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Best Productivity Clocks And Timers Reviews

Best Productivity Clocks And TimersInternet it´s fantastic. Yo have all that you need in just a few clicks. Youcan ckeck your bank account, book your holidays, see what your friends ar doing or simply listen your favourite songs. But what happen when you work through internet? Attention in your activities and tasks can become really complicated. There are too many distractions in Internet that can send you to the other corner of the world, and as you know when you work from home or you work for yourself, each minute is money. That´s the reason why productivity clocks and timers exists.

Productivity clocks and timers allows you to control and check your time in front of the computer. There are other programs that analyze each windows you have open in your computer and gives you a final resume and statistics about where your time on your computer has gone, but we will talk of them in another rank. Productivity clocks and timers, works as a virtual agenda where you introduce your tasks and the time each one should take you with alarms, reminders or emails.

Here you have the Top 5 productivity clocks and timers

1-Grindstone 2

This is one of the simpliest productivity clocks and timers, and it is free.. You set up your tasks, the time they should take and when you are ready the timer starts. It is always on the front, and when you finish the next task prompt ready to start. You can set up scheduled tasks and it has diferent reminders.


Pomodairo is a small tool that helps you apply the Pomodoro technique to improve productivity at work.

The Pomodoro technique is based on chunks of 25 minutes, which you devote to a specific task. Once you complete the task, you take a small 5-minute break. And when you complete four tasks in a row, you take a longer break.

3-Multi Timer

Multi-Timer is designed to meet the requirements of even the most demanding users, in a private, professional or scientific environment. They can be configured to run in Stop Watch, Count Down and Alarm Clock mode (daily or on a specific weekday or date). The program features an integrated, sorable and printable timer list with Excel export capability that shows start time, stop time, elapsed time and percentage of time run. Timers can be paused and resumed later, even after a program or computer shutdown. The timers can be controlled single or in groups over the table (list) context menu. Display (colors can be changed) shows days, hours, minutes, seconds and (optional) 1/10 seconds.

4-Time Sheet

TimeSheet is a handy tool to automatically record the time you spend on different tasks.

As a time recording tool, TimeSheet will keep track of the exact amount of hours you spend on each task and each project. In that way, not only will you have more exact data when you need to create reports or generate invoices, but you won’t lose money again for those extra hours you work but are never included in the bill.

TimeSheet is based on a very simple principle: the program lets you associate each application you run with a specific project and calculates the time you spend using this app. The association between application and project is done automatically, with TimeSheet displaying a desktop alert every time you run an app for the first time. Once your work day is over, or when you’re done with your project, you can easily check the total amount of time you devoted to it in TimeSheet’s reports – and export the data to Excel.

5-Alarm Master Plus

Alarm Master Plus is a multifunctional personal organizer including alarm clock, scheduler, timer and calendar. The program supports skins. Alarm Master Plus is the same as Alarm Master but it additional supports a lot of media formats (WAV, MP3, MPG, AVI and many other), text to speech function and astrological zodiac calendar.

The alarm clock can remind you about important events by playing your favorite music, showing and talking a notification message, opening a document, or starting the program you like. Alarm clock mode allows to set alarm for the current day or any forthcoming date. Number of alarms is almost unlimited.

Besides, there are special templates for setting the daily, weekly, monthly or single day alarms for certain time. This feature allows you to organize your schedule of course attending, schedule of monthly bill payments, calendar of birthdays, etc.

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