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Best Perfumes for Women

Top 10 Best Perfumes for WomenWomen are noted for putting a lot of makeup and wearing a nice fragrance. It is the very nature of the ladies and they enjoy donning such an aura. A girl with proper perfume can induce more lady flavor in her talks and in her walks. It is a popular saying that a good perfume makes a woman out of a girl.

Perfumes are a very good option when it comes to the first date plan. A girl wearing good fragrance is always appreciated by her counterparts. Perfumes are capable of boosting the confidence of the ladies and they can walk in swagger while sprinkling the beauty of her fragrance.

Top 10 Best Perfumes for Women

Black XS

Black XS is undoubtedly one of the best perfumes for women. It has been manufactured by a popular perfume maker, Paco Rabbane. This company is known for making elegant perfumes and with the Black XS edition, the manufacturer has not disappointed a single person. Black XS has a sweet fragrance that grows stronger with time and it is enough to draw men close to the girl wearing this perfume.

Tommy Girl

Tommy Girl is a perfume that has been manufactured by Tommy Hilfiger. This fragrance represents the free spirit of summer and this is how it was promoted at the launch events. It has a fruity scent with elegant overtone that sets it apart in the market. It is soothe for the nostrils and you can sense the flavors of grapefruit, lemon and other fruits. It is one of the best perfumes for women to wear in the summer time.

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Malachite is the product of the label “Banana Republic”. The name of the perfume indicates to cold and refreshing fragrance. Malachite was promoted heavily at its launch and people thought it might not be able to deliver what it is worth of. However, Malachite was a success in the market and made way into the women’s wardrobes in less than a month.  It has nice musk and vanilla flavor that is usually equated to the personality of the women.

Fendi Palazzo

The brand Fendi is very popular for making great fragrances and it has not disappointed this time too with its fragrance “Fendi Palazzo”. It smells like orange blossom and jasmine. The woody fragrance of sandalwood is also very dominant in the perfume and it calls for amazement to say the least. You can feel the Mediterranean flavors in the perfume.

Missoni Acqua

It has been manufactured by Missoni which is a great fragrance label in the market. It’s from the range of Trudi Loren perfumes. The hint of grapefruit and melon fragrance creates a great mix and it is soothe for the nostrils. It has been made with oceanic herbs and the citrus juices which is a perfect combination to walk in swagger at the beach.


This perfume has been developed by none other than Mark Jacobs. It is one of the best perfumes for women in the market. It was launched in the year 2007 and since then, it has remained at one of the top spots. The fruity fragrance attracts people around the ladies. It suits the very nature of women which is delicate and cheeky.

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A product by Calvin Klein, Euphoria was launched in the year 2005 and it has never turned old since then. For a young sexy free spirited woman, this perfume can do wonders. The making of the perfume took a long time and the work done on it was commendable. Euphoria remains to be the most favored fragrance in the market.

Million by Paco Rabanne

Million by Paco Rabanna had been launched recently and it has been popularized in the industry in a very little time. It has a very sweet and lady like fragrance. The bottle of the perfume is well designed and looks like a gold plated case.


This perfume is the mastermind Of Alfred Sung.  It was launched way back in 2000 and people still prefer it for the outings. For so many years on the trot, Shi has remained to be one of the best perfumes for women. The fragrance of Shi is very relaxed and it appeals to all the age groups of women.

Gucci by Gucci

It is a legendary perfume and needs no introduction. Since its launch in the year 2005, Gucci has remained to be one of the favored fragrances in the market. The promotion of this perfume has been done by a lot of celebs and it delivers what is expected from the brand.

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