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Best Router Table Reviews

Best Router TableWhen you are using a router machine for cutting, you will need to have a flexible platform. The best router table is the perfect source where you can work easily for cutting different shapes in a comfortable way.

You will always have a good work place in the table along with mounting places. Moreover, some of the tables come with cutting area along with other things that you need for wood cutting projects.

This is quite important to understand the importance’s of router table and know the best models to purchase. You may become confused when you want to buy the best router table.

Therefore, we will provide you the benchtop router table reviews in the market that you can go through and purchase the suitable model for you!


Top 5 Best Router Table of 2017 Comparison

*Results Are Based On Amazon.com Router Tables Consumer Reports & Reviews*


Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table

This is one of the greatest router tables with benchtop and perfect for a variety of routers. This is a portable option along with easy to clean up because of a great design. The feather boards of the table are adjustable along with a large work surface. The router is portable along with efficient dual outlet switch. A 6 foot power cord is in the table that will power the router in order to work in a flexible position. The MDF face plates and router table indicate the professions level and durability of the table.

Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

If you want to cut precisely every wood, the edge-banded MDP top will give you the right way to work. The design is very professional that give a stable way to work along with no vibration and noise. In addition, the aluminum fence gives the right way to collect dust of your work. The thick Phenolic insert plate is a great addition to the router table. The vertical jointer will give an easy way to work with you with adjustable stand height. Therefore, this is really an efficient table to work as long as you want to make unique furniture.

Bench Dog 40-001 ProTop Contractor Benchtop Router Table

Do you want to buy really an impressive router table for your work experience? Then, this model can give you a great and large surface to work properly. This is an award winning bench dog router table because of its work area, different design and dual position pro fence style. Don’t worry about the router quality and workspace because they are enough good. The twin steel rails of the table will give you good support when you need during the work. Moreover, the 15 inches height is quite enough to feel comfortable while working.

Bosch RA1171 Benchtop Router Cabinet-Style Table

This is a stable woodworking machine that comes with easy compatible option with the routers. The cabinet style design of the table makes it very efficient and easy to handle for any type of work. In addition, the tall aluminum fence will give you a good way to collect the materials and work properly. Don’t worry about cleaning the router table because this will always give you a perfect way to collect dust. Moreover, assembly the parts of the router table is very easy for any person with its perfect features that make it perfect for professional users.

SKIL RAS900 Router Table

This is an exclusive and last router table in our recommendation because of its good support to the woodworking interested people. The accessory storage container of the table will give you an easy way to keep the things in well organized way. Moreover, the quick clamp system along with two feather boards ensures good space for accurate cutting chance. Don’t worry about the edged cutting and guiding support because this is really supportive to work. There is no need to leveling because the design and base plate is perfect for work!

Buyer’s Guide


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Choosing The Best Router TableHaving a good router table is a great advantage to the people who have interest on woodworking field. Moreover, this will provide you the best way to deal with the hardest problem to make new furniture.
The benefits of having the router table are-

  • A router table will provide you perfect design and measurement to make good furniture. Therefore, this will give you an easy chance to weight and measure the wooden parts in order to make a good furniture or wood item.
  • The table is very efficient to work. This is not important fact for both professional and newbie because this will always provide you the accurate and quick information. As a result, you will have a great deal of experience with accurate measurement for making anything you want.
  • The router table is a lightweight structure that you can easily move to any other place for work. Moreover, this is the way to take the important equipment for woodworking in a fix place with properly organized way.

These are the benefits that you will get if you purchase a good and affordable router table for your home.

How to Choose The Best Router Table

There are many good and efficient router tables in the market that you can purchase. However, this is really hard to find the top table for your woodworking. Therefore, we have made the easy to purchase the table easy for you!

Just consider the following important aspects if you want to buy the top rated router table for the money. The router table will provide you the best experience when you have the best model that suits you.

  • A Table with a Flat and Solid Work Surface
    This is really important to have a flat surface in order to work properly. If the table surface is not flat enough, you will never get a good way to work. Moreover, skewed joints will also become a problem for working specially results in inaccurate cuts.
    MDF is a good thing that provides a flat and solid top in order to work. Moreover, the surface is very strong and low cost to give the best and scratch resistant top layer experience. Phenolic resin top is another material that is little bit expensive but provide a tough place to work properly. This does not retain moisture and provide a good impact with durability.
  • A Router with a Flat and Rigid Base Plate
    You should try to buy the quality router that is attached in the base of the table. This is really important to have a flat and rigid router in order to get a good woodworking experience. The base plate should be made of aluminum or solid Phenolic that will make it special and supportive.The type of base plate always has a good or bad impact on the quality. For that reason, you will need to know the right type in order to get a good type and brand. Moreover, the holes will also affect the part in order to get a leveling system to have a secure plate.
  • Easy to Set Fence
    There is always a function of fence that will provide you the chance to get a good position. Therefore, you should focus on the straight and locked fence to get good way to work. In this case, you will get split type and one piece fence to work properly in a solid structure.
  • Good Strength Base
    To get good support, the base of the router table should be enough strong. In this case, some bases come with attached function and some comes with different styles. The base should be strong and fixed on the placement in order to have an accurate cut. Most of the cabinet base offers different types and styles of design. In this case, you should choose the steel frames for router accessories.
  • Easy Clean Up
    The table design should be proper with some holes that connected to the vacuum. As a result, this will easily collect the dust of the table and give you easy clean up. However, the maintenance way is really giving you a good advantage because this will help you to reduce stress of cleaning after work.
  • Read Reviews before Making a Final Decision
    There are many online websites where you will find the best router table with customers rating and review. Therefore, you can read couple of reviews of the tables in order to make a certain decision. The reviews of the customers will give you a good idea about the models.
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These are the things that you will need to consider to picking the best rated router table in order to work properly.


Having the best router table is really an advantage to add your life. This will bring much advantage to your life in order to make your life more reliable and interesting. When you have the top best router table in home or working station, you can easily make the best furniture. Moreover, this will add another experience to your professional life of making new designs of furniture very easily. Therefore, you can make a try with the best table for router making for having differences wood-cutting experience.

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