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Best Shoes for Flat Feet Reviews

Best Shoes for Flat Feet

People who are looking for the best shoes for flat feet fall under a category where picking out the coolest looking sneakers aren’t going to work. Because of the structure of the arch of the foot, there is a need to find footwear that will compensate for the lack of curvature between the ball of the foot and the heel.

Running is a physical activity with much of our lower bodies taking brunt of the impact forces. And with every step we take, the wear and tear will slowly take its toll specially if we aren’t wearing proper footwear.

For those with flat feet who want to be able workout to lose weight or train for sport, these are the best options that will keep you on track.

Let’s take a look at the top 10 best shoes for flat feet when it comes to athletic shoes. If you happen to have flat feet then you know some shoes are just agony when you put them on. Knowing what features to look for and the brands that specialize in this area can help ensure your feet are comfortable and well supported.

Ideally if you have flat feet the best shoe to wear is a running shoe. Obviously you won’t be able to wear a running shoe at all times but the more you can wear them, the better for your feet. They provide the arch support you need, control, stability, and even lines up your whole spine properly.

Flat feet means you’re missing that natural arch in your foot on the sole so a running shoe with good arches can help your foot form that arch and proper alignment. In fact if your foot isn’t properly supported you can end up with an injury.

If you’re running without an arch your foot essentially collapses each time the hit the ground, which is a whole lot of impact.


Top 10 Best Shoes for Flat Feet of 2017 Comparison

*Results Are Based On Amazon.com Flat Feet Shoes Consumer Reports & Reviews*


Vibram Fivefingers Kso Mens Running Shoes

Surprisingly these shoes score quite high with those people that have flat feet. They are made of rubber with a rubber sole and a breathable mesh upper. They are meant to keep your feet cool while also holding up over time. You’re able to adjust the fit with the single hook and loop Velcro closure tab. There is an EVA insole that is meant to add to the comfort, protection and cushioning during wear.

Brooks Men’s Vapor 10 Running Shoe

This is another lightweight option featuring an upper made from mesh and a sturdy rubber sole. This is a wise choice for those who over pronate without having to spend a fortune. Some of the key features in these shoes include the caterpillar crash pad, and cushioning that works with your foot and needs. To top it off the shoe is incredibly stylish looking like one of the higher end brands.

Adidas Supernova Sequence 5

This shoe is ideal for runners thanks to the fact it offers an adiprene-equipped stabilizer. The shoe is made from synthetic materials and has technology that provides a comfortable and smooth run with its Formotion that adjusts to different grounds. The upper area of the show also features mesh for breathability. The shoe itself is incredibly light weight and is perfect for warmer temperatures.

Asics GT-3000

This shoe was created for moderate to mild and late-gait overpronators. It is just oozing in cushioning with its DuoMax system that is meant to increase support and stability. All of this is achieved without adding to the weight of the shoe. Its Exoskeletal heel counter helps to improve the way the show fits in the heel. Its basic yet pleasing look makes it a popular choice.

Merrell Men’s Barefoot True Glove

This is another great offering for those with flat feet. The price is lower than some of the other running shoes you’ll come across yet you’re still going to receive that same level of comfort. It features vegan construction with a manmade sole, features a shock-absorption plate in the forefoot, offers a fused rubber toe bumper, and a compression-molded EVA midsole.

New Balance 860v3

This shoe is meant for those with an eye for detail. Made of mesh and synthetic this is even lighter than the majority of running shoes. There is no sacrifices made to comfort or stability and you can look forward to excellent support. The Nufoam application means that it is a long-lasting shoe.

Nike LunarGlide+ 4

Of course you can count on Nike to have a solid offering for those who have flat feet. This running shoe is lightweight synthetic material that allows the foot to breathe. It is packed full of technology starting with the fabric that although lightweight is incredibly strong. The cushioning used is meant to feel springy even at the end of your run and the inner sleeve of the show is made out of mesh that actually fits snug against your food. The support platform is perfect for those needing a little extra help in this department combining firm and soft foam.

