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Best Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

Best Retirement Gift Ideas for WomenSo, do you have a friend, a relative, or co-worker who is about to undergo retirement? For these people, retirement may cause them a bittersweet feeling; at one point, they may like the fact that retiring from work could give them more time for themselves while there are those who are not quite eager about the idea of reaching this point of their career.

They may feel as though they are less useful than they were years back, and this false concept can lead to sentimentality or even sadness. However, with a nice token of appreciation, you can make these retirees feel more special and very important. You just need to choose the perfect gift that will draw a smile to their face and make them feel loved on this significant milestone in their professional life.

The following are fantastic gift ideas that you can give as a retirement present for women.

A gift basket

This may seem like a common gift that people give for almost any occasion whether it is Christmas or anniversary. However, a gift basket is an amazing idea for a present because it allows you to give a wide range of items that you think the recipient will love. To make the gift more meaningful, think of a theme and use it in designing the basket and choosing the right items that you will put inside it. If you are unsure about what the person wants, you may go ask close friends or relatives of the retiree to help you decide on the things to give. This way, you will not end up spending your money on goods that will not be useful for the person.

Travel suitcase

Retirement is the perfect time for individuals to unwind and explore wonderful places that they have never seen before because of their hectic schedule. Thus, a travel suitcase will surely come in handy as a nice retirement present because you can expect the recipient to bring it along wherever she goes for that most-awaited trip. If you think a suitcase is so expensive, though, then a nice toiletry pouch will do just fine. Make sure you choose the right color and size that the recipient will love.

Inspirational books

Everyone needs some inspiration once in a while, and what better way to provide a retiree with relatable words of wisdom than by giving her an inspirational book. It may be something about spirituality, a poetry book, or a self-help book that delves on topics that is relevant to whatever she is going through. With a great book, she will feel have something worth reading while on a plane trip, in a vacation, or maybe just in bed before trying to go to sleep. For ideas on the perfect book to give a retiree, you may ask her friends for her current reading list, or just check out the best-selling list of books and learn about the common age group of those who read these selections.

CD with calming music

Music has that amazing power to calm and soothe one’s tired mind and body. In fact, you may have experienced music’s magic to touch your heart, relieve all worries and loosen up your anxieties. With this in mind, a nice CD of soothing and chill music is an excellent gift for a retiree. This is the right item that will not only make them feel relaxed, but soothing music can also help unleash their creativity. For this gift, you may choose to buy instrumental CDs, jazz, or hits by the greatest classical composers of all time.

DVDs of classic films

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, most people just enjoy staying at home and watching reruns of their favourite shows. So, this leads us to another excellent retirement gift idea for women, which is a collection of DVD. This gift item may be a bit tricky to purchase since you need to be 100 percent sure that that the films will appeal to the recipient. Make sure you ask around for ideas instead of buying just about any DVD you can immediately spot in the mall. It could be a DVD starring her favourite Hollywood stars, or an award-wining film during her younger years.


Lovely and elegant scarves help brighten up your wardrobe or serve us a protection from a rather chilly weather. So, this item is a fantastic gift that you may want to give because not only is it chic, but functional, as well. You may go for basic colors to some design that is bolder and more exciting. Just make it a point to buy a scarf made of a good material since the material does wonders to the overall appearance. You should also opt for a scarf that is comfortable, so look for those made of smoother materials that you will love.

Spa or salon gift certificate

She may act as though she does not need any self-pampering or “me day”, but you cannot deny the fact that being taken care of is an amazing thing. So, what better way to make her feel special and well-pampered than giving her a gift certificate to a fine salon or spa nearby that is known to provide excellent services. This will surely give her something to look forward to at the end of the day, which is a relaxing massage, a total hair makeover, or any spa service that will be worth her time.

Digital camera

Does she adore taking photos of everyone and admiring every images she was able to capture using your camera? If so, then a nice digital camera will make an excellent gift for her. It’s something that will feed her sentimental self and treasure every moment in her life. However, make sure you choose a user-friendly camera with basic yet functional features. This way, she will not find it difficult to use the device whenever or wherever she wants.

A scrapbook

For every sentimental person at heart, an endearing scrapbook that contains heart-warming photos and messages from her loved ones will surely make a superb retirement gift item. This will be something that she will love to flip through everyday, particularly when she feels rather down or lonely about leaving work. What’s more, a scrapbook is a cost-effective gift item that is loaded with depth and meaning – essential traits of the finest present for retirees.

Ticket to a great vacation destination

Has she always been dreaming of going to the beach, or spending a night or two at her favourite hotel in the city? Then, surprise her with a ticket for two to an amazing vacation destination that will give her a spectacular experience to remember forever. A great trip is something that will not only offer her a relaxing time, but it can encourage her to take a few other trips in the future to give her a new perspective in life.

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