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Best Portable Band Saw Reviews

best-portable-band-sawThe best portable band saw may be the small hand tool that each handyman must have for expert hobby or work. The distinction between this portable device and the stationary noticed is with a transportable saw you get the noticed to the work site rather than the other way around.

These little band saws were created for cutting metallic and wood mainly. Portable saws are flexible hand tools which are trimming curves, cross trimming, beveling, ripping or cutting through the thick material such as for example thick metallic or lumber tube.

If you want a portable found to cut materials apart from wood, such as metallic tube or bar with different thickness, you should think about an electric band found with strong motor.

Portable band saws ‘re normally used for cutting when you may also find band saws horizontally, portable still, with the stands which are using clamp attachments for much better stability and easy workpiece cutting. Stand keeps the band noticed in the vertical placement; it includes the table, and can be used as an ongoing work surface.

Top 3 Best Rated Band Saws Comparison

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DEWALT DWM120K 10 Amp 5-Inch Heavy Cut Portable Band Found Kit

This band noticed is run by an industry-best 10 amp motor having a design with managed power to be able to withstand any jobsite software. Furthermore, the 5-in . deep cut capability of the band saw is fantastic for industrial make use of and is fitted to any round or even rectangular share such as tubular metal. Furthermore, this tool includes impressive hardware, like a serviceable metal shroud and rubber bumpers which enhance durability and invite the guards to endure jobsite make use of without getting damaged.

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Utilize this band saw securely at night as it posseses an LED sight lighting which allows an individual to see cut ranges despite low visibility problems. The band noticed also includes a hang hook in order that it could be hung without harming leading deal with of the band noticed. Finally, the velocity of the band noticed can be adjusted utilizing the variable velocity dial so the user could work with specific components and employ various programs.

This band saw carried out very well, meeting and also exceeding users’ expectations. It accurately cuts quickly and. The gentle was a welcome inclusion as the saw occasionally blocks clear eyesight from the very best and right side. This transportable band saw performed nicely overall, cutting several different forms of stock effectively. Several users obtained faulty or defective items, but they were isolated cases and don’t detract from the entire satisfaction generated by usage of this product.

Milwaukee 6238-20 AC/DC Deep Cut Portable Band Saw

The powerful 11 amp motor in this band saw not merely offers maximum performance, but ensures durability aswell. Also, the all-metal direct drive implies that the metal band saw is built and should have an extended shelf life solidly. This band saw carries a gear-safeguarding clutch and a tool-free of charge locking adjustable footwear for simplicity and accessibility.

With a big cutting capacity of 5x5inches, it really is capable to cutting plenty of stock at anybody time.
According to customers, this band saw is easy to use relatively. It is effective with a variety of materials also, from metallic to plastic. Users say it is effective and produces clear and accurate cuts. There have been no serious users and complaints expect that it’ll last them quite a long time.

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Dewalt DW328 Portable Band Saw

Unlike the aforementioned portable band noticed, the motor in this band noticed is 6amp, but is non-etheless in a position to withstand jobsite applications. The budget band saw includes a 4 deep cut capacity for either round or rectangular stock ¾. Moreover, the double bearing blade manual rollers serve to improve durability in the blade assistance program of the band noticed. Meanwhile, the speed handle knob allows an individual to improve the blade speed in accordance with specific applications.

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Because the band saw posseses an AC/DC change, it can be used in combination with either alternating or immediate current, as the blade monitoring adjustment increases the sturdiness of the blade.
The small band saw produced clear cuts across a variety of materials. It had been user-friendly, for amateurs even.

It had been also light enough to utilize, though not light concerning appear flimsy. Furthermore, users were delighted that it was included with variable speeds because the speed could possibly be adjusted based on the nature of these work. Again, there have been no major disadvantages to this product.

Buyer’s Guide

Band saw blades

Band saw bladesBand saw blades have become important components for efficient, long and reliable lasting cutting.

Most of the lightweight bandsaws are employing the same size blade, which is near 45&Prime, and similar trimming capacities, which is 4-1/2&Prime usually.

The blade ought to be strong enough for cutting various materials, an easy task to adjust and small enough never to obstruct the view of the cutline, therefore, allowing the complete cutting.

When choosing a lightweight band saw or just the blade, rule of thumb would be to choose the coarsest (less TPI; tooth per in .) for faster trimming and widest blade for right cut in thick share; narrow blades can slice detailed designs and limited curves, but it depends upon the material you’re cutting.

For thin components and cleaner slice, you need to use fine-tooth blades. It is very important know never to use an excessive amount of force because the band noticed will reduce slower and finally the blade will snap.

In line with the material you’re cutting, wood, steel channel… you need to pick the appropriate blade to obtain a quiet and clean cut, spark free and resilient.


The best handheld band saw includes a variable-speed blade or multiple speed setting to optimize cutting for various kinds of materials, hardness and size.

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If your transportable band saw has several speed settings or is really a variable unit, always choose the proper speed prior to making the cut. For instance: use increased speeds for components such as aluminium, cast iron, brass, copper; and lower velocity for plastic material pipes, stainless, tough steels, and components which are hard to cut.

Power source

Some lightweight band saws are electric battery operated, they use batteries around 28 volts; there are electrically powered saws with 6 or 6 also.5 amp motors, connected to the typical electrical outlet with the charged power cords. There is absolutely no setup, transportable bandsaws will be ready to use from the box, can be used and moved anywhere.


Using a handheld band saw, in comparison with the stationary noticed, is quite safe. Both of one’s hands are usually on the band noticed; one will be on the handle and on / off switch while the other at the top handle or knob; workpiece should be safely clamped to the bench while presenting the noticed to the workpiece.

Other features

Additional features are important also, such as for example built-in work gentle to light the trim area, light weight so that you can move it around, or ergonomic handle for comfy cutting.

Portable bandsaw isn’t capable of cutting bigger pieces, but is handy for tighter spots and created for smaller projects mainly. Also, they are compact and lightweight, cordless models remain 14 lb while band saws with both choices (battery and cord) remain 24 lb.


Portable band saws may be the tactile hand tool needed in every workshop. Either you regularly are using it, or you will need it occasionally. Band saws are durable and powerful hand equipment used for metal, plastic or solid wood cutting that may deal any working job in just a matter of seconds, with the fantastic accuracy and speed. You can purchase a portable found with the electric cord and plug it in to the standard store or cordless to create the energy to the work site.

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