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Best Mountain Bikes Under 1500 Dollars Reviews

best-mountain-bikes-under-1500-dollarsExcept getting a cup of coffee, reading a book, are you thinking about having a mountain bike for traveling? On the one hand, it can help you save an amount of transportation fee when you are going somewhere by bike.On the other hand, taking a bike is the environment friendly lifestyle. So why not consider to purchase one mountain bike for yourself?

There seems to be a kind of best mountain bikes under 1500 dollars.Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Mountain Bike, which is made by Diamondback Bicycles.

When you take a mountain bike into account, such as the price is under 1500 dollars, you may want to acquaintance some facts.And hoping that I could offer valuable suggestion as follow.

Comparison chart:Best Mountain Bikes Under 1500 Dollars

Even if the price of the best mountain bikes under 1500 dollars is not very expensive, it always a cost of daily life.Just as we have talked about purchasing facts before, for instance, cost, performance, solid and so on.The chart is updating all the time, we also could analyze the mountain bikes’ s product details.

Tips for choosing the best Mountain Bikes Under 1500 Dollars

The cost

Most of complex full suspension mountain bikes would demand high prices.It is no doubt that some expensive mountain bikes are designed scientifically, and provide lots of functions.However, everyone’s expectation is different. We need to find out our own requirements. After understanding what you matter, you just choose the most suitable one, and the cost would be more reasonable.

The performance

When we try on one mountain bike, its performance can not be ignored.The performance includes breaking, trail tires, frame, suspension or others.Each of us concern about various performance points.

The size

When looking at the mountain bikes, we might have know what our own sizes are.And there exists a range of sizes for all riders could best fit with.We use the guide to choose the right size for ourselves. On the other hand, riding performance, or body shapes vary, so take the guide to fit our character perfectly.

The solid

It may relate to the speed, the chains, the tires, the brake and so on.These are technique data. As for this section, we could learn whether technique data are all meet the provision.

The most popular Mountain Bikes under 1500 Dollars

Diamondback Atroz Comp Mountain Bike – Nashbar Exclusive

Are you looking for one mountain bike that can work at some serious conditions?The Diamondback Atroz Comp 27.5&Prime full suspension mountain bike will be your best choice.It can keep quick work at the hard road conditions and not stop your moving plan.Obviously, if you are looking to challenge, such as taming that tough section of trail, there are no alternatives to Nashbar Exclusive. Beside work or study, trying to do something amazing would make life colorful.Taking a bike, visiting mountain view and breathing fresh air should be the nice weekends or vocations.


  • There is an simply scientific pivot designing, which is the easiest type of rear suspension for that there would be some working parts. And the full suspension frame does with a pressurizing cartridge bearing pivot and is structured around it.
  • Riding with the extreme confidence, you can believe that there’s Tektro Gemini hydraulic disc brakes to supply stopping power in the sorts of weather conditions. Because the full chain guide with roller could make sure the chain keeping perfect conditions in place.
  • A set of Kenda Nevegal X 27.5×2.35&Prime tires rounds out the wheelset, and certainly it serves up an enterprising, all-around tread device for fabulous bite.

Reasons to buy:

  • Diamondback Atroz Comp Mountain Bike – Nashbar Exclusive, has three sizes: Small, Medium, Large. As we talked in the above, we need to find out one mountain bike perfect our fit on the base of our own body shapes , riding performance and so on.One of the three sizes could meet the demands.
  • As one outdoor recreation, Nashbar Exclusive is dual suspension mountain bike making it to varying degrees.

Price analysis

Nashbar Exclusive’ s price is Around $1500, but now you just need to pay about $1200 for one.It means you can save $500, and cheaper than normal charge.

Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Atroz Comp Full Suspension Complete Mountain Bike

There is another mountain bike, full suspension complete mountain bike. Of course, this one under 1500 dollars, too. It is kind of hardtail mountain bike. Hardtail mountain bikes are the choice for many people because of the bike’s handling ability and its lighter weight.


● 2015 Atroz Comp: most of complex full suspension mountain bikes demand high prices over there. But by streamlining its suspension design, the production cost reduced.

● Reliable and affordable performance. You’ll be surprised at what you will handle with four inches of squish. Because a single pivot provides a friendly and handled ride that soaks up bumps with relaxation.

Reasons to buy:

  • The powerful brakes, dependable shifting round out it capable trail bike, plus aggressive trail tires. All would offer you quite unusual experiment.
  • you can enjoy the ride with the peace of mind that it’s built to last, while

the aluminum frame designing is easy, lightweight and much dur

Maybe it is more expensive than previous one. It also show cost-effective. Under $1,500, its price ranges from $1,322.12 to $1,500. You could choose that in the accordance wit


Price analysis

h Inch or Small, Medium, Large. Different sizes will cost differently.

Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Atroz Full Suspension Complete Mountain Bike

In an industry riddled with reformatory technology that now and then gets so “innovative” that it begins with feeling like something less than an improvement. Bringing a popular sense of time-tested moderation to the trail.The 2015 Atroz Full Suspension Complete Mountain Bike combine with a standard single-pivot rear suspension design.


We can see, the color of the Atroz Full Suspension Complete Mountain Bike is black. And there are some data which give a precise definition to the mountain bike.

  • Chain stay protector and bottle mounts are extras.
  • The wheelset is Diamondback SL-7, which seems to be some high configurations.
  • The size, we talk of the tire size here, perfectly is the 27.5 x 2.35 mm.

Price analysis

In the same way, it is the cheapest one while all the three of mountain bikes are charged under $1,500. But it does not stand for low quality. To deal with the next level of trails, I believe that the Diamondback Atroz may be a nice choice for you.

My recommendation: the best mountain bike under 1500

At the first time I was in touch with these mountain bikes, I hoped all of them were mine. Because they show excellent appearance, performance and great value. The best mountain bikes cost under $1,500 entirely. But I am not sure whether I shall in love with biking. Perhaps I might choose the third one. After all, it is a try for me. However, the other are cost-effective without doubt. Which you like is the best.

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