depending on what’s in the bag. I do mostly dry stuff so I even simplify things one step further.


  • Convenient vertical design saves countertop space
  • Easy to use latch and lock operation for the quick get away
  • Intuitive, simple to read control buttons for easy operation
  • Onboard bag roll storage
  • Two sealing levels – one for moist and one for dry foods
  • Two speeds again depending on the sealing level used
  • Accessory port for the use of something other than the storage bags
  • Keep food fresh up to 5 times longer and save money (my favorite thing) in the neighborhood of some $2700 per year depending on how much you eat.


This is a good machine for the kind of lifestyle I lead. I need the convenience and automatic features which it delivers in spades. It’s saved me from going hungry many times because I didn’t have time to cook before I had to run to my next engagement. It also gives me the opportunity to eat healthy and fast, a great combination.


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FoodSaver V2244 Review

FoodSaver V2244Ready and steady… that’s the best description I can give this manually operated vacuum sealer. If you’re looking for reliability and performance that won’t disappoint you then the FoodSaver V2244 Advanced Design Vacuum Sealer is for you. There aren’t a bunch of whiz bang bells and whistles on this thing but the one thing it’s supposed to do, it does with a professional ease that will simple amaze you.

The way I look at technology sometimes is that the fewer moving parts you have the less that can go wrong with the machine over the long haul. I expect this top vacuum sealer will be a permanent fixture on my kitchen counter for years to come.

I really liked the way this machine looked on my counter when I took it out of the box. It’s doesn’t take up much space and the black shell just looks classy. But, the real surprise came when I first used it. Even though it’s an entirely manual operation from start to finish with onboard bag roll capability and other such amenities, it was simple and easy to get the job done.

The quart and gallon heavy gauge plastic bags that come with it were great and cutting bags to size from the roll I bought was just a matter of getting out a pair of scissors and getting it done. As a matter of fact, not having the automatic roll feeder on the machine makes for a more efficient use of the material. Where the automatic feeder generally uses a 3? section of bag to make a seal, when you do it manually, I found that 1.5 inches of bag is plenty to get a good vacuum seal.

There is one phase of the vacuum seal process that the FoodSaver V2244 does give me control over and that’s the amount of vacuum I let the machine draw on the bag. Thus, if I’m packaging up some delicate stuff, I can stop the vacuum process at any point I want just by pushing the button. This CrushfreeTM operation is fantastic. The double-wide sealing strip makes sure the integrity of the bag will be maintained over long storage times in the refrigerator too.


  • Very compact and space saving size
  • Crushfree control over the vacuum process
  • Functional latch and lock system that’s easy to use
  • Accessory port


If you’re looking for a rocky steady performer, the FoodSaver V2244 is for you. There aren’t a lot of accessories or things to find drawer space for so it’s quite convenient in saving on storage space as well as counter space when you’re using it. At under $80, the price is right too. You’re not paying for all the fancy features that you don’t want or need. You’re a practical person. Buy the best practical machine.


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