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Best String Trimmer Reviews

Best String TrimmerIt’s fun to live in a house, but at the same time it implies a lot of work. It is true that there is more space to enjoy, and you do not need to worry about depositing things, as in most cases, there is room for everything. Unfortunately, this also means more mess, thus more time spent cleaning.

Fortunately, it is totally worth it when you can go upstairs and don’t think about the kids disturbing the neighbors when they play. The yard definitely does not make an exception. Whether is placed in the front or in the back of the house, it must look neat.

In order to achieve a well cut grass, but also to ease your work you must consider purchasing the best string trimmer. There are many products available on the market so it can be hard to find the right one for you. However, this does not mean that you must choose the first product that you see as you may end up with an inefficient tool.

The first step in finding the best string trimmer is to analyze your needs. This implies calculating the area that needs to be cleared and see whether weed or grass is predominant. The motor of the tool you select must be proportional with the time you estimate to finish the job.

What is the best String Trimmer on the market?

There are tons of String Trimmers out there and now we will help you find the best string trimmer that fits your needs.


Top 10 Best String Trimmer of 2017 Comparison

*Results Are Based On Amazon.com String Trimmer Consumer Reports & Reviews*


DEWALT DCST990H1 Max XR String Trimmer, 40-volt

Pros: very nice professional trimmer that comes with a battery instead of gas, for someone with a large yard or a lot of weeds to cut down, it isn’t very heavy, comfortable design reduces weight of the trimmer during use, the balance is great, wide 15” diameter cuts down nicely the extra back and forth to cover desired area, impressive power, without the hassle of gas fuel, was out cutting in under 2 hours, a full recharge takes less than two hours, extra batteries are available, 3 year limited warranty Cons: the trimmer is a bit on the long side, someone complained it is somewhat bulky and thus difficult to control in tight places

Husqvarna 224L 25cc 4-Stroke Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer, 17-Inch

Pros: great weed eater, very reliable, runs on gas no need to mix with oil, it starts easily and cuts through like a champ, the Honda 4 stroke engine is much quieter and cleaner than 2 stroke versions, it can be tilted to any angle without problems, easy change spool head is simple to restring, recommend this to anyone who wants to do serious cutting effortlessly, do not hesitate to buy this


Cons: slightly heavy, it can get loud at full throttle, recommend shoulder strap for extended use


CORE GasLess Power CGT400 CGTSD Gasless Powered Trimmer

Pros: a great tool without the hassle, outstanding, the smoothness and quiet of this unit is truly amazing, lots of power, no power cord, no gas motor to worry about, battery last almost 70 minutes, the bump feed actually works perfectly, cuts tall grass with ease, recommend to anyone tired of mixing fuel, carburetor problems, and wearing yourself out pulling starter cords Cons: a bit heavy for an old lady, the 3 hrs it takes to charge the power cell

Hitachi CG22EADSLP 21.1cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Straight Split-Shaft Commercial Grass Trimmer

Pros: this trimmer is a great deal for the price, comfortable to hold and use, quite easy to start, handles tougher grass and weeds than someone expected, more power and it does a better job, it cuts so effortlessly through the thickest of ground cover, not very loud, the automtic feed feature is really nice, plus 7 year warranty Cons: it does vibrate a little at lower speeds

GreenWorks 21362 G-MAX 40V Digipro 14-Inch String Trimmer

Pros: it’s so quiet, powerful as a gas powered one, strap and extra handle are helpful additions, handles brush cutter just fine, battery charge lasts longer, great trimming capability, excellent string feed, cuts even thickest weeds with ease, best thing about this no mixing gas and oil which is a great improvemen, recommend this trimmer to anyone for non-commercial use and who has a lawn that is less than a quarter-acre Cons: a little too big and it is heavy

Tanaka TCG22EASSLP 21.1cc 2-Stroke Gas Powered Straight Shaft Grass Trimmer

Pros: the engine is super reliable, the head is very easy to use and dispense string, smooth, light, perfectly balanced, not too loud, cuts well, you can trim weeds 5ft high, 7 year warranty is nice as well, perfect trimmer for residential or home users, you won’t find a better trimmer with similar specs at this price point Cons: you really have to bump hard for the string to come out, you really have to adjust the guard up high cause it will get caught n the grass

