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Best Muscle Supplements for Beginners Reviews

Best Muscle Supplements for BeginnersMost often, beginners wonder or are even confused about which is the best fat burner or what sort of workout supplements they must consume. There are several best pre workout supplements that work in different ways. The best way to make the decision is with the help of a good health practitioner or health trainer, as every person has a body with a different composition and health conditions, which is why certain ingredients in certain supplements may not suit them all.

Top 5 Best Supplements for Beginners

1. Protein Supplements: Irrespective of whether a person is a beginner or not, protein is one of the main sources of bodybuilding. Most of the best fat burner supplements and best pre workout supplements focus on ingredients that build protein and essential amino acids in the body.

It is an established truth that extra protein intake is a must during resistance training workouts, as they contribute greatly to the muscle size and muscle strength. As a beginner, the main focus would be to shed fat and build muscles.

Though most of the essential proteins can be acquired through diets like animal sources, they cannot be consumed several times a day, as they contain a huge amount of fat and take time to digest. Thus, protein workout supplements are ideal for beginners to get the right amount of protein without gaining extra fat from their diet. Some of the protein supplements that beginners could benefit from include:

  • Casein protein
  • Whey protein
  • Plant protein
  • Egg protein
  • Soy protein

2. Creatine Supplements: Creatine is a naturally occurring nitrogenous acid that provides energy to the muscle cells as well as other cells of the body. Creatine forms the main ingredient of some of the best pre workout supplements that boost muscle recovery.

Creatine is certainly the best for beginners who get into high intensity workouts, as it boosts physical energy, mental alertness, and focus, which is extremely important for a beginner to keep the motivation levels high. Moreover, as a beginner, some individuals might experience pains in the bones or joints, which can be taken care of with some of the best workout supplements.

3. BCAA or Branched Chain Amino Acids: These are one of the best fat burner supplements that enhance muscle growth subsequent to fat burning, which is why they are highly essential for beginners. BCAAs comprise of the three essential amino acids that are normally not produced by the body but replaced from outside dietary sources or through supplements.

The three amino acids are Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. Each of these has its own features that work towards weight loss and muscle building. Some of the best pre workoutsupplements and workout supplements exclusively focus on BCAAs. These boost energy, reduce fatigue, increase endurance and help the user to enjoy peak performance.

4. Glutamine Supplements: Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid, which is naturally produced in the human body. It forms a significant part of the skeletal muscles. To simply put, around 60% of the total glutamine in the body is present in the skeletal muscles and the remaining 40% is distributed among liver, lungs, and stomach.

Glutamine promotes muscle recovery and has bone and joint healing features. It prevents decrease in muscle protein and is responsible for the transportation of nitrogen around the body during workouts. It is important to note here that your body should have the right balance of glutamine levels and nitrogen.

5. Testosterone Supplements: Testosterone is an essential hormone found in different proportions in women and men. It is the main hormone that differentiates normal people from the elite athletes, and also causes difference in the muscular structure between women and men. Most often, athletes and sportsmen prefer workout supplements that have testosterone in them. Such supplements prove to be the best for beginners as well, as they can help them build stamina and muscles.

Testosterone supplements also help greatly in muscle recovery and fat loss, which is the main goal that most beginners strive to achieve. Though even women bodybuilders can consume such supplements, it is recommended that even the best pre workout supplements be taken only after consulting a physician. This is because if testosterone level shoots up in women, they would tend to develop undesired changes in the body such as hair growth, voice change etc.


There are plenty of other essential supplements such as fish oil, which supports joint health and cognitive functions; green tea that encourages weight loss and boosts endurance; green coffee bean extract that boosts mental focus and endurance, etc. Nevertheless, workout supplements, best pre workout supplements, and best fat burner supplements have to be consumed only under the supervision of a health practitioner, as each of them are designed for specific workouts and target specific functionalities in the body. A good health practitioner would understand individual body composition of the beginner and recommend the best fat burner or workout supplements that would suit his/her body.


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