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Best Swing Top Beer Bottle Reviews

best-swing-top-beer-bottleA Swing top Glass Bottle is very common nowadays in the brewing industry. People use it for all kinds of stuff, brewing kombucha, water kefirs, root and ginger beers and many more. These bottles create air tight seals that doesn’t allow anything to get into the contents of drink. That’s why they are great for fermentation processes.

What to look out for?

When purchasing a swing top beer bottle, you might want to consider these few things

  • Color. Depending on the type of liquid and brew you are making and storing, you may want to opt for clearer bottles so that you can monitor the process by looking at the clarity of the contents. If it doesn’t matter, you can go for beautifully colored swing top bottles to protect your brew from light!
  • Material. There are many swing top bottles nowadays that are cheap. However, if you are looking for one that is strong and durable, try not to purchase the ones from non reputable merchants.
  • Size. These bottles generally range from 16 oz capacities to 64 oz capacities. A normal beer bottle would be at the size of 16 oz.

I have found some of the best glass bottles on the market, they all have very positive reviews and are worthy purchases!

Bormioli Rocco Giara

The Italian brand emphasises on its strong glass material and it being 100% recyclable. They are doing a good cause! It features a capacity of 33.75 oz.

What makes this swing top beer bottle brand special is that they comes in a variety of colors, consisting of everything under the rainbow! Go ahead, grab one and add colors to your drinks!

Clear EZ Cap Glass Bottles

These are for those who wants to experiment a larger amount of drinks, as they are sold in bulks of 12 16 oz bottles.

They come in a clear version like this and a ember version where it is tinted with a brown exterior. The EZ Cap brand features sturdy glass and its reusable quality.

Cobalt Blue EZ Cap Beer Glass Bottle

This packaging features a bulk of 12 32 oz bottles. They are coated in cobalt blue, however there is also a same package that features an ember version.

These are extremely durable due to their thick glass material and are ideal for brewing larger quantities of liquid.

What is a Swingtop Beer Bottle?

A swingtop beer bottle can often serve as the container for a variety of brews or carbonated drinks. They are airtight, and can be used to preserve the contents inside it. It achieves this feature by sealing the top of the bottle using a stopper which can be easily opened and closed by flipping it off with your hands. They are extremely handy for those looking to seal their drinks again after they take a few sips.


Thank you for reading this article, I hope that you now have a better understanding on what kind of swing top beer bottle to buy. These are best rated products on the market, so generally have high quality and durability. Now go on and get one to start brewing your favourite drinks! Their air tight seals will not fail you!

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