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Best Remote Meat Thermometers Reviews

best-remote-meat-thermometersAnyone who has ever grilled meat knows of that moment when you try to stick a thermometer into the meat and hold it there long enough to get a reading without singeing your hand in the process.

It used to be a test of manhood that you could do it, but now, remote meat thermometers have thankfully solved the problem. You just stick the probe into the meat beforehand, and take your reading from a safe distance.

Here are the best remote meat thermometers available:

Taylor Dual Probe Thermometer

This probe can measure temperatures ranging from 16 to 302 Farenheit. It has two probes, so you can measure two dishes at once. It allows you to preset meat temperatures and also comes with a timer feature.

It is made of stainless steel and is easy to keep clean. It works on barbecues as well as food on the stove or in the oven.

Polder Digital Remote Thermometer

The Polder Digital Meat Thermometer can measure temperatures from 32 to 392F. It allows you to preset tempratures as well as time. The probe is 43 inches long, and it comes with a pan clip and two rear wall magnets.

It is powered by a single AAA battery (included) and they also include a USDA food temperature cooking chart.

The Kintrex Non-Contact Laser Thermometer

The Kintrex Laser Thermometer (model number IRT0421) is an infrared thermometer that you just point, press the measure button and read. This means you can use this for electrical and automotive diagnostics as well as for establishing surface cooking temperatures (note that for temperatures inside meat you need a probe thermometer).

It comes with two AAA batteries in the box and has a 2 year warranty. The box also includes a padded nylon carry case and instructions on how to use it.

Getting Food Temperatures Right

To be safe when cooking meats, please see the following USDA minimum cooking temperature chart for an indication as to how hot the food needs to be to kill bacteria present.

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