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Best Petstages Pet Toys Reviews

best-petstages-pet-toysPetstages cat toys and Petstages puppy toys are a great way to keep one’s furry friends entertained.

The Petstages chew toys are perfect for puppies who are teething.

The following 10 Petstages toys are among the best toys for any dog.


PetZu Mother’s Comfort Heartbeat Pet Pillow, Chocolate/White

The Petstages Heartbeat Pillow is is the perfect toy for soothing any puppy. They love to sleep on this pillow because when they lay on it they will hear a heartbeat that sounds so realistic they will think they are laying next to their mother or father. This pillow can also helo calm puppies down when their owners are trying to train them to be housebroken. Once the pillow has been heated in the microwave it provides a warm surface for any dog to sleep on comfortably. The pillow has an on/off switch and is machine washable.

Petstages Puppy Cuddle Pal

The Petstages Puppy Cuddle Pal is also a pet friendly pillow that can be heated briefly in the microwave. In addition, the pillow is stuffed with buckwheat, making it very comfortable for pets.

Petstages Cozy Calming Mat

The Petstages Cozy Calming Mat is a colorful pet pillow that can be warmed up to keep pets toasty on a cold winter night or day. Tassles at each corner of the pillow give puppies and kittens something to play with as well.

Petstages Just For Fun No Stuffing Plush LiL Squeak Monkey Dog Toy for Small Dogs

The Petstages Just For Fun No Stuffing Plush Lil Squeak for Small Dogs is a uniquely designed pet toy with no stuffing. It has many different textures to it, making it intriguing to dogs and fun for them to play with anytime. This toy is recommended for smaller breeds of dogs only.

Petstages Soft Toss Ring

The Petstages Soft Toss Ring is a great toy for puppies. With its bright colors and large size puppies can easily pick this toy up and play with it. The flags hanging off the ring itself contain a sound element that mimicks the crinkling of paper, something dogs and even cats love.

Petstages Just For Fun No Stuffing Plush Big Squeak Gator for Large Dogs

The Petstages Just For Fun No Stuffing Plush Big Squeak Gator for Large Dogs is very easy for larger breeds of dogs to carry around in their mouths. Like its counterpart for small dogs it contains multiple textures to keep pets interested in playing with it for hours at a time.

Petstages Tons of Tails Cat Toy

The Petstages Tons Of Tails Cat Toy consists of fabric streamers, ribbons and ropes that are perfect for cats of any age or size to play with. The streamers flop around, making the toy even more fun for both kittens and full grown cats. It is lightweight enought that cats can easily carry it around, chase it or bat at it.

Petstages Kitty Cuddle Pal Cat Toy

The Petstages Kitty Cuddle Pal Cat Toy is a cozy and soft toy that felines love to play with. It comes with a plush shell that can go into any washing machine and it is the perfect pillow for cats to cuddle and sleep on. The internal buckwheat packet can be heated up in the microwave to provide cats and kittens with a warm toy to sleep on. This toy is also very good at soothing an upset cat whether they are a kitten, elderly or somewhere in the middle.

Petstages Dogwood Stick Large

The Petstages Dogwood Stick is a fake stick that is a great toy for a dog to play fetch with. They can safely chew on it without getting sick or damaging their teeth. Since 30% of each stick is real wood each stick is very durable. The Dogwood stick chew toy is non-toxic and the real wood in the stick is guaranteed not to splinter. The use of real wood in the toy means that it smells like real wood, so most dogs won’t even know the difference between this toy stick and a real wooden stick. This toy is best suited for larger breeds of dogs.

Petstages ORKA Dental Links Blue Dog Chewing Toy

The Petstages Okra Dental Links Blue Dog Chewing Toy is made with OKRA, which means this toy is very safe for dogs to chew on. There are several textures used in this toy to massage any dog’s gum and clean their teeth. The floppy feel of this toy makes it comfortable and easy to throw as well as easy for dogs to retrieve. The loops included in the toy are a great way to help dogs exercise their jaws. Even the rope in the toy is designed to keep a dog’s teeth clean and their gums from becoming infected.

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