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Best Manual & Electric Sewing Machines Reviews

Top 5 Manual & Electric Sewing MachinesThe sewing machine is a device that is used in stitching different materials altogether using a thread. The invention of this came about to minimize the need for manual sewing in creating clothes that we need to wear on a daily basis. When the threading sewing tool was made available to the public, it has drastically increased the efficiency of people who are tasked to produce clothes and other kinds of apparels.

There are two major categories of sewing machines. These are the home machine and the industrial ones. Home models are created mainly for home use. They are usually used to cater the need for small to medium demand for stitching. On the other hand, industrial sewing machines are intended for use in mass producing clothes especially in the ready-to-wear industry. Between the two, the industrial sewing machine is much bigger, faster, and can handle more sewing needs.

Types of Sewing Machines

1. Manual sewing machine – the first it is used to sew fabric into garments are of this type. This type has a rotary wheel which controls the entire way the machine works. Knobs and dials can be found in the machine which allows the user to adjust the tension of the thread or the length and width of the stitch. Manual machines are the cheapest type available in the market. A certain level of expertise is required to ensure the optimum use of this machine.

2. Electronic sewing machine – a major improvement of the manual model is the use of electricity to operate it which produces electronic sewing machine. More useful features where embedded into this machine and industrial ones are preferred to be of this type to be able to sew fabric in large batches. The old knobs and dials where replaced with one-click buttons. Operating one has been made easier with the availability of electronic models.

3. Computerized sewing machine – this is the breakthrough in the industry. Now, automated sewing is possible with the availability of computerized models. Intrinsic designs in embroideries are also possible to create repeatedly with the use of computerized machines. This type is the most expensive among the three. Compared to the other two, this one has more features and stitches offered to the user.

Basic Sewing Machine Stitches

Depending on what clothing needs to be stitched, there is a specific type that is used for it. Here are some of the basic sewing machine stitches used to produce the clothes that we wear every day.

1. Lockstitch – uses a single needle with two threads passing through. This is the most common stitch used in homes and even in commercial industries. The thread forms interlace as one passes from the needle and the other comes from the bobbin driver. This stitch is able to lock itself thus creating the name lockstitch.

2. Overlock – also known as the serger stitch. This is produced with the use of two needles and four threads. Usually, this type of stitch is done in combination with a chainstitch and they are called safety stitch when used together.

3. Chainstitch – produces a chain-like stitch when sewn. The disadvantage of this type of stitch is that it has no ability to lock itself. Therefore, when the locked portion is opened, you can easily rip off the entire stitch.

The choice of stitch will depend on what part of the fabric is being sewn. As a person become more experienced in using the sewing machine, it will be easier to choose which type of stitch to use when sewing.

Brother XL2600i Review

Brother XL2600iThe Brother XL2600i Sewing Machine lives up to the slogan, Sew Advance Sew Affordable. Sewing can be a skill that when you acquire it, you’ll love having and can be very useful as well. If you are just starting out in the world of sewing, you’ll want to make sure that you have a machine that will be easy to use and won’t break the bank if you’re a beginner, but you also want one that you won’t easily outgrow as you advance in skill. After less you spend on a machine, the more FABRIC you can buy! The Brother XL2600I is the best answer for the beginner or the more frugal experienced sewer.

It has features that are uncomplicated to use, but enough features to satisfy even those of us who have been sewing for awhile. This ultra-affordable model will be able delight you for years to come. Two things that tend to frustrate new sewers is threading the machine and loading the bobbin. Because of the way some machines are made, threading a machine isn’t always easy and can become quite frustrating.

Putting the bobbin in some machines can be an exercise in patience as well. With the Brother XL26001 you don’t have to worry about either because it has easy threading and bobbin loading that requires users to only drop in the bobbin to get started. The auto bobbin winding is also a huge plus that any sewer will appreciate and if you’d like to sew on buttons, the machine has an auto-sizer for button holes. The machine is controlled by a foot pedal and has plenty of speed at a light touch so it’ll zip through any stitching.

The machine has 25 stitches built in and all the stitches that the machine is capable of are pictured on the machine for easy reference. On occasion, you’ll need to use different presser feet and this model you’ll receive 5 different presser feet. Whenever you need to change out one of the feet, all that is required is a quick snap on or off without tools. Depending on the type of stitch you’re using, you might need to change the tension of the machine.

If and when this happens, the control dial is operated by simply moving it to the proper tension for the thread you are going to be using. The sewing area offers decent visibility with the use of a standard machine bulb that’s included, but not as good as other higher end led or lcd lit sewing machines. The Brother XL26001 is equipped with a free arm so that you can work best on both small and large projects.

