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Best Shoe Racks Reviews

best-shoe-racks-reviewsIf you are looking for a good shoe rack then you will want one that offers plenty of room and is easy to place even the biggest shoe collection.

Besides being easily accessible, they should also be perfectly-built so that they can withstand weight, offering practical storage solution.

There are many shoe racks in the market today, but the truth is that not all fit these descriptions. Here are top 10 best shoe racks reviews that you should consider checking out today!


Pro-Mart DAZZ 42-Pocket Over-the-Door Organizer

This shoe rack is built for convenience when it comes to storage and functionality. What’s unique about it is that it offers a storage capacity of 42 pockets, making it easy to keep your shoes.

The beauty of it is that you don’t have to worry about extra space in your home; you can just have to hang it on your door and keep your home organized. It also provides quick retrieval of all the shoes stored.

Whitmor 6060-3510 Chrome Supreme 50 Pair Shoe Rack

Designed with double chrome, this is a type of shoe rack that is utterly durable. It offers a 50-pair shoe rack, accommodating even the biggest collections.

If decency is your priority then this shoe rack also proves to come in handy. It is made with style in mind, boasting trendy quality tubes to complement the décor in your home.

Honey-Can-Do Shoe Tree

If you have some extra space in your home, then this is the shoe rack to go for. It can hold up to 24 pairs of shoes and withstand the weight. The good thing about it is that it is super cute, not to mention easily accessible.

It is designed with a spinning handle that allows you to easily add or remove extra tires as you wish.

Whitmor Fashion Color Organizer Collection Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

This is an over-the-door storage option ideal for those who don’t have enough space in their apartments. It is built for convenience, measuring 18 by 64 inches and 24 mesh pockets.

It doesn’t require assembling; all you have to do is hand it and use it to store your shoes clean, keeping dust away from your carpet of pets.

AmazonBasics 50-Pair Shoe Rack

AmazonBasics is another durable shoe rack that guarantees longevity. It is built from high caliber chrome, offering storage option of up to 5 pairs of shoes. It provides a great way to organize your shoes, ensuring that your rooms maintain their elegance.

The beauty of it is that it comes with 10 tires that are spacious enough to hold all shoe collections irrespective of their sizes. Better still, you can choose to move it around with the aid of the locking wheels.

Household Essentials Revolving Shoe Tree

This is a nice and tall revolving shoe tree rack that’s capable of holding up to 36 pairs of shoes. The amazing thing is that, even with all the storage option it offers it only takes approximately 12 inches of space.

It comes with 6 adjustable tires and added basket to keep your accessories. It is very easy to assemble and comes with a stylish design.

Boot Butler – Boot Hanger & Boot Organizer

Boot Butler is a vertical storage option, whereby you keep your shoes hanging. You can hang it on your door or closet rail and keep 5 pairs of shoe or more.

It is ideal for storing large shoe collection, such as boots. It may seem complicated on a closer look, but the assembly is very simple. It guarantees functionality and longevity.

Whitmor White Crystal Collection Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer

A shoes rack doesn’t necessarily have to take up floor space. This particular option can be hang on the door and store up to 24 pairs of shoes.

Unlike other models, Whitmor 6044-13-CTF is able to avert unwarranted damage as well as dust that may otherwise alter your shoes’ shape.

The vinyl pockets are of high quality, meaning that the rack can stand the test of time.

Imelda Stackable Shoe Rack

Not only is this shoe rack stackable and light, is it extremely cool thanks to the metal frame and fabric shelves design. You can easily assemble it without using tools, helping you keep even the large collection of shoes.

It is able to stack nice and high, while being sturdy at the same time. Its cute design would fit any place you might need some extra space.

Seville Classics Resin-Wood Composite Utility Shoe Rack, single pack

Seville Classics Resin takes the first position, and for a good reason. It offers e-tire shelf-style storage option that you can easily fold without requiring any tools.

It is big enough to hold 2 pairs of big shoe collections per shelf, offering durable and quality option. What sets it apart from the rest is that you can expand it either horizontally or vertically so that it accommodates more shoes.

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