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Best Push Lawn Mowers Reviews

Best Push Lawn MowersWith spring on its heels and summer quickly approaching, now is the right time to invest in a great lawn mower. Whether you plan on entertaining guests with outdoor barbecues, or creating a nice environment for the kids to play in, proper lawn maintenance takes a fair amount of work.

Minimize that work by finding the best and most efficient tool for your budget. Of note, electric push mowers offer two main advantages compared to gas mowers. First, they don’t require you to buy any fuel refills. And secondly, they are more environmentally responsible, as they do not create any harmful emissions.

The majority of best push lawn mowers on this list are electric, however there are also hand reel mowers as an alternative option. Since they don’t need electricity or gas to power it, it is cost-effective for smaller yards. Cordless electric mowers will be more concerned with their battery. Average battery run-time, measured in minutes, is important to determine how efficiently it works for larger yards.

How long it takes to recharge is a key factor as well. Having multiple blade height positions is useful for different types of grass, and the overall size will determine its cutting width. The total weight and intuitive handling both contribute to its design. Below are listed the top 10 push lawn mower reviews to make the choosing process easier.

GreenWorks 25022

Powered with a 12 amp electric motor, this best selling manual push mower from GreenWorks is powerful and efficient. It features a 20 inch cutting deck that helps get the job done with less work. It features a 3-in-1 option for grass clippings, with either rear bagging, side discharge or mulching functions. It comes with 7 position adjustments between 1 1/2 inches and 3 3/4 inches, for a great cut on any type of grass. The wide 10 inch rear wheels and 7 inch front wheels makes it easy to maneuver around.

Black & Decker MTE912

This compact and affordable commercial walk behind mower comes with versatile features that help make your life easy. It is electric powered, with a decent quality 6.5 amp motor. It features an automatic feed system to ensure that you will be able to work continuously without any bumps. It comes with a gear drive transmission to prevent it from slowing down over time. The best feature though, is its 3-in-1 functionality, allowing you to trim, edge and mow all with the same tool.

GreenWorks 25302

For homeowners that are serious about lawn maintenance, this push lawn mower is an excellent addition to any tool shed. It uses a 40 volt lithium ion battery system that is compatible with multiple GreenWorks yard tools. The 20 inch cutting deck gives it a solid balance of cutting capacity and maneuverability. This makes it perfect for mid-sized yards. It features an impressive Smart Cut technology that adjusts its power consumption depending on the thickness of the grass. The dual blades delivers a higher quality cut, mulching and bagging options.

American Lawn Mower Hand Reel Mower

If you’re on a tight budget or just simply want a simple push reel lawn mower for small areas, you have to check out this model. It is a unique hand-reel model that is great for most turf-style grasses. It provides a clean and precise cut, and the steel alloy construction is slight and easy to wield. It features a 14 inch cutting width, and only weighs 19 pounds, making it very easy to handle for all types of consumers.

GreenWorks 25142

If you’re not interested in blowing your budget on a massive push lawn mower, but still want high quality performance, look no further than this specific model from GreenWorks. It features a 10 amp electric motor, and a durable 16 inch cutting deck. This medium sized deck makes it ideal for smaller to middle sized yards, but it certainly isn’t a slouch for larger yards too. It comes with mulching and rear discharge capabilities, and 5 position adjustment settings.

Worx WG782

This midrange, medium sized push lawn mower is a great choice for homeowners looking for a moderately priced upgrade to their tool shed. It features an adjustable mowing height between 1.8 and 3.3 inches, with a 14 inch cutting width. The special mulching blade chops clippings much better than other standard blades. It comes with the three standard discharge settings, and simple push-button starting. Its best feature is its IntelliCut technology, which adds torque if you are cutting through grass with tougher textures.

Black & Decker CM1836

If you’re looking to upgrade to a super-powered, high-end push lawn mower, check out this model from Black & Decker. This cordless electric model features a built-in 36 volt battery, allowing it to start quickly and quietly. Its size and efficiency makes it suited best for lawns up to 1/3 acre in size. It is Energy Star certified and produces zero harmful emissions. With a single touch, you can quickly change the height on all of the wheels at the same time. It weighs 64 lbs and features a cutting deck size of 18&Prime for more heavy duty work.

Black & Decker MTC220

With its 3-in-1 functionality and compact design, this push lawn mower is a great choice if versatility and size are your main concerns. It can easily convert from a mower, to trimmer, or edger. It comes with an automatic feed system, so you don’t have to worry about constant stopping. The power drive transmission prevents long-term wear. The adjustable height deck allows you to adjust the cutting height, and the pivoting handle makes it surprisingly easy to handle.

Black & Decker SPCM1936

This high-end electric push lawn mower is an excellent option if you have the budget for it. It delivers the power to be able to cut lawns up to 1/3 acres in size. It contains a unique self-propelled system, that makes mowing much easier, despite this mowers hefty size. The system features variable speeds that you can adjust based on your ideal pace. It comes included with a 36 volt battery that can be removed to recharge. Don’t hassle with pullstring starts, as this model comes with a simple start push button.

Fiskars Staysharp

This is another push reel mower option that is excellent for small to medium sized mowing tasks. Its patented InertiaDrive system makes it 60% easier to push compared to other reel mowers. It uses your initial push to continue its motion, making it less laborious to operate. It also delivers twice as much cutting power compared to other standard reel mowers. The StaySharp system uses high-end blades that don’t require any constant maintenance or sharpening.



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