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Best Military Survival Knife Reviews

Best Military Survival KnifeAre you finding it difficult while picking out the best military survival knife? Then, you are at the right place. Below we have gathered some tips on how to select the best knife and check out the list of top military survival knives there in the market place. Take a quick glimpse on these best survival knife products to ease your shopping.

These survival knives are the better choices there for you compared with your normal knife or any other sort of knives. Keeping this in mind today, we have compiled complete useful information on why there is a need for you to purchase a knife for survival  and which brands are more popular in the market place to order for the top knife.

In a world where crime seems to be the root taken by many people, especially personal attacks; you need all you can get to make sure that you are excellently protected at all times.One of the best self-defense gadgets that can offer you this protection is a survival knife. However, not all these survival knives work greatly, some types are better than the rest. One great type is the military survival knife.

You need to consider a few basic things before settling on the best military survival knife. You need to consider durability, functionality, the design and the blade size.

The best military survival blades are those made from stainless steel or carbon steel, multi-functional and full blade. It must also be easy to handle and sizable to inflict a definite blow to your attacker. Here are the top 10 best military survival knives in the market today.



Top 10 Best Military Survival Knife of 2017 Comparison

*Results Are Based On Amazon.com Military Survival Knife Consumer Reports & Reviews*


Colonial Knife Mark 1 Navy

In the fall of the Second World War, American Sailors saw the need for a knife that was versatile, highly durable and dependable. The colonial Knife Mark 1 Navy was born and it exceeded the expectations of its founders. It is 10 ¼ inches overall length with 5 1/5 inches high carbon steel blade and black anti-reflective finish and USN tang stamp. The handle is made of grooved black metal with integrated pommel and guard and tan leather U.S.N embossed sheath.

Fallkniven Knives 1K F1 Swedish Military Survival Knife

This is another perfect choice when it comes to the top best military survival knives in the market. It presents a simple but very elegant design consisting of 8 1/4&Prime overall length, 3 3/4&Prime laminate VG-10 stainless drop point blade, Thermorun elastomer handle and Black nylon and Zytel belt sheath. It is the knife carried by the Swedish National Defense.

Ontario ASEK-AircrewTM Survival Egress Knife

This amazingly elegant military survival knife presents a sturdy 5-inch carbon steel blade. It has serrated edges with saw teeth on the spine and zinc phosphate finish. The handle is insulated, high strength and made from machined-aluminum. The sheath is flame-retardant nylon. It is the choice of American Army for Air Worrier Equipment systems. This survival/egress knife is worth buying.

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools M37N-CP Seal Pup Knife

This corrosion resistant survival knife is tactical and features partially serrated edges fixed 4.75-inch AUS-8 steel blade that has a clip point shape and a powder coated finish. Its black handle is made of glass-reinforced nylon that will ensure it fits comfortably in your hand. It comes with black nylon sheath as well a belt loop attachment.

Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B Black HRT Boot Knife

Presenting a simple but very beautiful design, Smith and Wesson SWHRT9B Black HRT boot knife is a perfect choice for those in need of the best military survival knives. Its blade is made of coated stainless steel while the handle is made from sturdy black aluminum. The blade features double edged spear point and is housed in leather boot sheath with pocket clip. Overall, this military survival knife is lightweight weighing only 7.7 ounces.

Elite Forces Survival Bowie Knife

Elite Forces Survival Bowie Knife is one of a kind designed to offer you maximum protection. It is easy to handle, dependable and very durable. It blade features black anodized coating that is non-reflective. The military blade is housed in an ABS sheath and the knife comes with Lanyard cord for easy handling. You will definitely love this gadget.

Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife

This 1/2 Serrated high carbon stainless steel drop point blade presents dual-sided thumb stud for easy single-hand opening. Its ergonomic textured rubber grip is designed to reduce slippage and maximize comfort. The military knife also features lock back technology, which blocks the blade securely in place and ensures maximum safety during closing. Other features include nylon sheath, lightweight, mildew resistance and priorities of survival guide.

Mora Knife of Sweden Clipper 840MG Carbon Steel Blade

Made in Sweden, this beautiful dependable and durable knife has all it takes to make it to the list of top 10 best military survival knives. Its blade is made of strong and durable carbon steel while the handle features black checker with green composition trim. The blade is housed in a military green belt sheath.

Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife

This 4.1 inch fixed blade outdoor knife is a good one to consider if you are looking for a military survival knife. The handle is patterned to offer high friction grip and the blade is made from carbon steel, which offers maximum durability and tensile strength. It also comes with plastic sheath with belt clip.

