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Best Survival Knives Reviews

Best Survival KnivesThere are several features or factors you need to consider when choosing your ideal survival knife, but an ideal survival blade must possess the following features:

  1. – The durability of the fixed blade
  2. – Excellent Steel construction
  3. – Multi-functionality

Folding survival knives are excellent innovative products but durability seems to be the most important factor to consider when choosing a survival blade. Full blade knives extend all the way to the butt of the handle, and they are excellent when it comes to handling.

There are diverse types of steel knives in the market today but it is very important to choose the one made of stainless steel or carbon steel. An ideal survival knife can be made from a combination of carbon and stainless steel.

Multi-functionality of a survival knife is also important when choosing an ideal survival knife. You need a survival knife that will not fail you when you are faced with the most difficult situation. Make sure you choose a survival knife with at least 1/8 inch thickness and it must have undergone the best heat-treatments to make it stronger and more durable.


Top 10 Best Rated Knives Comparison

*Results Are Based On Amazon.com Survival Knives Consumer Reports & Reviews*


The KA-BAR Utility Knife

This is one of the all-time best knives for the Military, and outdoor sportsmen, it has been tested by military personnel, and it remains one of the most durable and effective survival knives out there.

This survival knife was originally designed for the United States Marine Corp during the World War II era and it remains the official standard for The US military daily work knife. This knife comes with a 7 inch blade length, a flat ground edge and an easy to handle body design.

The Tom Brown Tracker

This knife was designed by the famous tracker and survival expert- Tom Brown Jr. This survival knife comes with shorter blades {4 ¼ inches}, but it has the standard length.

This survival knife is different for several reasons, the shape of the handle and blade of this knife make it easier for chopping. It is a perfect tool for wilderness survival.

The SOG SEAL Team Survival Knife

SOG is a popular brand name when it comes to making knives, the SEAL is a knife that was designed with maximum abuse in mind, and it possess an excellent sharpness that makes it more unique in structure.

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This knife also possesses excellent edge retention as well as blade breaking limits and an excellent resistance against agents such as salt water, gas and acetylene. Hammering, Prying, penetration and Cutting are quite easy with the SOG SEAL survival knife. SOG SEAL has a blade that is 7 inches long while the overall length of the knife is 12.3 inches.

The Cold steel SRK

Cold steel is another popular brand name in knife manufacturing, and the SRK model is a survival and Rescue knife that has been proven to be effective for a long time.

The design of this knife makes it versatile and able to resist any kind of abuse. At 6 inches in length, this knife is probably not as long at some others but the 3/16 inch blade makes it perfect for survival.

The Fallkniven A1 Swedish survival knife

Fallkniven of Sweden is another popular brand name in Knife making, the A1 model is one of the excellent knives around and it is definitely a full tang knife.

Measuring 6.3 inches in length, the A1 Swedish knife comes with a 0.24inch thick laminated steel of the highest grade. This knife has a total length of 11 inches and also possess finger guard and lanyard hole for maximum comfort, protection and functionality.

The KA-BAR 7 Fighting Utility knife

This is another top survival knife from KA BAR. This is a knife that has a long history of being the perfect choice for lone rangers and survivors. This knife comes with 1095 Cro-Van steel that is very tough and durable.

The Kraton-G handle makes it easier to handle this knife, and you can get Kydex sheath leather if you want something strong enough to protect this knife. This knife is simply amazing and can do just anything you need it for.

Becker BK2 Companion Survival Knife

This knife was created by the famous Ethan Becker and it comes with a blade thickness that measures ¼ inch. This is a truly designed survival knife with a handle made with Givory and wrapped around raw steel- this gives you the perfect handling.

This is a rugged knife designed to cut hundreds of pounds of weights and it also comes with one of the best sheaths design in the world. The 7 –inch blade structure of this knife makes it extra sharp, the package also comes with a nylon sheath for extra comfort.

Gerber LMF II infantry survival knife

This knife comes with a razor sharp blade that makes it ideal for any survival game out there. Gerber itself is a notable brand in knife making and the LMF II was designed for some military personals.

