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Best Teeth Whitening Kits Reviews

best-teeth-whitening-kitsEveryone wants a glamorous Hollywood smile, and this can be achieved rather economically with the use of teeth whitening kits. Teeth whitening is a fairly simple thing which can be done at home without any dental knowledge. All you need is a good teeth whitening product so that you can have the white, glowing smile that you desire.

No one wants to have that stained smile, which is embarrassing and can keep you from enjoying the freedom of smiling at social events or in pictures. We have compiled the top 10 best teeth whitening kits reviews below so you’ll be able to get the best product for your smile.

Tooth Polisher and Whitener from Teeth Whitening

This is the perfect polisher to use in between your regular dental visits to effectively and gently remove ugly and tough surface stains obtained from coffee, smoking, wine, tea and food which normal brushing won’t remove. It will also leave your teeth with a glossy, smooth feeling which you’d normally get after a professional tooth polishing.

Teeth Whitening Gel from Cool Teeth Whitening

This is all that you need to whiten your teeth in your own home which comes in a sealed retail box. The teeth whitening gels are sealed in a foil protective bag and the kit includes a LED bonus accelerator light. The kit contains ten syringes of gel, two trays, one white light, a shade guide and instructions.

2-Hour Whitening Kit from Rembrandt

This 2-hour whitening kit has a special whitening el that is peroxide-based which starts working right away on contact to take away deep stains both below and on the surface of your teeth. The COMFYTRAY applicators are specially designed and give you the perfect system for delivery of the whitening gel and a more comfortable experience.

Zoom Nite White Teeth Whitening Gel from Philips

Even if you are on a tight budget, you can afford to get your teeth whitened with this product. Unlike other products for teeth whitening, Zoom Nite White does not need to be used every week for you to get results. Plus, it can be used to keep your whiteness just by doing one monthly application. Remember, however, that it will take time and work to mix the ingredients together and an accidental overdose can affect your gums and make them itch.

Professional At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit from Ultimate Smile

This whitening kit comes with all you need to give you that Hollywood smile. It comes with 25ml doss and a 10jm, which should be enough for one last treatment. Plus, the kid has a LED light that is designed specifically to accelerate the whole process of whitening. Most customers have said that they are completely satisfied with the performance of the product and recommend it for anyone wanting to whiten their teeth in a fairly short time period without any pain.

Ultimate Whitening System from SuperSmile

This system combines the company’s bestselling professional whitening system with their activating rods for astonishing results, plus health benefits to your gums and teeth which include re-mineralizing the enamel and protecting from cavities. This system isn’t your average at home kit, as it whitens serval shades while at the same time killing the gums which cause bad breath and strengthening your teeth. It is even great for anyone with sensitive teeth since the products do not have any harsh abrasive ingredients.

Supreme Professional Whitestrips from Crest

These Supreme whitestrips have 100mg of gen with a fourteen percent concentration of hydrogen peroxide. This product is very easy to use and it has the strength to get rid of stains which have been on your teeth for years. Plus, these whitestrips come with stripes which are efficient in molding to the shape of your teeth for complete coverage. They can also safely be used on sensitive teeth.

At Home Professional Teeth Whitening Kit from Cool Teeth Whitening

You’ll get fast results with this professional whitening gel right at home. You get product which is as strong as what most dentists and professionals use, and you also get two thermos-forming mouth trays. Plus, you’ll also get a white LED light accelerator to get even faster results. The kit has everything you’ll need for multiple treatments and you can keep track of your progress with a free shade guide.

Extra Strength Teeth Whitening Kit from Advanta

If you have sensitive teeth and have wanted to whiten them, this kit from Advanta is the ideal product for you. It works in a short period of time after application, and it is gentle on gums and teeth plus easy to use. This kit is very affordable and effective, and you won’t need to keep buying expensive refill kits.

Home Professional Teeth Whitening Kit from Dr Song

This powerful teeth whitening kit can get you professional results from at home. It comes with a white LED light, Carbamide Peroxide, gel applicator and thermoform trays. It is made especially to meet FDA compliant and USP standards.

Everyone wants bright and beautiful smiles. With the teeth whitening kits that are now available for use at home, you can achieve this easily. Choose from the best ones listed above to get the smile you were missing.


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