Makita XRU04Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless String Trimmer (Bare Tool Only)

Pros: great little tool for edging and walkways, nice design and solid feel, very nice not to run and extension cord or have to mess with starting your gas powered trimmer, runs about 30 minutes on a charge, the brushless motor is definitely worth the extra money, does a nice job at high speed, the safety features are nice, excellent fit and finish, great quality, super quiet, really light, very adjustable, has one string that spins and cuts grass & soft weeds Cons: the plastic debris guard is just not built to last, manual string feed is a bit of a pain

Toro 51488 48-Volt MToro 51488 48-Volt Max Cordless Dual Line Trimmer, 13-Inch

Pros: 48 volt trimmer, not to have a cord on the trimmer helps a great deal, no longer need to worry about smelling like gas & oil or catching fire, the power is incredible, great speed control, plenty of power even in tall grass, makes trimming & edging easy, battery time lasts at least a hour each time, fast recharge Cons: battery on this tool is huge, it’s a little heavy

Poulan Pro PP125 17-Inch 25cc 2-Cycle Gas-Powered Straight-Shaft String Trimmer

Pros: decent trimmer, it starts on the third pull on a cold start, changeable shaft for different tools is quick and easy makes all the difference, easy enough to control and works very well even on thick grass, whacked lots of weeds, easy to change attachments, push to extend string works great, very satisfied for the price Cons: a little bit heavy and having a little trouble keeping the string exposed, it required a tune-up to get the unit to function properly

Black & Decker LST136W 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer

Pros: fast service, hassle free trimming, no longer need to buy gas or oil, low noise & instant start or stop, lightweight enough, strong performance, much better than dragging a cord around the yard, the battery has a glow indicator on it, good battery life, uses the same line as the 18 volt black & Decker is very convenient, you can flip it over to get awkward areas, the trimmer and blower are working great Cons: no problems with it

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Buyer’s Guide


George Ballas from Houston invented the initial string trimmer in the beginning of year 1970. The first George’s design had a popcorn can that he bolted to the edger using an extremely heavy finishing line that protruded from the trimmer’s side. Well, in the current world, there are lighter and marvelous trimmers than the traditional or initial ones. More so, each trimmer has numerous features and functionalities.

More and more suppliers or manufacturers increase each day, which makes the process of selecting a trimmer a challenge. Nevertheless, you can select the right trimmer when you follow the tips you will read from this article.

What to Know About a String Trimmer

Owning the right trimmer is beneficial in numerous ways because you can use it for purposes such as removing weed, lawn edging and eradicating grass in rocky grounds that mowers cannot reach. Nevertheless, the key point involves grabbing some tips on how to select the best string trimmer. Just as the name suggests, string trimmers perform duties that match with their names. In addition, there are vast types of trimmers available in the market that each has disadvantages and benefits.

Some people are naturally lazy and hardly prefer hoeing their entire garden using bare hands. The idea of utilizing the grass trimmer emerged because it offers the simplest method of eradicating weeds right from their roots.The first step of selecting the right trimmer is picking the one that is right for performing the intended job. For instance, if the grass in your garden is small and you require trimming it, then it would not make sense for you to select monster equipment.

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Instead, you should purchase the right string trimmer for the job and you will put a smile on your face.The second step involves deciding whether you require a gasoline powered or electric grass trimmer. In case you want to give a little lawn some trim along its ends, then an electric trimmer is the best one for such use. Alternatively, if you hardly have a lengthy extension cord, the right answer is selecting a cordless grass trimmer. However, you should be aware that most cordless trimmers have batteries that can last for twenty to twenty-five minutes.

Select the best power kind for your requirements

Some users testify that using cordless trimmers requires frequent charging because their batteries only last for 20 or 25 minutes. As for propane or gas trimmers, they can go for about an hour.You should consider the weight and balance of a string trimmer before you purchase. Both weight and balance share the same importance while choosing a trimmer. You should select a trimmer whose weight is evenly distributed or has a heavier top than its bottom.Another important note that you should consider is checking the features of a trimmer. In most cases, additional features apply to gas trimmers. For instance, a spring assisted ignition provides the user with an easy time while starting the trimmer. Nevertheless, you should consider these points that you have read here alongside your budget.

