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Best Propane Camp Stove Reviews

best-propane-camp-stoveIf you’re car camping and you’re looking for the best propane camp stove, it’s hard to decide when presented with all the available options.

If you’re like me you’re probably looking for something that’s portable, reliable, and will be guaranteed to work properly during your entire outdoor experience.

Coleman excels at producing exceptional propane camping stoves but there are a few others that you should consider before making your purchase.

Here are 5 different options you should consider when looking to buy your first, or backup, propane camp stove.

Camp Chef Camping Outdoor Oven With 2 Burner Camping Stove

When it comes to cooking an incredible meal outdoors there is no stove that can match the capabilities that this one offers. Not only does it come with a propane powered 7,500 range but also, believe it or not, a decent sized oven. You can cook your appetizers on top while enjoying the benefits of an oven that can reach up to 400 degrees.

From muffins to casseroles, this outdoor oven can cook almost everything you can imagine. At only 35lbs it’s not that heavy to bring along if you’re car camping and it rests sturdily on any flat surface. It can be powered by a 1lb can of propane and will run on high heat for over 5 hours ensuring that you can cook whatever your heart desires without running out of fuel.

There are 2 racks in the oven and it comes with a built-in thermometer as well. Not only is this perfect for families enjoying a weekend at their local state park, but it can also be added to an emergency preparation kit or used as a backup stove if the power goes out. The Camp Chef Camping Outdoor Oven is truly one of a kind.

Coleman Two-Burner Propane Stove

It should be no surprise that a Coleman propane stove makes it on this list. Coleman is known for their quality and reliability when it comes to all camping products and this stove will not let you down. While I wrote a previous review about it here it definitely deserves to be mentioned on this list. This stove comes with 2-adjustable burners that provide 10,000 BTUs each.

It also comes with the special WindBlock system that shields the burners and cooking utensils to block the wind and the PerfectFlow system that ensures the stove will keep burning in all types of weather. The 2 burners can be used to make anything that comes in a pot or pan and will burn over an hour when they are set on high. If you’re hunting, camping, tailgating, or doing any activity where it would be nice to have a lightweight and portable camping stove than this is the ideal choice.

Many people have been using this specific stove for years and it even gets passed down through generations – yes, it’s that reliable. When it comes to Coleman you can always count on the efficiency and reliability that they’re known to provide.

Camp Chef Explorer 2-Burner Stove

The Camp Chef Explorer 2-Burner Stove is an amazing outdoor appliance with incredible cooking capabilities. Reliable and sturdy, this is yet another device that would be perfect to bring along if you’re car camping or doing anything else in the outdoors where it’s not a hassle to carry this along. It comes with a 3-sided windscreen that offers great protection from the elements and ensures that the wind doesn’t affect your cooking.

The burners are made of cast aluminum and boast an incredible 30,000 BTU of cooking power each – totaling 60,000 BTU. While this propane camping stove weighs 42lbs, it’s well worth it knowing you can cook outdoors almost everything you can cook at home. If you’re looking for an outdoor stove that’s reliable, sturdy, and can stand up to the rigors of camping and outdoor activity than this one is a great choice.

Coleman PerfectFlow InstaStart Grill Stove

Another Coleman propane stove, the PerfectFlow InstaStart Grill Stove is highly recommended for camping. You can read a detailed review I wrote about it here. It is a powerful outdoor cooking device that comes equipped with 2 10,000 BTU burners and Coleman’s own PerfectFlow InstaStart system.

The one stove grate is made of nickel-chrome so you know it’s going to be sturdy and hard to damage while cooking and the other is a die-cast aluminum grill grate which means you can grill your burgers and chicken wings on it while warming up some soup. The propane pressure is easily regulated and you will enjoy consistent cooking while operating it.

There is a removable tray so you can get rid of the grease without any hassle and the InstaStart technology makes it very easy to get it running. For the amateur camper and outdoor enthusiast alike, this is yet another beautiful stove by Coleman.

Stansport High Output Propane Stove with Piezo Igniter

This is truly an propane camp stove masterpiece. Designed and built by Stansport, this stove comes in a variety of colors and boasts a unique design. It comes with a built-in Piezo Igniter, which means you can easily start it without matches or a lighter and it’s quite compact at only 18 inches in total length. If you’re camping at high altitudes than this one is perfect because it is equipped with a high altitude pressure regulator and a stainless steel drip pan for simple cleanup.

With the 2 12,000 BTU burners you can make any gourmet meal you like and be able to enjoy it without having to clean a mess or lug a heavy stove around. It’s portable, reliable, and uses the standard propane cylinder. For such a small stove it’s hard to believe the output it produces. This is a great choice for those worried about weight or who want something that can be completely relied on in any situation.

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