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Best Rowing Machines Reviews

best-rowing-machinesThis is the era of internet. People rely on internet for getting information even about the smallest thing without checking the reliability of its source. I also did the same for buying the best rowing machine but to my amazement, every rowing machine was best and this is where I did mistake.

I read just a few rowing machine reviews about a particular brand and model of rowing machine, all of which said it is really superb but when I started using it after spending more than $500 then I slowly came to know about its drawbacks. This was the last day I relied on promotional content present on Internet.

I shared this unfortunate experience of mine with my friends and they also agreed with me that majority of the content available online is not trust worthy as writers manipulate the real facts in order to attract the customers.

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

I then started to believe on the fact that God help those who help themselves. Getting a rowing machine was my utmost need as my weight was continuously increasing and I couldn’t go to gym due to my busy schedule. I was in need of a multitasking exercise machine that offers various benefits at a time.

Rowing machine is not only capable of losing weight but it also offers various other benefits. After wasting my money, I decided to do an in-depth research instead of relying on reviews available online. I used following means to gather some real time information about different rowing machines available in the market.

  1. Firstly, I narrowed down my research to those machines which were most sold at Amazon and other such websites
  2. Secondly, I visited the nearby stores and used the machines myself for a few minutes to check their effectiveness
  3. Thirdly, I made a list of top features a good rowing machine must have and allocated points to every machine on the basis of that list.

All the above mentioned steps helped me to find to top 6 rowing machines that are best.Your Food Is My Poison

I was also aware of the fact that needs and requirements of every person are different from the other. For instance, I need quality in everything I purchase; there are a large number of people who check durability or pricing. I divided all these 6 machines in to different categories keeping this thing in my mind.

Important Note

I am neither a seller of rowing machines nor am a professional rowing machine reviews writer. The content present on this website is true in all respects and it is the result of 30 days of my research. I am sharing this content on internet just to save other people from fraudulent cases and to provide them authentic information about rowing machines.

Rowing machine is a common workout equipment many people like to exercise with because of its many benefits. However, the quality, effectiveness and functionality are different by the designs and brands of the product. In case you are finding one, it is not a problem. That is the topic of research our team has done, and we have listed 12 best rowing machines for sale as the suggestions you can consider. Each of these are amazing for the quality while they are very much affordable to buy. With any one of these, you will enjoy your exercise time badly.

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Top 12 Best Rated Rowing Machines Comparison

*Results Are Based On Amazon.com Indoor & Outdoor Rowing Machines Consumer Reports & Reviews*


Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

This Concept2 rowing machine is an indoor design that comes with PM. This rowing machine additionally allows full body workout very well with little impact and noise.

Another good feature is the performance monitor. It can record and allow you to compare your exercise data rightly. On other hand, the arm is highly and conveniently adjustable. For the frame, it is 5 year warranted.

Stamina Air Rower

Fashionably designed for effective exercise, Stamina Air Rower is one of the amazing quality rowing machines, recognized well for its quality and durability. It is wind resistant, and it is built in with a performance monitor which could perform multiple function.

Speed, distance, and time will be shown there. In addition to the comfortable seat, smooth sliding will also be experienced. It is foldable and can be easily stored. For the frame, it comes with the 5 year warrant while it is 90 days for the parts.

Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine

Designed with free motion arms, this is the Stamina 1215 model. It is a very interesting rowing machine which has got the attention of the users. Also, the tension control of this design could be adjusted to the level you are comfortable with.

Even amazing, one built-in button on the machine can be used all to monitor the distance, time, and count. Moreover, it has a comfortable padded seat you can sit on for a long time without feeling disturbing.

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

As a very well designed machine, this product was made in a high quality with brilliant construction for effectiveness of your workout. It is priced high, and it has many special features in addition to its long durability.

Perfect for indoor use, it has a performance monitor 5 which by this, you can monitor and see all the setups and data like speed, and distance. For the seat, it is made 20 inch while a footrest has additionally been incorporated.

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor

As shown through the picture above, this is a very unique rowing machine. Designed with the monitor to show data, this rowing machine is doubtlessly a good brilliant functional exercise equipment.

Differently, this machine has been handcrafted with additionally flywheel. The tank and water design ensures smooth resistance without much noise. Workout data such as rate and intensity can be conveniently monitored, at the same time.

LifeSpan Fitness RW1000 Rowing Machine

This next product to recommend is the LifeSpan Fitness Rowing Machine that comes along with the best smooth driving system. For the durability, it has a solid frame which is resistance to weight and time, and it works well for up to users with 300 pounds.

For the frame, it is warranted for 5 years. Lastly, the machine can easily be assembled in case you would like to buy one home.

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower

The next model is Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower. This model is designed with Drum Magnetic Control system. This allows smart resistance to enable a good exercise for users. While the tension is designed for electronic control, it has a molded saddle, best for space saving.

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Specially, this rowing machine is equipped with the heart rate monitor machine to allow you to keep track of the rate conveniently. Importantly, by just seeing the picture of this, you can tell it has a premium design with premium quality.

Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower

This is another nicely designed rover which has a few unique features to check out. First of all, this rower has had a monitor to show up the distance, speed and other information about your exercise.

