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Best Transformers Games For Kids

Transformers Games For KidsWe have something a little different in this post. Rather than talking about a specific toy, we’re going to talk about a whole line of toys.Transformers games for kids originated with Hasbro over twenty-five years ago and were originally based on the two warring factions of robots – the Autobots and the Decepticons.

It is probably one of the most foreseeing and profitable lines of games, comics, movies and toys on the market today and it keeps getting bigger.  In the beginning was the first generation of Transformers and with a Marvel comic published with the same name and then an animated TV series, the whole Transformers epic started.  The British and the Japanese picked up the ball and created their own spin-off versions, adapted to their own particular languages and audiences. MacDonald’s still gives away Transformer toys with Happy Meals.

Many sequels followed, with Generation 2 and a comic entitled “Beast Wars”, then more television shows including Cybertron and Armada, two parts of the Unicron Trilogy.

Two live action movies were also released in 2007 and 2009 – the initial concept goes from strength to strength and adapts to each new generation, most boys love Transformers, they play with the toys, some of which are extremely well engineered and quite complicated and complex.  There are series on TV to watch, movies, and lots of online games covering all the different aspects of the whole Transformer story.  GI Joe and Spider Man are just two of the famous characters that have gotten involved with the Transformers somewhere in their long story. There is violence, destruction, space travel, time travel and reincarnation involved – everything to capture a young person’s imagination.

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Transformers Games For Kids – A Global Phenomenon

Real Transformer enthusiasts not only follow what is happening in the US versions of the Transformer stories, they also follow the British and Japanese spin offs, as these all take different directions.  They make Star Trek fans look lame!

Quite frankly all this stuff would make most peoples’ heads spin – including mine.  But kids have grown up following all the Transformers stories, through all the convoluted twists and turns of the plots.

A video game “War for Cybertron” released in 2010 is set in the same universe as the Transformers: Prime cartoon. Special toys have come out to coincide with the movie and even a book written called “Transformers: Exodus” which gives the events leading up to the start of the game.

Transformers 3 or “The Dark of Moon” was released in July of 2011.  The logline for the story is that the Autobots find out about a Cybertronian spacecraft hidden somewhere on the moon and there is a race to retrieve it.

There must be millions of kids that couldn’t wait until that’s released!  It was, naturally, another huge box office success, and of course there will be more toys, games, books and comics that go along with the movie.

There are collectors clubs for the toys, blogs, forums and oodles of information about the whole world of Transformers.  There are hundreds of Transformers games for kids that come in every shape and form, including dozens of different titles that can be played on PC, Wii, Nintendo and free online.

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