  • The sewing machine’s weight is 13 pounds and has a compact design. You can neatly store it away on your work desk when you’re not using it.
  • It has a built-in handle which makes it easy to carry if necessary.
  • The one-step, auto size buttonholer makes it easy to create uniform button holes if you intend on making a polo shirt or uniforms.
  • The design of the Brother XL2600I Sew Advance will enable you to do minor stitching work on the hem and edges of fabrics with ease and convenience.
  • The Brother Sewing Machine comes with a foot pedal so users can still control the stitching speed while they’re working.
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Features like the needle threader and thread cutter will make any project a breeze to accomplish with little to no effort. Whether you’re making clothes or quilts, crafts or home furnishings, you’ll be able to do the project right with the Brother. All the extra accessories like the screwdriver and needles and more that you get with the machine can be kept neatly together in the storage compartment of the free arm. This model machine also comes backed by a 25 year warranty by Brother so you know you are buying a lasting, well put together device.

Many who bought the Brother XL2600I are novices who wanted to take a stab at sewing. The surely made the right decision when they went for the Brother XL2600I Sew Advance Sew Affordable 25-Stitch Free-Arm Sewing Machine model. It’s intended for use of beginners at sewing and is such a great gift idea for people who need an extra one at home to accomplish minor alterations.

The price, according to the customers is unbeatable. Other companies are unable to produce a model within the same price range with such high-standard performance. According to both newbies and experienced sewers, the Sew Advance has well delivered its goal of making sewing an easy and fun activity.

Some customers however think that there are a couple of flaws with individual components. Some customers complain about the inability of this machine to be flexible in several sewing situations. The Brother XL2600I cannot be adjusted to a desirable foot height when working with thick fabrics and sewing together layers upon layers of materials. The fact that most customers experience bobbin thread jams have made Brother well-aware of this flaw and they have been prompt at providing their customers with the resolution as fast as they could.

Aside from these minor flaws, this is still a highly recommended manual sewing machine if your only intention is to work on minor sewing tasks at home. The Brother XL2600I 25-Stitch Sewing Machine does the job of teaching beginner of how to sew the proper way by using a newer and more efficient model.


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Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine Review

Brother CS6000iThe Brother CS6000i is a light weight computerized sewing machine that gives sewers the freedom to work many different stitches including decorative, heirloom, quilting and utility and to sew with the machine using different styles such as one step auto-sizing buttonholes to allow for efficiency when making different sewing projects.

This machine is perfect for the crafter, home sewer and entrepreneur sewing for income. Perfect for small or large projects such as quilts this machine can tackle any size sewing project. The CS6000i features easy automatic needle threading, start stop foot control for smooth machine operation and plenty of accessories that include zipper foot, buttonhole food and monogramming foot, a needle set, cleaning brush, seam ripper, quilt guide for foot holder and an eyelet punch. This is an excellent sewing machine for beginning sewers.


The Brother CS6000i is an incredible value because of all the accessories that it comes with and the easy to read and understand manual that makes using the accessories easy too. This is a very reliable machine that is easy to learn how to operate. The feet are clearly marked so as to minimize confusion about which one to use for which project, which saves time and minimizes mistakes. You can actually sew without using the feet pedal if you desire to do so and the machine allows for push button sewing that even a child could operate. The best thing users have reported about this machine is how quiet it runs and how smoothly it sews as well as the great precision it has even at slow speeds.Get Discount 64% – Brother CS6000i Sew Advance Sew Affordable 60-Stitch Computerized


Many users posting reviews have remarked about problem with the tension, which can be easily solved by using #15 bobbins. Another problem that has occurred with many users of this machine is that of skipped stitches and using more expensive thread such as Mettler thread can solve this problem. A few users have commented about wishing the LED light was brighter but even that is a minor thing that doesn’t distract too terribly from the many plusses associated with the CS6000i.


Beginners and those sewers who love Brother machines rave about the Brother CS6000i Free-Arm and would recommend it to others especially because of the super-smooth and quiet operation, easy to thread and wind bobbins, the drop in bobbin that works flawlessly, and the fantastic selection of presser feet that allows for multiple types of projects without having to go out and purchase additional accessories.

Customer Reviews

Most of the people who were willing to purchase the Brother CS6000i Machine were beginners which made most of them really clueless about what to do after opening theirs. However these noobs were surprised that this was easy to operate. It was just a matter of reading the whole manual time a few times when they were encountered some problems in smoothly operating the machine.

The Brother CS6000i is priced well under $200 which makes it a real bargain when compared side by side with other brands with the same features. The price is affordable, and for beginners who weren’t sure of how to properly use them, the CS6000i helped them a lot in learning the basics of sewing and quilting.

