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Best Treat Toys for Birds Reviews

best-treat-toys-for-birdsForaging is a learned behavior with birds, so any time you give your large bird a treat it should be hidden in some type of container it can open and search through.

This helps to keep the bird active and alert, and decreases the chances of it developing nervous habits such as pulling out feathers or screeching for hours on end.

These toys all have the ability to contain treats in various parts of their interiors.



Super Bird Creations Fiesta Ball Stuffers Bird Toy

Have the fun and make your own bird toys with these Fiesta Ball Stuffers.They’re filled with crinkly fiber that’s safe for birds to play with, and can be filled with any number of entertaining objects. Refill the ball frequently to keep your bird entertained and it will be much better adjusted and better behaved.

Parrot-Toys and Play Areas : How To Put Some Fun Into Your Parrot’s Life

If you want to spend a little time making things for your feathered friends, this book will be a valuable addition to your book shelves. All about how to make bird toys, it will show you exactly how to make a variety of different treat toys for your parrot, from a variety of materials you can easily find around the house.

Pete the Parrot 8&Prime Polly Wanna Pinata Bird Toy

Who doesn’t love a pinata? Search through a whole pile of bird toys for sale and you’ll never find one that’s as fun and amusing as this one. The colorful bird pinata is made of a variety of bird-safe materials, while the back opens up so you can fill it with bird treats, making it a true pinata for your bird’s birthday party or any other occasion.

Super Bird Creations Make Your Own Bird Toy Kit

Creative bird owners with creative attitudes will have hours of fun playing with this kit. It includes enough bird-safe materials to make homemade bird toys that will keep a bird happy for months. Use your own creativity to make different shapes and sizes of treat toys, saving yourself money and giving your pet great entertainment value.

Nature’s Instinct Foragewise Barrel of Fun for Conures, Amazons, Macaws and Similar Birds

Among discount bird toys there aren’t many that are as sturdy and long lasting as this barrel of fun. Attach it to the side of the cage with the sturdy chain and fill the drawer with your bird’s favorite treats. Your bird can learn to manipulate different parts of the toy in order to open the drawer and get a treat for itself.

JW Pet Company Activitoys NutCase Bird Toy

Although simple and basic, this classic bird treat toy has stood the test of time. The strong chain and clip attaches the ball to the side of your bird’s cage, and the classic rubber shape has multiple openings. Push your bird’s favorite treats inside and watch it forage and play for hours to get those treats.

Super Bird Creations 11 by 5-Inch Hanging Mega Munch Ball Bird Toy, Large

Large birds have an instinctive need to chew, and toy treats like this one are made to be destroyed over time by being chewed and pulled on. The vine ball at the center of this toy has a hollow space inside; tuck a handful of your bird’s favorite treats for an added incentive for foraging.

Nature’s Instinct Foragewise Tiki Takeout for Conures, Amazons, Macaws, and Similar Birds

This cute little tiki hut is made of almost indestructible nylon polymer, and the bars in front of the building create a tempting puzzle for the foraging bird. Clip it to the side of its cage with the attached clip and chain, then fill it with some tasty treats to keep your bird entertained all day long.

Creative Foraging Systems Tilt a Wheel Hanging Treat Dispensing Bird Toy

This puzzle toy will entertain your bird for hours. Add treats through the outside holes, and allow your bird to tip and turn it to get the treats out.

BIG Treat CUP Foraging Food Bird Toy Parrot Cage Craft Toys

Push smaller treats into the holes in the ball to fill its center, then add toys or larger treats into the cup underneath. Double the treats, double the fun, double the entertainment value keeping your bird from getting bored.

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