Types of String Trimmers

The best weed eater is the one that helps you finish the job fast and effectively. There are three main types of such trimmers available on the market:

  • Electric string trimmers
  • Gas-powered string trimmers
  • Trimmer mowers

Electric string trimmers are known to be the lightest on the market. They represent an optimum purchase for yards covered with soft grass. There are two types of such trimmers: corded and cordless. The corded ones assure constant power, but require a certain extension cord. Make sure that you check the manufacturer recommendations and see if the design is compatible with the existent electric system.

Cordless trimmers are a better choice if you own a big yard. They can be successfully used even in small gardens to cut the grass between the trees. Their main quality is the fact that they ensure better mobility. You are not restricted to the dimensions of the cord or to the placement of the power outlet.

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Gas-powered string trimmers are a better choice for large yards. They can handle tough grass and weeds with greater ease thanks to their powerful motor. Furthermore, they assure free movement and can be used for a longer period of time without worrying that they may burn.

An interesting fact regarding gas-powered trimmers is the way they get turned on. It is important to know that there are two models available. The first one includes a pull-start system and can be operated as soon as you take it off the box. The second model requires a powered device in order to start. It is sold separately, and that implies some extra costs. Remember to consider these aspects in order to avoid unwanted surprises.

Trimmer mowers represent an optimum purchase if your yard includes many difficult to reach areas. They are larger, and the trimmer’s head is mounted on a body with wheels. Such devices operate with gas and provide a better mobility. They are more efficient in cutting unwanted weeds. Furthermore, the cutting swath is wider.

How to Choose the Cutting Swath

The best string trimmer for you is the one that has an optimum cutting swath for the type of yard you own. It is important to know that there are different levels of use, so make sure that the model you choose fits your purposes.

A cutting swath of 10” to 12” is the perfect choice if your yard is small, as it was specially designed for light use. If you need to mow the grass regularly, then a clever choice would be the 14” to 15” cutting swath. Large yards with garden definitely require a heavy-duty  use. This means that the cutting swath must have at least 17” in order to avoid the unpleasant surprise of burning a brand-new  string trimmer.

Main Features of Best String Trimmers

The features of a certain model of string trimmers are essential when making such a purchase. In order to be able to interpret them correctly, check out the information presented below:

  • The 2-cycle engine indicator means that the trimmer needs a mixture of oil and gasoline in order to be operational;
  • The 4-cycle engine indicates that the trimmer works either on gas or electric power, without needing to create any type of mixture;
  • A pull-start trimmer that includes a start-assist makes it easier to crank;
  • If you own a tight yard, then you need a trimmer that can be controlled with ease; try the curved shaft design in this case;
  • Tall users will need to look for straight shaft trimmers; they are also efficient in reaching tight spaces such as areas under the shrubs, decks or benches;
  • If the features include an adjustable shaft it means that the model can be adjusted according to your height; it is advisable to look for a design that includes this feature otherwise the trimmer will turn out to be pretty hard to use;
  • If you want to switch easily from trimmer to edge than you need a model that is edger-compatible; it may also include wheels for an easier use;
  • Bush trimmers with attachment-capable features mean that they can support different accessories, such as brush cutter, blower, pole saw, hedge trimmer and even cultivator;
  • A common feature of electric trimmers is the single-line heads;
  • In order to tackle heavier jobs, make sure that the trimmer includes a dual-line heads feature as it puts more cutting line on stubborn and unaesthetic weeds;
  • If you do not want to complicate yourself when inserting a new line, make sure you choose a design with fast-loading spools as it does not require to remove the spool;
  • If you want to be able to control the power level, then the variable speed control is the right option.


As it can be seen, there are many aspects that you need to consider when purchasing the best string trimmer. However, if you take the adequate time in order to analyze your needs and compare them with the features included, then you will definitely enjoy your device for a long period of time.


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