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Best Sports Posture Bras Reviews

best-sports-posture-brasThere are actually different types of bras, some are just for sporting activities, while some are for medical purposes, breast feeding purposes or even posture balance.

It all boils down to your need. In terms of posture maintenance or correction, some sports posture bras are designed in a way that it reminds you to stand erect with your shoulders pulled back and up.

These bras usually come with criss-crossed bands behind.

Below is a list of the top 10 best posture bra that are affordable and quite comfortable posture sports bras that can serve for both sports, back pain or even your normal day to day activities.


IntelliSkin Womens Empower 2.0 Posture Sports Bra

This Intelliskin bra provides support for your front from the back. It enhances posture by adjusting your spine and shoulders. Additionally, the Intelliskin zip bra is designed to decrease pain and enhance your sporting activities. A customer testified that something like this was recommended by her doctor and it worked perfectly in relieving her neck pain. Another attested to it reducing cramps in her upper arm and chest. However, as the Intelliskin reviews a few customers complained about its cost.

Enell High Impact Sports Bra

This is perfect for soccer, running and volleyball. With its wide non-stretch strap, it holds your breasts firmly while keeping you comfortable at the same time.

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It is quite easy to put on and take off due to the hook and eye located just in front. Feedback from customers about this product has been very good.

Leonisa Womens Firm Control Wireless Back Support Bra

This bra is recommended for post-surgery recovery. This is because of its ability to alleviate pain experienced after surgery. The cups are lined thereby preventing a see-through.

The lower part of the sports posture bra is made of elastic which provides maximum support for the bust. It also has straps which can be adjusted to increase support.

Girdle Faja Posture Correcting Posture Bra For Women

With a weight of 10.1 ounce, Girdle Faja bra is designed to put your posture in shape.

Before you place an order for this product, ensure it is your size by placing the mouse over the little picture that reads ‘size chart’ and then clicking zoom.

La Isle Women’s Front Closure Back Support Coverage Bra

One of the good features of this athletic posture bra is the possession of the hook and eye anteriorly to aid easy removal. Posteriorly, it is designed in a way to ensure your breasts are held close to your chest. The straps of the bra can be set in 3 different positions. Customers complained about its inability to hold large busts in place. This is the major reason you should make sure you are ordering the appropriate size.

Exquisite Form Women’s Front Closure Bra

Made up of 55% polyester and 45% nylon, this very affordable back support bra has a criss-cross power net at the back to bear the weight of your busts.

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The material supports machine washing. A customer who recently had a lung surgery purchased it and had absolutely no regrets as she felt no discomfort whatsoever.

Posture Back and Support Wire-Free Bra

The wire-free sports posture bra is made of nylon and comes with non-adjustable straps. It is quite light and suitable for the summer. The cups are lined with lace therefore it is not see-through.

The sports posture bra has average customer rating of 3 stars with some complaints about straps not being adjustable and poor quality material.

Cortland Longline Posture Bra

If you are the type that constantly sits down, you are likely to develop back and neck pain. This bra will provide instant relief for such. It is one longer in length than the others, extending as far down to the waist.

At the edge of the extension, it has a broad band that keeps the best posture corrector bra in position. No need to twist before pulling it off because the hook is just at the front.

Glamorise women’s Full-Figure Sports Bra

Made of nylon, polyester and spandex, the glamorize sports bra comes with a non-stretch cup which gives support. It also has adjustable straps aiding tightening or loosening of the posture wear sports bra.

It offers a natural shape whether in or out of your gym i.e. it serves you perfectly for both daily and exercise programs. Customers attested to its comfortable and supportive feature. Some however complained about the bra giving ‘bullet boobs’.

La Isla Women’s High Impact X-back Sports Bra

This sports posture bra looks quite sexy, doesn’t it? The unique feature about it is the zipper located at the front. More so, the pads are removable so you can easily replace them with either thin or thick ones depending on what you want.

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The straps behind are crossed increasing the comfort and maximizing bust support. It is made of smooth fabric material and it is available in varying colors.


Sports posture bras can serve as support in more ways than one. It could be by providing back and neck support or busts support, by preventing discomfort as you workout, preventing breast bounce (which can be very embarrassing) and prevent the stretching of cooper’s ligament. The most important thing is knowing why you need the best posture corrector bra and securing the one that fits such need. It should be light, supportive and above all, make you feel comfortable with yourself.








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