The tough steel that is infused in the design of this knife makes it very strong and durable. It comes with a cheaper price and it remains an essential survival tool any day, anytime.

Bushcraft survival knife

Bushcraft is one of the best survival knives out there. This knife can cut through animals easily, and it is made from AUS8 grade steel which makes it one of the best around, if you want a knife with durable steel for any adventure.

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The drop point design style used in the making of this knife also adds to its functionality. This is a knife that provides more value for its actual price.

Buck 119 Special

This is probably one of the best survival knives you can find anywhere. Buck 119 has a strong reputation that can be compared with any other popular brands around, its blades are razor sharp and the knife itself is super-strong to withstand any adventure or survival tricks. This survival knife needs little cleaning therefore it can be maintained easily.

The blade of Buck 119 special is always dry with the sheath that comes with the package; therefore storing the knife is not a problem. Buck 119 special is not only ideal for individual’s survival strategies; it can also be a great tool for family camping.


Buyer’s Guide


Choosing the best survival knivesChoosing the best survival knives can be an easy task or it can be a hard one. If you have the money to buy the best survival knives, than by all means, get a good one. Quality and durability are the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing the top survival knives.

It would be a shame to be somewhere lost in the bush and your survival knife decides to give out on you because it was poorly made. Remember that knives are supposed to be sharp and their blades should be able to be sharpened as well. Folding or fixed blade, which do you prefer? There are pros and cons of both. What is full, half and partial tang? Below I will dive into some of these topics and provide you with enough information to help you pick the top rated survival knives.

Quality and durability

When picking the best survival knives, quality and durability should be one of your top concerns. If you happen to find yourself in a survival situation, your survival knife or knives can be one or the only life line you have. The survival knife should be able to handle a beating and still hold up. If you have ever watched Man vs. Wild, you would understand what I mean when a survival knife needs to be able to take a beating.

Bear Grylls puts a heavy drubbing on his survival knife by cutting down small trees for cover or shelter, and building fires. He usually takes a heavy stick and I even seen him use large rocks to bash the back of the blade to cut through the trees. Your survival knives should be able to stand up to this type of beating and any other purposes that you use the knife for.

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All knives should be sharp, especially survival knives. In any survival situation, energy is extremely important. If you have a dull survival knife, this will require you to work harder and exert more energy. Your survival knife should be extremely sharp and have the ability to be easily sharpened.

There’s no point in buying a survival knife that cannot be sharpened, you need the best rated survival knives. Think of the things that a knife could do in a survival situation and many of them require the knife to be sharp. You should also find yourself a good sharpening utensil or stone to carry with you.

Fixed Blade or Folding Blade

What blade do you prefer, folding or fixed? To the left is a folding blade and below is a fixed blade survival knife. Here are some pros and cons of both fixed and folding blade survival knives. The fixed blade is usually more durable than the folding.

The fixed blade would be like gold for a wilderness survival situation as they are more durable. You can cut down small trees to build fire, shelter, and possibly weapons and traps. Fixed blade survival knives are made to take a beating. Some cons are they are bulky, heavy, and less portable. Most consider fixed blades as the survival knives.

Folding blades allow you to open and close the blade. Folding blades are considered to be weaker than fixed blades but it depends on the quality of the blade. I’ve seen Bear Grylls use folding blades on Man vs. Wild and they did take some punishment. Folding blades are very portable because they don’t weigh as much.


The best survival knives are constructed from one piece of steel. Tang is the length of the blade that goes into the handle. To the left is a knife that is full tang. The survival knives that are considered full tang are constructed from one piece of steel with riveted handles. There are other tangs such as half and partial tang. These knives are usually less durable.


Survival is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you happen to be an avid hunter, hiker, or camper, a great survival knife should definitely be something you have. A survival situation can be right around the corner, you just never know.

You should personally carry three knives with you when you are in the bush. You should have a survival knife, a pocket knife, and a multi-tool. This way if one fails, you have a backup plan. A pocket knife and multi-tool would be great for lighter chores and I recommend having one or both. I hope this article has helped you understand how to pick the best survival knives.

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