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Best Remote Control Cars Reviews

Top 10 Remote Control CarsRemote control cars have always been a fascination for children, both boys and girls.

To cater to their whims and fancies, there are now many companies manufacturing different designs and makes of these rc cars.

So if you looking for the right car to buy for your child or as a gift, here is a compilation of the top 10 remote control car reviews for you to go through.


Nintendo Radio Chaontrol Kart With Mario

This is not actually a remote control car, but a remote control kart which gives you all the excitement of kart racing. The set comes with batteries and a controller for you to plug and play for fun with its 1/24th scale Mario. This is the best gift for any Nintendo super Mario fan and is recommended for children aged 8 and older.

Barbie R/C Convertible Vehicle

Barbie has all the luxuries in life ranging from a Dream house in Malibu to the perfect boyfriend and now has her own remote control convertible. The convertible is appropriately painted pink with sparkly accents and decals and moves forward and backward. This two-seater convertible is powered by 4 AA batteries and a pink handheld remote that runs on 2 AAA batteries. Of course, the dolls don’t come with the package.

Mini RC Kart Rider

This mini RC kart is really stunning to look at, and is of very high quality. It takes about 5 minutes to charge directly from the remote control and on a full charge, you can play with it for about 8 minutes. The remote is effective for a distance of 25 to 30 meters to move the car backwards, forwards, left and right. You can choose between green, yellow, red and blue karts.

Kid Galaxy Morphibians Rover Remote Control Car

This is a remote control car that can drive through various terrains like gravel, dirt, grass, payment and even water because of its tires’ deep grooves. The car’s design and details resemble a mighty alligator and its long range remote control provides kids aged 5 and up great entertainment in both land and water. The front end of the car evokes an alligator’s mouth to give this best remote control car for kids a unique personality with its tinted windows, gas-tank detailing and four-wheel drive. Kids love operating this car as its handset has a great range and ergonomic handles that are comfortable to hold. Its two joysticks offer greater control, quick turns and better driving. However the Gator should be driven only in calm and non-saltwater environments under adult supervision. After play, the best electric rc cars should be drained of excess water and towel dried.

Angry Birds Air Swimmers Turbo – Flying Remote Control Balloon Toy

The Air Swimmers technology used in this car brings the magic of Angry Birds to life. This technology makes the toy glide through the air and even fly for an hour on a single charge. The toy requires 4 AA batteries and helium for flying. All you have to do is fill the balloon with helium and as its body is made from a high quality and durable material, it remains inflated for weeks to be refilled as required.

Maisto R/C 1967 Ford Mustang

Maisto famous for manufacturing highly detailed die-cast models introduces its first line of luxury RC vehicles in its Maisto Pro Rodz RC Series built on a scale of 1:24. The details of this car is so difficult to describe, you feel like keeping it in its packaging. Of course, this is of no use as it is only if you take it for a ride can you make your neighbour’s remote control cars look like it’s come from a thrift store. These best rc cars are meant for both novice and advanced RC enthusiasts and also make a perfect collector’s item.

Kid Galaxy RC Bump ‘n Chuck Bumper Cars

These futuristic bumper best remote control cars from Kid Galaxy have a sleek and aerodynamic design that adds intensity to its races. Each driver sits in a color-coded car with a black full-body suit, gloves, shoes and an orange or blue helmet. The remote controllers have different levers where the left side controls the car’s movement and the right side, the movement of working fans on the car’s back. The joysticks are rather sensitive which is why players have strong control over the car’s direction and agility. Each car has two orange or blue buttons on either side which players try to bump each other’s buttons to send the drivers flying from the seats.

Kid Galaxy Morphibians Shark

This toy from Kid Galaxy is not an animal, 4×4 or speed boat; it is a Morphibian which zips over the water and land. This radio control amphibious creature can travel anywhere with its 4×4 turf digging tires for land use while its paddle wheel treads help it travel through water.

Maisto R/C Rock Crawler

This Rock Crawler from Maisto is an off-road radio control best remote control truck with two motors, low gearing and articulated suspensions which provides awesome rugged off-road action. The car is 12.5 inches long and has both front and rear suspension. Its’ tri-channel transmitter lets three people simultaneously play their other Maisto rado control vehicles.

Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter

This mini RTF RC helicopter boasts of the latest advancements in helicopter technology called GYRO. This GYRO technology ensures there is no more crashing or replacing of parts and makes it easy to fly and manoeuvre this RC helicopter. This is the perfect helicopter for people of all skill levels and comes with a coaxial rotor, single rear rotor for précised movement and GYRO for increased stability when flying and hovering. Its metal body makes the helicopter strong but light weight so there’s no worry if you land a bit too rough. The helicopter can move forward, left, right backward, up, down and even hover.

The main feature of this helicopter is its gyroscope that automatically stabilizes to let you focus on flying and not just avoid crashes. As there’s no assembly required, the helicopter is ready to run with 6 AA batteries in the transmitter/charger which is so small it fits the palm of your hand.

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