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Best Mighty Beanz Flip Tracks

Mighty Beanz Flip TrackI had never heard of Mighty Beanz until recently but since out last post was about a Mighty Beanz product we decided we’re on a roll so we’ll stick with is for another post about the Mighty Beanz Flip Track. Mighty Beanz are made in Australia by a company by the name of Moose Enterprises, a strange choice of names because I don’t think they have moose (or is it mooses?) in Australia.  These fun little bean shaped people came to the USA in 2002 and have been popular ever since, so popular it became necessary to invent something to keep them in, and one choice is the Mighty Beanz Flip Track, a folding device in which you can carry your Mighty Beanz without fear of, yes, spilling the Beanz.

A Mighty Beanz looks more like a capsule as each end is flattened, and they are about one inch long – definitely not suitable for small children as they are a choking hazard.  Maybe Moose Enterprises got the idea for Mighty Beanz by looking at Mexican jumping beans, the Australian version doesn’t contain a live insect though, they contain a small ball bearing that moves around inside each capsule or Beanz.

Each Mighty Beanz is a different character, so you can keep like characters in a different Mighty Beanz Flip Track. They are painted to look like animals, human beings (or is that human Beanz?) or even monsters, and each has a number, so collectors can swap duplicates with their friends.

Many cartoon personalities are characterized on these Mighty Beanz, and you could keep all your Simpsons characters in one Mighty Beanz Flip track, have another for your collection of Marvel superheroes and one for your Pokémon characters.  The number one “Rock n’Roll” bean is, of course, Elvis, with a “Tuff Bean” series that includes Hulk Hogan and a Leonard Nimoy “Space Trek” bean.

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Some Mighty Beanz are worth a lot more than others and they are regularly traded on eBay and by avid collectors. They certainly don’t seem to be going the way of Beanie Babies any time soon, remember when some of those were being traded for thousands of dollars?  Now you see them face down in the dirt at yard sales!

Why a Mighty Beanz Flip Track

A Mighty Beanz Flip Track is the perfect place to keep all your valuable ones together, and you can clip it to your pants, wear it around your neck, or keep them safe from damage at the bottom of a bag.

In 2010 Moose Enterprises beefed up their product line with some more in their range of their collectible Mighty Beanz and includes the new series of Mega Beanz, which are quite rare.  These Beanz are shorter and wider than the first kinds of Mighty Beanz – they’re kind of like the Danny Devito of the Beanz world.  They move around completely differently to the original Mighty Beanz series as well – they are “unpredictable.”

If you have a big collection of Mighty Beanz, the Mighty Beanz Flip Track comes in a choice of three colors so you can keep your collections separate without getting them all confused.


Top 5 Best Mighty Beanz Flip Tracks


Mighty Beanz Light Sabre Flip Track Darth
3 Reviews
Mighty Beanz Light Sabre Flip Track Darth
  • Flip, flop and bop your Star Wars themed beanz on this ultra-cool track^Includes: 1Beanz with 1 Licensed Flip Track^^^
  • Toy
  • Mighty Beanz
Mighty Beanz Series 2 -1 Exclusive Bean, 3 Mighty Beanz and Orange Flip Track
  • Mighty Beanz Series 2
  • 1 Exclusive Bean
  • 3 Mighty Beanz
  • 1 Orange Flip Track
  • Toy
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Mighty Beanz Trick Track Original Series with Assorted Bean, Blue Color, Original 2003 Release
  • Includes Blue Trick Track from 2003
  • Includes one random Bean inside package
  • Flip 'Em! Bounce "Em! Make 'Em Jump!
  • Bonus! 10 Awesome Tricks & Fun Games!
  • Collect all three colors (sold separately and subject to availability)

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