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Best Shaving Brushes for Men Reviews

Best Shaving Brushes for MenFor men who do use a shaving brush when shaving, you have so many to purchase; for this reason, you have to know what the top options are, and you have to know what each one is going to provide you with when you are ready to buy one.

So, whether you want something simple, or if you want something that provides you with a bit more, you can find it in any of the top 10 best shaving brushes for men reviews, when you are ready to buy a new brush, and are looking for something that is going to provide you the features you need when shaving.



Burma shaving brush

100% natural bristles, and a waterproof handle, are going to allow you to use this anywhere, and will ensure the brushes are not damaged. It also creates a thick lather, so you can use this to shave, even if you do not use much lotion or much shaving cream, when you do shave.

Pure Badger Faux Ivory

Easy to use, small design, waterproof handle, and eliminates irritation when you shave. You can carry this around with you anywhere, use it at home, or you can take it with you, if you do travel often. The small brush, and the soft bristles are not only going to create a smooth barrier, but will also ensure your skin is protected, whether or not you shave with cream.

Traditional English brush by Edwin Jagger

Handmade in England, this features the best badger fur, ensuring a smoother and softer shave, each time that you use it. It dries easily, grips in your hands easily, and it is easy for you to store as well. Even lather application is a great feature this brush offers, so you can shave, and soothe, all in one motion with the razor.

Shaving Brush with Badger Hair

High quality, black badger hair, ensures a simple design, and a long lasting product to use on a regular basis. It not only applies your cream, it is also going to work to exfoliate your skin, and to open the pores, so you can get a smoother shave, and also so you can avoid the nicks and cuts each time that you do shave.

Luxor Pro 0216P

Individual design for your hair whiskers, this brush is also made with soft badger hair, for optimal closeness, and for a softer finish with each shave. Applying cream or using soap, is going to be quite simple for you to do, when you are using this brush to apply the thin layer to your skin when shaving.

Elite Shaving Brush

It gently lathers your favorite cream, and it ensures a soft application process, with the softest badger fur that is available on the market today. It resists water, so it is going to remain soft, and the bristles are going to remain intact, even if you do use this brush on a regular basis, and even if you do use it more than one time a day.

Simply Beautiful Pure Badger fur

Gentle exfoliation, and helps to open the pores; black fur, sleek design, and a simple to hold base, are just a few of the many distinct features you are going to notice when you purchase this brush. It is also going to come with a storage base, so you can easily keep it in place, and avoid the loss.

Parker Safety Razor

Made out of genuine badger bristles, and boasting a dense fur base, you can quickly coat your face with any lather or with soap. It holds water well in the thick fur as well, so you are not going to have to continually apply the brush to your face. It is a quick slide, and you can finish the shaving process in a shorter time, with less effort, when you are using this brush.

Van Der Hagen set

100% badger hair, this brush not only applies the lather, it is also going to help to soothe your skin when you shave, and it is going to work to exfoliate the skin, so you can get more hair out, with fewer swipes of your razor when you are shaving. It easily rinses clean after each use as well, so the water is not going to remain in the brush and the water resistant handle is built to last, and to fit in the hand comfortably as well.

Tweezerman brush

It evenly distributes the lather, and the brush made with 100% badger fur, is sure to fully coat the face, and provide an even lather base, each time that you use it to shave. It will help open the pores, and it is going to work as an exfoliator as well, and a curved wooden handle is going to make it simple to hold, and easy to use, regardless of how big or small your hand and features may be, when you are using this brush to shave.


With the right build, and with the right badger fur, you are going to get a much smoother and a far closer shave, each time that you are going to use a brush to apply the soap or the lather to your face. And, when you are using a brush that is made with 100% natural badger fur, it is going to result in a smooth and a shave that is as close to the face as possible when you shave.

With distinct features, and with a number of unique styles, you can find a great brush when you are looking for something new to help you get a smoother shave. No matter which of these name brands you select, you will appreciate the fine design and the quality of the brush as well as of the handle. And, you can find any of these for a low price, so you are not going to have to spend too much, if you take the time to compare and to look for a great deal, when you do buy the brush.

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