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Best Otis and Claude Pet Toys Reviews

best-otis-and-claude-pet-toysOtis and Claude dog toys are made with natural, non-toxic materials that your dog will love to chew and play with.

They do not only make products for dogs though, check out the Otis and Claude cat tree.

The Otis and Claude climb tower in warm colors reviews great with indoor pet lovers as well as the Otis Claude climb tower in cool colors.

For quality pet products, Otis and Claude have proven to be a go to resource.

Otis and Claude Bumble Ball

This ball will drive your pet ballistic! It is not for larger dogs and is not made to be a chew toy, but it will tease your small to medium dog as long as you let it. Running three double A batteries it wiggles, jumps, and behaves unpredictably so Fido is entertained and happy. This set comes in a pack of three, so give one to your friends pets too! You will want to share the fun once you see your pets reaction.

Otis Claude Ballistic Buddy Dog Toy Disc (8&Prime)

Otis and Claude have been making dog toys with quality materials for a very long time. Dogs love their products. This fetch disk is great for long play sessions, and it will last and last because of the safe high quality materials.

Otis Claude CritterZ Stuffing Free Fox (23&Prime)

This cute little fox is made of faux fur and is so soft and snuggly. It is a great Otis Claude sleep aid for dogs who do not want to be lonely. It also is ideal for tug of war and hide the toy games. There are squeakers sewn in to activate your dog’s curiosity. Despite it’s fuzzy softness, there is no stuffing to fall out and pose a choking hazard.

Otis Claude Ballistic Buddy Dog Toy with Rope (8&Prime)

Train your pup with this sturdy toy to fetch and retrieve or just entertain him with a game of tug of war. This hardy toy has a squeaker built in to reward the dog when he bites down. It is made with the same durable fabric that high end luggage is made from so it should last and last even through the most playful of pups.

Jed Ball Sassy Lassie (Red/Blue) LARGE

Hardy enough to allow for quiet play time (for small breeds or puppies), yet soft enough to serve as a snuggle toy this Sassy Lassie toy is versatile and will likely become a fast favorite. It is made of tennis ball type materials and plays like a ball, if you bounce it the shape will make it respond erratically and drive your dog crazy with anticipation!

Rita Fetch & Treat – Feisty Fuchsia (Pink)

Train your pet to fetch by rewarding them with a treat inside the ball when they retrieve it. This hardy, non-toxic rubber will float in water so you will not lose it at the river or beach. It is ideal for both interactive play and quite chew time.

Otis Claude CritterZ Stuffing Free Rabbit (18&Prime)

This pink fluffy bunny is perfect for your sweet puppy who loves to play and play, then collapse into her bed. It is stuffing free so it does not pose a choking hazard. You can play tug and toss games and it will not fall apart. When it gets dingy from play time just toss it in the wash with her bed.

Floyd Fetch Toy See Spot Run (Purple/Cream) – Large

Just one look at this toy and you know that even the largest dogs with the most bite force will be able to play and chew on it without causing damage. It is sturdy and made for rough playing and chewing. It is light weight and will float on water. Although it is tough enough for large breeds it should not be used as a quite time chew toy. It is designed to hold up to tossing and tug of war games.

Bettie Fetch Toy Slobber And Spice (Orange) – Large

This rubber and plastic fetch toy is hollow so you can stuff treats inside and shaped in way to make interesting bounces when tossed. The high endurance, non toxic rubber feels great on Fido’s gums and you may have trouble getting it back once he retrieves it!

Otis Claude Dog Toy Gift Set

If you cannot choose just one toy for your pet, this gift set comes with four favorite Otis and Claude toys to provide hours and hours of play time and chew relief. Changing out toys often reduces the risk of germs and stimulates your pup with each new choice and activity.

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