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Best Smoke Alarms Reviews

best-smoke-alarmsAn essential in any apartment or home, smoke alarms are an inexpensive product that can save your family’s life when it warns of a fire.

It is very important to keep a battery operated smoke alarm in case of power loss, and that you have at least one on each floor of your home.

When it comes to safety in your home, you shouldn’t ever compromise. A smoke alarm is the number one thing you need to warn of smoke and fire so that everyone in your home can react quickly if such a thing occurs.

There are many different smoke alarms out there, but below are the top 10 best smoke alarms in 2016 reviews so you can find one that has been tested to be one of the very best.


Battery Powered Smoke Alarm by First Alert

This smoke alarm from First Alert has a silence button so that you can silence an alarm that is non-threatening and also use it to test the functionality of the unit. It has a low battery alert which reminds you to change the battery and also has a missing battery guard to make sure the battery is in the alarm. The drawer for the battery slides open for easy replacement of the battery and a blinking power indicator makes sure the unit is receiving power. There is also an option pin to lock the unit and battery in place for resistance to tampering.

10 Year Sealed Lithium Smoke Alarm by Kidde

This alarm comes with a sealed in lithium battery, so you’ll never replace the battery over the ten year life of the alarm. The alarm automatically activates with self-activation when it is attached securely to the mounting bracket. You can temporarily silence nuisance alarms with the smart hush feature, and rapidly flashing red LED lights alert you if the alarm has sounded since the test reset button was last used.

10 Year 2 in 1 Photoelectric Smoke Detector by First Alert

This alarm features the company’s new Slim Design and Maximum Protection. It will last a total of ten years with no hassle or expense of replacing a battery twice a year. The new, sleek design of this combination alarm adds safety and style and is half the size of regular alarms.

Battery-Operated Combination Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarm by Kidde

This talking alarm tells you what kind of hazard it has detected to help speed up the reaction time. One unit can be installed where two would have been needed and a battery safeguard makes sure the unit can’t be mounted accidentally with no batteries installed. Alarm circuitry is tested with the test-rest button, plus the voice announcement is triggered. It has been tested for compliance and safety and meets the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories.

Long Life Photoelectric Smoke Alarm by First Alert

A state of the art smoke alarm, it will give you early warning in case of a fire. The Photoelectric smoke sensing chamber can sense smoke particles that are made in a smoldering fire. This helps lower false alarms such as those made by shower steam or cooking smoke. The alarm also has an 85 decibel horn and a supervised 9V lithium battery power.

Hearing Impaired Strobe Light by First Alert/BRK Brands, Inc.

This device is designed specifically for the hearing impaired, made for institutional and residential applications. It is a strobe light to warn individuals with a hearing impairment of carbon monoxide or fire danger when used in heat, smoke or carbon monoxide alarms. This will give them a visual warning rather than the typical sound alarm.

Smoke Alarm with Escape Light by First Alert

This smoke alarm is ionization battery-operated and comes with an escape light. It features a silence/test button, an 85 decibel alarm and blinking power light. Plus it also includes a side battery drawer and low battery warning. It is tamper resistant and has a 10 year limited warranty. It comes with a 9V battery so it is ready to use.

Protect Smoke Plus Carbon Monoxide by Nest

The protect alarm by Nest is one of the most technologically advanced carbon and smoke monoxide detector available on the market. This alarm is compatible with your smartphone so you’ll know when the batteries are low or the alarm has sensed smoke. It will send an alert to your tablet or smartphone with it finds something wrong. This alarm will give you peace of mind that your home is protected wherever you are.

AC Wire-in Combo Smoke Alarm by Kidde

This alarm includes AC-wire with a battery backup and the 9V battery that is included protects the alarm during short-term power loss. The battery door has a unique design and the battery loads from the front. There is a voice warning feature with red and green LEDs, and the photoelectric smoke sensor can detect visible fire particles that are found in slow smoldering fires.

First Alert Photo/On Smoke Alarm w/Battery Backup by BRK Smoke Alarm

This alarm has ion and photo smoke sensors and two latching features. There are also two silencing features and it has an AA alkaline battery backup in case of a power loss. It uses optipath 360 technology and has 120V AC.


Smoke alarms should be in every home or office, and you only want the best when protecting your family. Choose from the list above to find the very best option in smoke alarms.

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