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Best Samsung 55 Inch Smart 3D LED HDTV Reviews

best-samsung-60-inch-smart-3d-led-hdtv-reviewsTechnological advancement has given birth to some of the most extraordinary electronic products that decades ago seemed impossible to achieve. One such achievement is smart 3Dimensional LED High definition televisions.

They are called smart because that is what they are. They possess some of the most interesting features; for example, the ability to access the internet and to interact first hand with streaming contents.

3D smart HDTVs allows users to be part of what is going on in the television. By wearing special 3D glasses, viewing what is happing on the screen gives an illusion of the viewer being inside the epicenter of the action; an experience that has taken television watching to whole new level. The technological company that has made the most advances in smart television technology is Samsung.

Samsung smart TVs are nicely designed, great performers and feature the latest technology the market has to offer. If you are looking for a great 55 Inch Smart 3D LED HDT then checkout Samsung large screen models.

Here, we are going to do, according to our observation and customer reviews, top 5 Samsung 55 Inch smart 3D LED HDTV reviews in 2014 which can help you with your shopping prospects.

Samsung UN55F7500 55” 1080p 240Hertz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV

Opening our list is this marvelous piece of technology with ultra slim design but is laden with great features that make TV viewing one of a kind experience you could never have with the other HD televisions of the same size and version. It presents smart features including built-in Wi-Fi and web browser, smart TV with innovative gesture controls as well as other sharing specifications.

Technically, it features full definition LED-lit with 1080pixel screen resolution, built-in camera, 3 Dimensional capabilities, ultra-thin design, and 240Hertz refresh rate as well as 4 HDMI ports for connection to other supported devices. You will love every detail of this smart LED HDTV.

Samsung UN55F9000 55” 4K Ultra HD 120Hertz 3D Smart LED TV

This enticing technologic fete will give you value for your money should you choose to buy it. However, you first need to know what kind of features it presents. First of all, it has a unique ultra slim design and yet remains sturdy for duration. Secondly, it features ultra-high definition screen display with micro dimming technology; 120Hertz refresh rate as well as smart TV with gesture controls.

When it comes to connectivity, this Samsung large screen smart HDTV comes with built-in Wi-Fi with web browser, gesture control and built-in camera. All these features make it possible to interact with digital content as well as the web giving you opportunity to stream the latest and your favorite classic movies.

Samsung UN55F8000 55” 1080p 240Hertz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV

If you want to create a simple but elegant home theater, then you can choose to incorporate this great Samsung 55-inch smart 3D LED HDTV. It has multiple features that make it a good choice of an entertainment partner. Its ultra slim design allows it to be installed with ease and fit imperceptibly into your interior decoration.

The technical details that make it operational include HD LED-lit display with 1080pixel resolution; 240Hz refresh rate, 3 Dimensional capabilities, built-in Wi-Fi and camera as well as a full internet browser to promote your interaction with the web as well as digital contents. Find out more by following the link provided.

Samsung UN55F7100 55” 1080p 240Hertz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV

If none of the ones we have reviewed above meets your expectations, maybe this one will. It also carries the quality signature common with all Samsung models. It features 1080p full HD screen resolution supported with the Micro Dimming technology, 240Hz refresh rate which is best for video games, action movies, general television viewing and sports.

Additional features include smart TV capabilities with voice control that allows you to interact seamlessly with streaming content and the web. Its special features that set it aside from others include built-in subwoofer for good sound quality as well as 3D compatibility. You will love this machine.

Samsung UN55F6400 55” 1080p 120Hertz 3D Slim Smart LED HDTV

One more Samsung 55 Inch smart 3D LED HDTV that has been included here for your consideration is the Samsung UN55F6400. This ultra slim LED large screen television will offer you high level entertainment that can only match to those in movie theaters. If features the latest technology in the design and functionality of smart TVs.

The best technical features this smart TV has to offer include full HD 1080pixel screen which provides for good picture quality, 120Hz refresh rate for enjoyment of general TV viewing, playing of video games, watching action movies and sports. A special feature of this smart TV is sleep timer.

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