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Best Tuffy Dog Toys Reviews

best-tuffy-dog-toysIs your dog treating everything like a chew toy? Tired of coming home to a new pile of torn up cushioning and down feathers?

Sounds like you need something durable that can stand up to your dog’s extreme punishment.

Look no further than Tuffy Dog Toys. These top-tier dog toys are available on Amazon in the pet department, or by simply googling “tuffy dog toys amazon”.

You can find a range of ‘tuff’ dog toys for dogs of all sizes, regardless of your dogs destructive nature.

Check out this list of ten options available on Amazon that will keep your pooch, and your couch cushions, safe and happy for a long time.

Tuffy’s Gary Gator Sea Creature’s Dog Toy

Don’t worry, this gator won’t look at your dog like a meal. Measuring 18x10x4 inches overall, Tuffy’s Gary Gator is a great toy for medium to large-sized dogs that are prone to destroying their chew toys. Coupled with the extreme durability of the toy is its ability to float, giving your dog a new playmate in and out of the water.

Tuffy Ultimates Tug-O-War Dog Toy, Camo Blue

If your dog loves to play tug-o-war non stop, then this is the best toy around! Unlike traditional rope toys that can be rough on a dog’s mouth, this fleece-covered toys are both capable of withstanding the most grueling matches of tug-o-war, while also being a gentler alternative for your dog. Like all the toys made by Tuffy, the Ultimate Tug-O-War Dog Toy is veteran recommended and approved.

Tuffy Togo the Toucan Dog Toy

Fresh from the tropics is Togo the Toucan. Lightweight at 11.2 ounces, but measuring 7x4x17 inches, this dog toy is still deserving of being called a Tuffy dog toy. Receiving an 8 out of 10 rating on the “Tuff Scale”, this lightweight toy can hold up over time. Unlike normal toucans you might find, this toy does not squawk or squeak, keeping both you and your dog in a breezy tropical mood.

Tuffy Burtle Turtle Sea Creature Dog Toy

Tuffy’s slogan for their toys being the “world’s tuff’est soft toy” isn’t more apparent anywhere than in the Burtle the Turtle Sea Creature Dog Toy. Great for an all-around toy, Burtle also makes a great pillow in a pinch. Couple Burtle’s abilities as a pillow with his tough exterior, and you and your dog have a lifelike friend, even at nap time.

Tuffy T-Rex Dog Toy

One of the all-time bestsellers, and with a Tuff scale rating of 7, the T-Rex dog toy is Tuffy dog toys dinosaurs’ king of the beasts! Made for all dogs to play with, the massive size makes it more appropriate for medium to large-sized canines who like to get rough and tumble with their play things. Like all Tuffy Dog toys, the Tuffy T-Rex is made with four layers of Tuffy materials to ensure man’s best friend a long-lasting friend of its own.

Tuffy Ultimates Bowmerang Dog Toy, Red Paws

Great for use on land or in water, this floating, flying interactive toy can entertain one or multiple dogs at the same time. A great toy for teaching fly-training, its gentle on gums for dogs that like to catch things out of midair. Another Tuffy scale rating of 8 means this flying toy will soar through the air for a long time.

Tuffy Emery the Elephant Dog Toy

Whether trekking through the jungle or trekking through your living room, this elephant can take the heat! Your dog will slobber all over their new friend when they get a hold of Emery the elephant. No worries though, all Tuffy toys are machine washable (air drying is recommended) for your convenience.

Tuffy Ultimates 3-Way Ring Dog Toy, Yellow Bones

Perhaps one of the most no-nonsense toys around, the 3-Way Ring Dog Toy will blow your mind with how durable it is. Given an impressive Tuff scale rating of 9, this bad boy toy will keep you saying “good boy” to your dog now that he doesn’t chew up your shoes anymore! Super versatile, it works as both a fetch and tug toy, making it great for those looking for Tuffy Dog Toys wholesale items.

Tuffy’s Bevo the Bull Dog Toy

One of the most highly rated toys by fans, Bevo the Bull has some of the most promising tuffy dog toys reviews on Amazon. The famous Tuffy design is alive and well in Bevo. The first two layers are industrial-grade luggage material for durability. Then comes a layer of plastic coating, followed by the soft exterior layer of fleece to make the best tuff toys a dog could bark for.

Tuffy Captain Kurklops Green Alien Dog Toy

Taking your dog to the next dimension in space, the Tuffy Captain Kurklops is great for multiple dogs with the eight legs, and the head region makes it fun for dogs to really grab a hold of. The stitching process—complete with 2 layers of cross stitching, 2 layers of linear stitching, and an additional trim piece with 3 linear stitches— will keep this toy going to infinity and beyond!


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We’ve all seen the remnants of pillows, stuffed animals, tennis balls etc., after our furry friends sink their teeth in, and it’s never a fun scene to walk in on. With Tuffy toys on Amazon, get the types of toys that will both entertain your dog while staying together with its quality materials and top of the line stitching. Buy your favorite today!

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