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Best Office Dustbins Reviews

best-office-dustbinsAn office dustbin will help to keep your office tidy and clean.

When you have one near your desk, it will also save you a lot of time from having to get up and down throughout the day to throw something away.

It may not be the first office supply you think of, but it is just as important as the rest because it will help your productivity when you are working in a clean environment and you are not constantly getting up and down.

There are plenty of choices on the market for these dustbins, of course, so we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best office dustbins reviews below so you can quickly find one you like.

Leather Dustbin 2.6 Gallon by Bynn

This office dustbin is durable and was made to last for several years. It is constructed of leather, which prevents any spilling and also comes with a leather sleeve that is removable to lower any unpleasant smells in the office. This dustbin is light and thing and is a great choice for the office, home or bathroom. It is 12.5 inches tall and can easily be placed under your desk.

Round Brushed Stainless Steel Step Trash by Estilo

This classic round can is compact in size, making it perfect for small spaces such as in a bathroom, under a desk or in an office. It has a durable stainless steel construction with a steel pedal and the inner bucket is removable to make disposing of your trash fast and easy. The high quality brushed stainless steel construction resists rust and finger prints and the pedal is very strong. The base of this can has non-skid rubber pads and is gentle on floors.

32 Gallon Brute Heavy-Duty Trash Can by Rubbermaid Commercial Products

This heavy-duty trash can is injection-molded and it has a rim which is reinforced for more strength, a double-ribbed base for stability and built-in non-slip handles so multiple trash can scan be nesting without jamming when being stored. This can has a high resistance to cracks, dents, and ultraviolet rays due to the linear low-density polyethylene. This can be used either indoors or outdoors.

Steel Silhouette Trash Can by Rubbermaid Commercial

This round trash can is made of quality materials which will last for many years and comes with a top that is removable, so it is very easy to access the inside of the container, making it very easy to dispose of the waste and to clean up the can. Other features of this trash can include a leak-resistant, rigid liner which lowers any unpleasant odors to just about zero.

Ranger 35 Gallon Trash Can by Rubbermaid Commercial

If you need a trashcan which can store a lot, this Ranger from Rubbermaid is a great choice. It is constructed of HDPE, making it durable, strong and resistant to moisture and some particular chemicals. Other features include a hinged top which flips open so you can easily get rid of the waste. It is a great dustbin for people who are always on the go and busy, and it has a 35 gallon capacity which makes it great for parties and other events.

Blue Medium Deskside Recycling Container by Rubbermaid Commercial

This recycling container can be used in systems that have existing office accessories and containers, and put next to regular wastebaskets. It shows the universal recycling symbol in contrasting white. When it is put it next to regular wastebaskets, these containers from Rubbermaid makes it simple to separate the waste paper from the recyclable. It contains post-consumer recycled resin that exceeds EPA guidelines and is made in the USA.

Space-Saving Container by Rubbermaid Commercial

If you need a dustbin that is rather small, than this is an excellent choice. It is very affordable and it made to save space. It comes with clear polycarbonate that you can see through easily. It is suitable for storing tissues, paper, etc. and is very versatile, being able to be used for several purposes. You can even use it to store food or fruit if you need. It is dishwasher safe and resistant to temperatures ranging from -40 to 212 degrees F.

Brute Rollout 50 Gallon Container by Rubbermaid Commercial Products

This is a highly sought after product and is well worth the money. If you need to pick up waste from various locations, this container is a great choice, as it comes with rubber wheels that make it simple to transport from one place to the next. It comes with an attached hinged lid as well, which lowers any unpleasant smells and it is of very high quality and sold at a price that is reasonable.

Brute Heavy-Duty Roller 50 Gallon Waste Container by Rubbermaid Commercial Products

This 50 gallon trash bin has a very high consumer rating, suggesting that it is of very good quality. The size is great for any office and the container itself weighs just 21.8 pounds, so it is light enough for one person to move it around. It includes a molded-in foot tilter that makes this dustbin simple to transport, even when it is full to capacity. It also has reinforced lift points so loads are distributed evenly to make sure the bin remains stable.

17 Gallon UltraHD Commercial Stainless Steel Trash Bin by Seville Classics

This is an innovatively designed stainless steel trash bin that is perfect for using in your kitchen, garage, office, warehouse, man cave or workspace. It is made of durable, high-quality stainless steel and has a durable and removable resin top. It has a large, 17 gallon capacity and is conveniently mobile due to the heavy-duty rolling wheels, two of them locking. Optional leveling and adjustable feet are also included, making this a must have trash bin.


Office trash bins are an important part of any office space to keep everything tidy and neat. Look over the list above to find just the right one that will suit the space you work in.

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