Moreover, the comfortable padded seat slides smoothly during your rowing while the resistance will burn a lot of your calories for a healthier life. When not in use, the machine can be folded and wheel is very much portable.

Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine

At this affordable price, Kettler Favorit Rowing Machine has something special for you. Firstly, it is the premium design as you could see in this machine set. However, what that is more important is it could allow you to have a healthy exercise at home to keep in shape.

And, for the quality and long-lasting use, you can rely on this. It will do the work for you well. At the same time, the design includes a small computerizing monitor to record and show your data such as time, speed, and stroke.

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor

Handcrafted for premium quality, this is the WaterRower machine. Attached with S4 monitor, the rowing machine has extremely good quality and durability. For the resistance creation, it uses the flywheel.

The tank and its system allows very smooth ride running silently. To record the intensity, stroke rate, heart rate, and more, the S4 monitor will do the work well. Uniquely, the frame of this rowing machine is a solid ash oak construction, not the metal. This construction could absorb the vibration very well.

Kettler Kadett Outrigger Style Rower Rowing Machine

Running out of stock often, this Kettler Kadett rowing machine is extremely popular. By having this one at home, it could keep you in shape right if working out with it regularly.

After having experience with this, you will know this is a different rowing machine to the rest you have tried. It has good resistance, and it runs silently for your ride. Just like the rest rowing machines for sale in the list, it comes with a monitor to record and show your data.

HCI Fitness Sprint Outrigger Scull Rowing Machine

The last rowing machine for good exercise use is the HCI Fitness product. With good reasonable price, this HCI Fitness rowing machine has both a good quality as well as smooth ride and strong resistance to create a good workout equipment at home.

Again for the resistance, it has 12 levels you can select based on your need. For storage, you can quickly fold the machine and place it aside conveniently. Like any other, an LCD display is integrated to show data about speed, time and distance.


Buyer’s Guide


rowing machines buying guideWhen I started gathering information about the rowing machine then I came to know that it is not just a machine but a new world as there were so many technicalities which I was myself unaware of previously. I just like most of the people thought of rowing machine as an ordinary machine just like other exercise machine which helps us in losing weight as my main concern was weight lose but I came to know that it is much more than that. Following are some of the benefits you can enjoy after regular use of rowing machine.

  • It provides full body activity
  • It increases your stamina and strength
  • It helps you in losing weight
  • It decreases the chances of heart attack
  • It keeps you healthy
  • It provides muscle toning
  • It helps you in reducing stress
  • It offers an efficient calorie burning machinist
  • It has lower risk of any injury compared to other machines
  • It is easy to use
  • It makes your body flexible
  • It is equally effective for people of all ages and all fitness levels
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What to look for in a rowing machine

So now you’ve decided to buy a rowing machine but you are swamped with too many choices! Ultimate what you buy will depend on your needs.

Here are 10 key questions which should get you cracking on the right direction:

  • 1) Have you tried rowing machines before?

Ideally, before you buy the machine, you should try it for several minutes to check the smoothness of the rowing motion and the seat’s comfortability.

If you have been using it at a gymnasium, ask yourself whether you want a similar model.

  • 2) How often will you use the rowing machine? Casual or serious rowing?

If you are not going to use it very often, your best bet would be a foldable rower (e.g. hydraulic machine)

If you are not going to use it that often, a lower-priced machine should last you a good number of years even if it’s mediocre

  • 3) Do you have constrained space?

If yes, you’ll be looking for a compact/ foldable rowing machine (e.g. hydraulic machine). Also remember, the noise generated if you’re in a confined space of walls. To appease your neighbours, the magnetic rowing machine is a good option for silent rowing

  • 4) Don’t forget to check the weight limit for the rowing machines!

This is a common mistake! Remember to check the safe weight limit before buying the model that you want. If not, even the warranty given will be invalidated.

  • 5) Where to put the rowing machine?

Check if you have room with good ventilation to maximize your work-out sessions. Some rowers like to multitask with music/TV or radio

  • 6) Easy adjustability of rowing machine?

If somebody else apart from you will use it, look out for the adjustments for the seat and foot pads.

  • 7) Do you need a workout monitor?

The monitor/ computer is usually an extra feature which could add much more to the price. It’s good if you’re serious for training as you can keep track of your progress from the computed distance covered, time spent and stroke rate.

  • 8) Does the rowing machine have different levels of resistance?

Most rowing machines have this feature but it would be good to double check. Regardless of what level you’re at, you are bound to improve. Want something hardcore? Air resistance and air/ magnetic rowing machines offer good total workout.

  • 9) How much can you afford to pay?

Rowing machines are usually expensive. Balance whether you will gain more from buying the best rowing machine or paying for the gym membership (e.g. hydraulic rowers, while lower priced, are generally for infrequent rowers)

  • 10) If not, should you buy second hand?

Still want to row seriously but can’t afford it? Before you scoot off to your nearest second-hand shop, check for excessive usage (e.g. loud noise when rowing, seats and food pads)

Normally, second hand machines will be in better condition from private user than from a gym as the level of usage differs to a large extent.

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