Saucony Men’s Hurricane 15

Saucony has been offering high quality, lightweight, flexible running shoes for a long time now. This particular shoe is now on its 15th edition making it appealing to those traditional runners that are interested in the quality rather than the looks and the brand name. The upper of the shoe fits very snug through the mid-foot right to the platform. It also does a great job at stabilizing and securely your heel. The sockliner is breathable and antimicrobial, ideal if you’ll be running in warm and/or wet conditions. The Hydramax Collar Lining actually wicks away the moisture.

Mizuno Wave Alchemy

Not only is this shoe perfect for those with flat feet but if you also find yourself over pronating this is a great option. It’s hard to believe it offers as much support as it does since it’s so lightweight and flexible. There is plenty of cushioning and lots of room in the toe bed so you toes are squished. The shoe is made from mesh and synthetic fibers so your foot will stay cool. The “Smooth Ride Engineering” is innovative technology that makes it feel like your rocking from heel to toe as you run.

Nike Free Run+ 3

Don’t be fooled by the simple looking design of this shoe as it is packed with features. The shoe features rubber soles and a leather/synthetic upper. The idea is that it feels like barefoot training/running by using a natural feeling fit and plenty of flexibility. There are strategically placed reflective details for when you’re running in low-light conditions, and there is a dynamic fit system that ensures the shoe fits snug.

Shoes for Flat Feet Buying Guide


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Shoes for Flat Feet Buying GuideThe foot-study version of big data supports the conventional wisdom that people with flat feet that pronate are more likely to get bunions than people with high arches. The researchers measured foot posture, or how a person’s feet look when the person is stationary, in more than 3,000 adults.

Those said to have pes planus foot posture (what most of us call flat feet) were more likely to have hammer toes and overlapping toes than the people with pes cavus foot posture (what most of us call high-arched feet)

The researchers also measured foot function, or how the feet operate when in motion (in this case, as the study participants walked). In line with podiatric theory, the flat-footed people were more likely to pronate, and the high-arched people were more likely to supinate.

Those whose feet pronated when walking were significantly more likely to have bunions (“hallux valgus” in medical speak) and overlapping toes. Those whose feet supinated were significantly less likely to have bunions and hallux rigidus, or stiffness at the base of the big toe joint, which can lead to arthritis.

In this study, there was no relationship between foot type and risk of developing plantar fasciitis. The study participants were drawn from the general population, not from among a group of runners

We all are born with different body structure. Some people have flat feet and some have curved feet and therefore, speed control running shoes for flat feet are necessary for individuals with flat feet. A flat foot can cause a lot of difficulties when it comes to keeping fit. The fallen-arches mean that you are more vulnerable to fitness problems caused by exercise.

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You can determine the type of your feet by doing the wet test. Wet test is basically done by wetting your foot with water and placing it on a piece of brown paper. Usually, a flat foot leaves behind a mark showing almost the whole foot. You can also check your foot physically, there is almost no arch going inward from the toe to the heel, for a flat foot. The curve height largely determines foot type and pronation. The best running shoes for flat feet people are those with movement control system.

Motion control system shoes are designed not for the foot structure to change nor to correct the walking style but rather to work with the running style that it will assist the flat feet individual run with comfort. The best running shoes for flat runners must have good support. Because the mid sole of a flat individual are slightly curved, it also requires something which will absorb the shock. There should be a movement control system which can give additional support and stability.

The most suitable shoes for flat feet individuals are those that are equipped with motion control systems as well as those with high stability properties. In addition, shoes with firm mid soles are by far the most appropriate types. These factors reduce the ability of your flat feet to twist over in specific areas, therefore making your running or walking more comfortable. It is important that you avoid shoes which are highly curved in inwards soles for these shoe types may compress your foot painfully and reduce your stability.