KA-BAR Full Size US Marine Corps Fighting Knife, Straight

This is without a doubt the overall best of all the military knives in our list of the top 10 best military survival knives. It is the most famous fixed blade knife design in the world today thanks to its elegant design, strength and durability and the easiness of handling. KA-BAR US Marine Corps Fighting knife has a Mexican made leather handle with fixed blade made of 1095 Cro-van steel. In terms of size, the blade measures 7 inches and straight.

Military Survival Knife Buying Guide


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Military Survival Knife Buying Guide When you are getting ready and strongly determined to purchase a survival knife then imagine yourself where you are in a dangerous situation during your trip. By chance, you might have got injured during your hunting trip or else sometimes you might have lost during your trip in the forest, then in that situation this survival knife works great. Despite the fact that how you close your survival situation, this survival knife is one of the wonderful and functional tools there for you to get out of that dangerous situation.

It will support you to fight with dangerous situations you may come across during your solo trip. Even though, your knife is sufficient enough to fight with those situations but survival knives have all those features and offer you multiple benefits to battle with dangerous situations.

What exactly is a survival knife and which one is the best?

A survival knife is one of the best tools there for you which you utilize it in the wilderness, camping trip if not when hiking also during backpacking trips.

How important is to purchase the best survival knife?

It is extremely important for anyone to purchase one of the best military survival knife products emerging out in the market place to get extra benefits from the knife.

What kind of features a survival knife must have?

features a survival knifeIt is vital for you to know about what features you will get from a survival knife. After that, you can opt for the survival knife that holds all those features, which you would like to get from the survival knife.

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This is the first feature, which one should think about while purchasing a knife. Most of the people believe that heavy knives work great for them. But, it is important for you to think about the survival knife that has the ability to cut trees still it must not be too heavy. Try to check out for the knife that is one pound in weight as it works perfect for you and goes at ease even when you are using it wilderness purpose. Most of the people prefer to purchase a knife that is less in weight compared with that of a heavy weight knife.


This is the second feature, which one has to consider while ordering for a knife. The tang of the best survival knife is the part of the blade that goes downwards into the handle. The tang as well as the blade is one of the thick pieces of steel. A complete tang that extent all the path to the bottom of the handle is believed to be one of the top military survival knife products among other knives. The complete tang provides you the total knife control. On low-cost knives the blade is simply related to the upper part of the handle also will break off.


This is the third important feature, which a purchaser should check out in a knife before paying. Ensure and check twice whether the survival knife you picked out has good grip while you are holding it as this feature matters a lot while doing a task with it. Bottom will support you to keep it in your hands strongly to the handle. There are several types of materials to select from. Still, you need to choose the one that is easy to hold and comfortably placed in your hand.

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Although sheaths do not affect the performance of the knife, it definitely affects the way you carry it. Some knives are sold with sheaths while others don’t have. Sheaths can be made from variety of materials but the most ideal kind is the one with strap, belt and attachments (lower or lanyard). A perfect sheath is one that allows the knife to be drawn quickly and fits perfectly with it. Leather and nylon are the preferred sheath materials. Some newer models like the Gerber Prodigy have sheaths made out of a combination of materials like nylon and plastic. Surprisingly these sheaths are durable and functional.

Blade Length

Blade length is the fourth feature, which you have to check out in a knife while ordering. The blade length of your survival knife must possess reliable and fair length. It should be powerful enough and should cooperate with you to do any harsh work. Try to check for the blade that is quarter of inch in length as this is the one that might assist you to perform all your tasks. If it has any additional weight, it might be used for chopping and cutting along with other tasks.

Blade material

Blade material is the fifth feature, which you can consider before purchasing. Check out for the material which will make your work quickly within minutes and it must be sharp enough to do all your tasks. Try to check for the high-quality superior steel but not the one that is too hard and tough to operate with the knife. While checking out your edge, search for the angle that you can hold with a decent stone if not steel.

Aesthetics including design

Daily usage survival knives must be usually small and sufficient enough to place properly in a pocket without creating problems for the people to those who are passing or sitting closing by you.

Choose from popular brands and recognized survival knives

popular brands survival knivesThere are several manufacturers who are selling these military survival knife products. Therefore, it is important that purchaser must pick out the survival knife, which is branded and has got positive ratings and reviews on its performance instead of opting for an unbranded knife.

Locking blade or no locking blade

Order for the locking blade survival knife as it provides you security and does all your tasks at ease in no time. Most of them suggest to go for locking blade knives instead of going for a knife that does not contain locking blade feature.

Check out for the kinds of knife locks

There are some of the best military survival knives on the market places where you will find knives with knife locks feature and some of them will come without knife locks feature. Therefore, get detailed information on various knife locks there on the market before purchasing.

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