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Best Natural Toys For Birds Reviews

best-natural-toys-for-birdsThere are some incredible natural bird toys available in today’s market.

When you want something exciting to add to your birdcage, and keep your bird entertained, you want to look for natural toys so that they are safe for your bird.

Especially if you make your own bird toys, you want to use natural materials so that if anything is ingested, it will not harm your bird.

There are a few top toys available that should be considered so that your bird is happy and healthy.


Rope Ladder

When you are looking for bird toys for sale, the rope ladder is a must. Your bird will love running back and forth across the ladder as well as being able to chew on it. It will sway back and forth under their weight and provide some fun challenges. It is also safe. If they choose to know on it for hours on end – though it will mean that you will need to purchase and other ladder.

Coco Hideaway

While you can make your own bird toys, this Hideaway is made from eco-friendly materials – and all of the work is done for you. Your bird will love hiding out inside of the coconut and there is a natural ladder that can connect to the side of the cage. This can be just what your bird needs in order to encourage some playtime.

Galactic Crunch

You don’t need to know how to make bird toys when you can purchase your own. This type of toy is colorful and will stimulate the senses of your bird.

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It can provide exercise as well as playtime and will ensure that your bird never gets bored.

Peacock Sr.

Peacock Sr is called such because there are multiple colors that are stacked together to provide a very colorful bird toy. The destructible toy helps to satisfy your bird’s natural instinct to two. These are ideal for larger birds such as African grays, Amazons, mini macaws, as well as small cockatoos.

Activity Wall

The activity wall may look like one of the homemade bird toys, but it can be the ideal toy for Conyers, Quakers, and even ring next.

Plastic c-rings will help it attached to the cage. It provides mental and physical stimulation for your pet bird.

Bird Kabob Chew Toy

This bird kabob is one of the best discount bird toys and has been rated very highly. It allows your bird something colorful to chew on and looks just like a kabob that you might create on the grill. The bright colors can also help to provide some visual stimulation. There are various models of the kabob that you can choose from to ensure that it is just the right size for your bird.

Pete the Parrot

Pete could end up becoming the best friend of your bird. This Mexican parrot is actually a piñata and will be great as a way of entertaining your bird for hours on end. The parrot stands 8 inches high, and it can be filled with toys and treats for your bird – creating some extra effort in order to get what it wants the most.

The Wave

When it comes to bird toys wholesale, this wave to light can be a lot of fun for smaller birds such as cockatiels and parakeets. It will stimulate your bird and encouraged a lot of playtime. There are beads, mirrors, and a bell within the toy and it is multicolored for additional stimulation.

Foraging Sphere

The foraging sphere is something that you can use to introduce treats to your bird. It provides the extra effort that your birds need in order to stay healthy. When you are looking for natural bird toys, this is definitely one that you should consider. As for the treats that you fill it with, it is completely up to you and the type of bird that you have.

Beakasarus Bird Toy

This 7 inch toy looks like a monster and that is why it is called the Beakasarus. It can provide hours of entertainment for your bird and will satisfy the destructible nature where birds like to chew. It can connect to the inside of the birdcage with ease and it is made of bird safe materials, so you never have to worry about anything that your bird may ingest. It is ideal for Amazons, cockatoos, and other large birds.

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