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Best Sleeping Bags For Kids Reviews

Top 10 Kids Sleeping BagsComfort, durability and ability to keep the user warm are important features most people look for in the best backpacking sleeping bags.

If you are planning to go on a camping trip, then here are the top 10 newest and bestselling sleeping bags today.

You will find that all of them are very affordable and suitable for people looking to go out on family outings especially with kids.

So if you are planning on buying down sleeping bags sample these and find the ideal bag for you.

10. The Coleman Green Valley Sleeping Bag

The Coleman Green Valley kids sleeping bag ning to go camping on places with cold weather, 30 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The bag has been durably constructed and has a polyester cover with a comfortable cotton-flannel liner. 3 pounds of Cole Therm insulation have also been integrated to ensure the kid remains cozy even during low temperatures. The bag measures 33 inch wide by 75 inch long, this is enough to fit people up to five feet, eleven inches tall. It features a Quick Cord which ensures quick storage and free tie-free closure of the sleeping bag. Other important features include: a ZipPlow which prevents snags by plowing the fabric far from the zipper; comfort cuff which provides a soft surface for the face; and the Thermolock which keeps the kid warm by preventing loss of heat through the zipper.

9. The Coleman Willow-Creek Scoop Sleeping Bag

This is an ideal sleeping bag for camping during warm-weather. It measures 33 x78-inch, therefore it can fit most people of five-inch 11-inch. The sleeping bag has a scoop shape that ensures a comfortable headrest by keeping the kid’s head above the ground. A ThermoTech insulation has been incorporated to ensure the kid remains comfortable at 40-60 degree F. The Willow best sleeping bag for camping is very durable since it is made using a soft brushed polyester cover and linen. In addition to these we have; the ZipPlow which prevents snags by plowing the material far from the zipper; the Fiberlock which increases durability and adds warmth; the Thermolock which minimizes the loss of heat through the zipper and last but not least the Roll Control which ensures easier rolling.

8. The Queen Size Mammoth Flannel Lined Sleeping Bag

Made with 100% polyester the Mammoth is a great bag to use during family outings. The best backpacking sleeping bag is big enough to fit in three to four young kids. It features a soft brushed poly flannel liner meant to ensure warmth and comfort. An adjustable mummy-style hood can also be used to increase warmth. The kids can use the interior storage pocket to store their personal items. The oxford nylon compression sack ensures easy transport and store the bag. In addition to this there are 2 sided zipper guards to prevent snags and to also make it easier to exit the bag without disturbing others.

7. TETON Sports TrailHead Ultralight Sleeping

Next on this list of popular sleeping bags is the Trail Head ultralight sleeping bag. It features dimensions of 87-Inch L x 32-Inch W x 22-Inch W size. Though the entire bag is thin and light, a PolarLite insulation has been incorporated to ensure the kid stays warm. The bag weighs 2.9 pounds making it great for transportation and packing. A mummy hood has been incorporated for increased warmth and comfort. Kids can use the inner pockets to store their valuables. A full-length zipper draft tube is also added to keep warm air in and cold air out.

6. TETON Sports Celsius XXL Sleeping Bag

The TETON Celsius is definitely a popular and affordable sleeping bag for those who like a little bit more room in their best camping sleeping bags at night. The bag attaches to a second bag through right and left side zippers. The bag is filled with SuperLoft hollow fiber insulation to ensure warm and comfort. An Oxford compression sack with drawstring closure makes it easy to transport and store the bag. So as to eliminate chilly spots, the bag has been designed with staggered seams and the cushioning around the shoulder opening and zipper make sure the drafts say out. A unique curved hood keeps the head off the ground for increased comfort.

5. The Suisse Sport Ultra-Compactable Sleeping Bag

Made from a 100% polyester ristop lining and double layer construction; this is a very affordable sleeping bag for kids. The bag comes with a compression storage sack which can house 12 x 7 x 7 making it a favorite camping bag. The bag only weighs 2.9 pounds making it very easy to carry and pack. The double layer construction works to prevent occurrence of cool spots in the bag. The ideal comfort range using this bag is around 40 to 55 degrees. Due the weight it is definitely the ideal bag for bikers, hikers and campers with kids.

4. The Coleman North Rim 0 degrees Sleeping Bag

At a surprisingly affordable price, the Coleman sleeping bag contains all the features one would look for in a sleeping bag. It is made from 100% and has features such as: a sculpted hood that surrounds the head to provide warmth and comfort; 60 ounces of Coleytherm insulation to ensure warmth down to 15 degree F; a quilt that eliminates the occurrence of cold spots; a two way zipper for maximum ventilation and a box foot design to allow at least five feet of wiggle room. In addition to this, the Coleman’s sleeping bag also comes with a stuff sack for easier storage and transportation.

3. Coleman Big Game Five Degree Sleeping Bag

This 100% cotton made sleeping bag features full cover to eliminate the potential for cold spots development. The ZipPlow works to plow away the material from the zipper thus prevent snags. The comfort cuff surrounds the face providing a soft and comfortable area to rest on. A 20’’ x 12’’ cotton flannel pillow is also included to ensure maximum comfort to the user. 6 pounds of Coletherm insulation are also featured so as to ensure maximum warmth and comfort even at minus 5 degrees F. a wrap N roll system has been used to make the bag easier to pack into the carrier.

2. The Coleman Trinidad Sleeping Bag

Measuring 33” x 75” the Trinidad is ideal for people up to five inch 11 inch. The Coleman Trinidad is specially contracted with a polyester cover to ensure durability and a soft tricot liner to maximize on comfort. Three pounds ThermoTech insulation enable comfort down to 40- 50 degree F. Its QuickCord technology which requires no tying ensures fast and easy storage. In addition to these, the ZipPlow prevents the fabric from snags by pulling the zipper away from the fabric; and the Roll Control keeps the best sleeping bag intact for smooth and easier rolling. Lastly the Zipper Glide tailoring ensures easy zipper closure and opening around corners.

1.The Coleman Brazos Sleeping Bag

Top on this list of the bestselling sleeping bags for camping is the Brazos, which is a great bag for cold-weather camping. The bag can be able to fit people of up to 5 to 11 inch and it measures 33” x 75”. Like the Trinidad the Brazos is constructed with a polyester cover and soft tricot liner to ensure durability as well as comfort. Four pounds of ColeTherm insulation ensure the user stays warm and comfortable down to 40 to 20 degree F.

The ZipPlow prevents snags by keeping the fabric far from the zipper, and the Comfort Cuff provides a soft surface for your face to rest on. To reduce loss of heat through the zipper, a Thermolock has been incorporated. Lastly the the best Roll control maintains the bag sleeping intact for easier and faster rolling.

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