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Best Shampoo Dispensers Reviews

Top 10 Shampoo Dispensers

No matter what liquid based products you use when you are showering, with a shampoo dispenser, you are going to be able to dispense the perfect amount, and eliminate wasting these products.

Most dispensers have a slot for shampoo and conditioner; some also have space for liquid soap, lotions, and other liquids you use in the shower.

Regardless of the type of shampoo you use, the ideal dispenser will help eliminate clutter in your shower, will dispense the shampoo in to your hand, and will allow you to easily find the product you want to use when showering, without having to overuse or waste the products you use in the shower.


Better Living Ultimate Dispenser III

Top shelf to hold extra bottles, it contains a soap tray, a three part dispenser (shampoo, conditioner, and liquid soap), and hooks, so you can hang your razors. It also has a fog resistant mirror, for shaving. It installs easily, and can be screwed in the shower, or use double sided tape to hang it. A simple flip of the cover, allows you to refill the caddies easily as well.

Better Living, Four Chamber Dispenser

Up to 15 oz can be placed in each chamber, and an installation kit makes it a breeze to hang in the shower. A built in pump also ensures the ideal amount of liquid is dispensed each time; and, the top shelf allows you to place a bar of soap, or other shower items neatly in place. Not only does this allow for a cleaner space in the shower, it also allows you to reach the items you need, with less effort when you are showering as well.

Ulti-Mate Three Chamber Organizer

Fog resistant mirror, the top shelf holds soap and bottles, 15 oz chambers, and hooks for razors, all in this slim, sleek designed, soap dispenser.

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Mylar coated labels allow you to easily see what is in each dispenser, and pre-set pump, eliminates waste of shampoo.

Aviva Two Chamber Dispenser

A chrome or satin design, allows you to select the perfect style for your shower. 10 oz chambers are easy to refill, and they are pre-measured, to eliminate waste. The labels are also mylar coated, to avoid mix ups when showering and washing your hair; plus, no tools required for installation.

Simple Human, Wall Pump

Choose from a single, double, or triple chamber pump. An ergonomic t-bar lever, lets you dispense the perfect amount, to eliminate waste. Storage hooks for razors, and a wide, top opening, allows you to easily refill when you are out of shampoo, conditioner, or shower gel.

Aviva Three Chamber Dispenser

Pre measured pumps eliminate waste; a simple pump design, also makes dispensing a cinch.

The clean look and design go well in any shower space; and, small hooks are great for hanging razors or sponge in the shower, when they are not in use.

Better Living Ribbed Bottle Design

A three chamber design, each holding 10 oz of liquid, is perfect for any shower space. Labels, with silicone adhesive are included, so you know what is in each dispenser. It installs in a couple of minutes, and the pre-measured pump, eliminates over use, or spilling, when you are washing your hair. The ribbed texture design, adds depth to the dispenser set as well.

Aviva Trio Dispenser

It neatly fits into the corner wall, and eliminates clutter in your shower, with three dispenser trays. A push of the button will dispense the liquid, and a 14 oz dispenser tray, also makes it easy to fill an entire bottle of shampoo and conditioner, in each slot. A silicone or screw option, allow for easy shower installation as well, which will take only a couple of minutes to install.

Better Living Clear Choice Dispenser

Each bottle holds 14 oz, and each has a silicone label, so you know what is in each of the three dispenser trays. A pre-measured pump also ensures you get sufficient amount of shampoo, without waste. And, a simple top design, allows you to remove the top lid, so that you can easily refill each dispenser, when it is empty. The design also makes it simple to install in a shower corner, or a flat wall, when you are deciding where to place it in your shower.

Better Living 4 Classic Chamber

The four dispenser style, eliminates the need to keep any bottle in the shower. With space for shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and other liquid soaps, you can remove all the clutter, and have a clean, streamlined space, in your shower. A 15 oz dispenser, also means refilling fewer times, and an ABS plastic body, makes for a durable design as well. The sleek design will fit in well with any shower space, and easily allows you to refill the bottles, by flipping open the front lid of the body, when a dispenser is empty. And, an affordable price does not hurt either.


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No matter how your shower space is set up, a shampoo dispenser is a great amenity to have in place in your shower space. It not only eliminates the clutter, by getting rid of several plastic bottles in your shower, it also makes it easy for you to find the liquid soap or shampoo, when you are showering.

With pre-measured dispensing options, each of these shampoo dispensers eliminates waste, and ensures you get sufficient shampoo, conditioner, and liquid shower gel, each time you enter the shower. And, the design styles, allow you to install them in the corner, or any wall of the shower. No matter what liquid shower products you use, these shampoo dispensers, are a great fit in any space, and will eliminate waste, clutter, and will result in a much neater look, each time that you enter the shower to wash your hair or bathe.

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