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Best Ripstik Caster Boards

Ripstik Caster BoardIt’s a skateboard, only different. Skateboards have been around since were were kids, and we loved them. In the natural evolution of products those old toys get enhanced, and even improved. That’s what the Ripstik Caster board is all about. The traditional old board has been replaced with something new, innovative and fun.

The way the Ripstik works is that each foot now moves independently. The result is motion with less effort on the part of the rider. Moving the feet alternatively and back and forth moves the rider along faster. And unlike the traditional skateboard, each end of this board is different. With the Ripstik Caster board you will only move in the direction of the nose end. It’s also different in that the faster you go, the more stable you will be, and the more control you will have.

Before we go any farther we should point out that this toy, like the traditional skateboard, can be dangerous. Naturally the more daring you are the more dangerous it is. We always recommend wearing protective gear such as padding at, at the very least, a helmet. Anything less would be foolhardy, even for an expert.

That being said, there are a few different styles and models of Ripstik to choose from. We’ll show you where to get them below but first let’s look at a few details. The first is the Air Pro. This one is built for flying and is top of the line for those who like to get airborne. The Air Pro is very lightweight and designed as a single piece unit giving it some unique capabilities. A self centering caster spring helps make landings more solid.

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If grinding is your thing you’ll want the G Model Ripstik Caster Board. It’s extra smooth while riding the rails. If you’ve ever wondered what surfing on dry land would be like, this is it. Just twist and go. The twisting motion pushed you forward. The G-tube is aircraft grade aluminum. It also has a pivoting deck and inclined caster trunks.

Much like the G, the Limited Model and the Classic Model give the same feel of surfing or snowboarding on dry land. Both have 360-degree inclined casters and the pivot allows you to move without having to push on the ground like you would on a traditional skateboard.

The Ripster has the same feel as the above two, but it is more compact. Call it a smaller version of the Classic Model which is great for those that might have a narrower stance. It’s also great for anyone wanting to do more tricks because of the shorter wheelbase and lightweight design.

Finally, there is a more unique version. This model is a traditional Ripstik and inline skates rolled into one unit. All you have to do is remove the bar to make the transformation. This flexibility makes this particular Ripstik great for those wanting to constantly try new things. The concave shape of the deck allows for more foot control on the part of the rider.

No matter what model you choose, there are a variety of colors to select from. Try any of the models of the Ripstik Caster Board and there are plenty of thrills to be had that simply can’t be experienced on a traditional skateboard. Just be sure to be safe.You can buy a Ripstik Caster board at a great price by shopping Amazon.

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Top 5 Best Ripstik Caster Boards


- $50.99
RipStik Caster Board (Blue)
1127 Reviews
RipStik Caster Board (Blue)
  • Groundbreaking caster board that acts like a skateboard/snowboard hybrid
  • Pivoting deck and 360-degree caster trucks enable snowboard-like carving
  • Spiked traction pads, kick tail and nose, and concave deck design
  • 76mm polyurethane wheels and precision ABEC-5 bearing casters
  • Designed for children 8 years and up; supports up to 220 pounds
Razor Ripstik Ripster Brights - Teal and Pink
19 Reviews
Razor Ripstik Ripster Brights - Teal and Pink
  • Razor Ripstik Ripster Brights - Teal and Pink
Razor Ripstik Ripster Brights - Red and Blue
14 Reviews
Razor Ripstik Ripster Brights - Red and Blue
  • Razor Ripstik Ripster Brights: Red and Blue
  • 27"
  • Office Product
  • Razor
Ripstik Caster Board - Silver
  • Ripstik Caster Board - Silver
Razor Ripstik Limited Edition Caster Board - SERPENT
2 Reviews
Razor Ripstik Limited Edition Caster Board - SERPENT
  • Razor Ripstik Limited Edition Caster Board - SERPENT Snake

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