Because running shoes were designed based on the activities for runners, they are usually equipped with cushion and padding materials for greater flexibility. You do not need shoes for flat feet that have several layers of padding as this will apply more pressure to your flat feet, therefore making it extremely painful to use. It is therefore advisable that you use running best shoes for flat feet that are not too curved and have at least one layer of comfort pads.

Best running shoes for flat feet facts

Best running shoes for flat feet factsFlat feet are characterized by low arches or a complete absence of the arches. The arch, also called the instep, is the inside part of your foot that is normally raised off the ground when you are standing. Ideally, the arches act as the body’s natural shock absorbers. When you stand, the arches receive and absorb the body weight thus minimizing the effects that would have impacted negatively on the knees, ankles and hips.

The height of the foot arches varies from person to person and determines the degree at which your feet pronate. A person with considerably reduced arches or no arches at all is said to have flat feet. When standing or walking, the part that is supposed to form the arch flattens out on the ground and the foot may roll inwards, a phenomenon that is known as overpronation.

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Overpronation causes difficulties in walking and necessitates a special type of shoe made for people with flat feet. Runners with flat feet especially need to take great care when choosing running shoes for flat feet. Fortunately, footwear manufacturers have been able to design shoes that address the safety and comfort needs of people with flat feet.

While shopping for flat feet shoes, you will have to pay keen attention on selecting a running shoe that meets with your condition. You should ensure that the shoes address three key features: stability, motion control and support.


A flat feet runner requires a shoe that supports his body weight since their arches are inadequately prepared to handle the weight. When shopping for flat feet running shoes for flat feet, check for technical details that point towards a shoe having “added support”. Support shoes contain the same level of cushioning as neutral shoes but have additional features that reduce the level of overpronation.


In the flat feet footwear industry, the term stability refers to the ability that the shoe has for minimizing overpronation. Stability shoes for flat feet have a medial post incorporated in the midsole. Each brand makes stability running shoes that are different from the other. To add stability to flat feet shoes, manufacturers include dual density foam below the middle side of the arch. The strip of foam is easily identifiable as a darker piece in the midsole of the shoe.

Motion Control

Shoes with Motion Control are the most advanced in terms of addressing the needs of flat-footed individuals. They offer additional cushioning, support and compensation for overpronation.

Stability vs. Motion Control Shoes

There are several footwear manufacturers who offer stability and motion control shoes. However, you will need to know when to pick stability flat feet running shoes or the more reputed motion control shoes. For runners with low arches, stability shoes offer the best solution. Motion control shoes on the other hand offer advanced support for people who do not have arches. They are also a perfect pick for heavily built flat feet runners. They have a special upper construction that locks your feet in position and provides for extra support.

Flat Feet Runners Exercise Tips

Flat Feet Runners Exercise TipsIn addition to buying the best shoes for flat feet that are tailored just for them, flat feet runners are encouraged to take up exercises that are aimed at strengthening their feet.

If you live near the seashore, include running barefoot on the beach sand as part of your practice schedule. Running barefoot will strengthen your natural leg muscles as well as enhance your natural shock absorption biomechanics. Experts recommend spending as much time barefoot as humanely possible.

Additionally, many podiatrists also recommend trying to lift a ping-pong ball with your toes. Closely tied with toe-lifting exercises is toe-pointing. Randomly pick out things in the room, use your toes to point at them and hold for about five minutes. This should stimulate the nerves in the feet and lead to enhanced blood circulation.

If walking barefoot does not impress you, try the Nike Free Run technology shoes. These are special shoes created by Nike. They offer the sedated feeling and experience of walking barefoot while giving you protection to walk, run and exercise on almost any terrain.

Happy Running

If you’ve looked through the different images of the products on our list (you can do so by clicking the links), you’ll notice that if you look at the medial side (inside portion) of the shoe, they all have a thicker gray colored area in the midsole (rubber part). This isn’t present in the lateral side (outer side) because it serves as thicker, harder rubber sole that prevents flat foot runners and athletes from overpronating, making them the best shoes for flat feet.

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