There were minor flaws in the design and structure of the Brother Computerized Sewing Machine as reported by experienced sewers who decided to purchase this machine to replace their old Kenmore and Singer machines. The tension control dial was hard to manipulate and control which made it hard for them to sew in continuous manners. Another complaint was that the bobbin would malfunction once in a while when customers use poor quality thread. Moreover, the casing didn’t have a handle which made it harder for owners to carry them around the house. It was lightweight alright, but the design could have been so much better if they added a handle on the outer plastic cover.

The Brother Sewing Machine is one of those models that could use a little bit of improvement when it comes to the tension control problem. However, if you’re an experienced sewer and would love to experiment on patterns and stitches with a few touches on the LCD-control button, then the CS6000i is the best and high-quality automatic sewing machine for home-use.

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Singer 7258 Sewing Machine Review

Singer 7258Crafters working with quilting, home and decorative sewing or heirloom projects will benefit from the many features of the Singer 7258 Stylist Model Sewing Machine. It has 100 built-in stitches to choose from with push-button stitch selection. Automatically customize settings for length, width and tension. The really cool feature of this machine is that the automatic needle threader automatically threads the eye of the needle for you. Sewers will appreciate the electronic speed control and automatic tension control.

The machine comes with lots of accessories including an auxiliary spool pin, a general purpose foot, spool pin felt discs, small/medium/large thread spool caps, screwdriver for needle plate, satin special purpose foot, a one-step button hole foot, 4 class 15J bobbins, a zipper foot, blind hem foot, a needles package, lint brush and a seam ripper and darning plate. Perfect for making great looking garments to wear, sell or give away as gifts.


As with most machine purchases the user should spend some time in the manual before operating it for the first time. Luckily this manual contains a lot of detail that helps the user to understand how to use the various features of the Singer 7258. There is even explanations regarding the 100 stitches included. It is quieter than older machines and is smooth to operate. This machine has the ability to sew without using the foot pedal and also gives the user the ability to limit the foot pedal’s speed, which is perfect for when young sewers will be using the machine.


Negatives? Not really much of anything negative to report about this machine unless you count that you have the option of stopping the needle in the up or down position and if you choose the down position you are most likely going to break the upper thread as the thread becomes too tight. To solve this problem, choose to end on the up position, do one quick back stitch, and the thread then pulls with little resistance and does not break.

The Singer 7258 Stylist is a very versatile machine with 100 built in stitches to choose from. This machine is capable of quilting, decorative sewing as well as fashion sewing. You can easily switch to a different stitch by simply pressing a button. The stitch length, width and tension are then automatically set by the machine. The six different one step buttonholes are quick and easy to use. The Singer 7258 also includes an automatic needle threader so you won’t have to thread the needle yourself.

The Singer Stylist 7258 has electric speed control option which means you don’t have to use a foot pedal when sewing because you can adjust it electronically. There is also an auto tension control to ensure the correct thread tension regardless of the type of material you are sewing. The bobbin system is top loading with a clear plastic cover and has a rotating hook to help prevent any thread jamming. Some other neat features of the Singer 7258 include a built in LED light, auto bobbin stop which prevents you from over loading the bobbin, twin needle stitching, an automatic tie-off function which ties off the stitch for you at the  press of a button as well as an extra high presser foot setting for sewing really thick fabric or multiple layers at once.


  • Selection of 100 built in stitches
  • Electronic adjustable speed
  • Push button stitch selection and thread tie-off
  • Built in automatic needle threader
  • Auto thread tensioner

We didn’t find a huge number of Singer 7258 reviews but the ones we did find were very positive. This is a sturdy, well built machine with a metal housing and is definitely in a league above the lower end sewing machines. The thorough instruction manual is very detailed and the machine is super easy to set-up. Many owners stated how smooth is sews as well as how quite it is. One really nice feature of the Singer 7258 is the speed adjustment slider which allows you to sew without the foot pedal.

This is also a great feature for beginners because you can reduce the max speed of the machine even when using the foot pedal by adjusting the slider to a slower speed. Some other nice features include the option to have the machine automatically stop with the needle in the up or down position as well as a bobbin that stops automatically when it is fully loaded. Included with the Singer 7258 Stylist is a huge selection of presser feet so you won’t have to fork out any more money for extra feet. Threading the machine is super easy and the Singer customer service is reported to be “beyond excellent” should you ever need it.


The Singer 7258 is highly recommended for anyone that is a beginner at sewing because most functions are automatic and this makes sewing easier. The machine is affordable for most budgets and should give years of sewing pleasure. The public as a whole is beginning to realize how poorly made clothes are becoming and more people are turning to sewing their own clothes and that being the case this machine is the perfect starter machine.

Even though we found a few unhappy customers after reading all the Singer sewing machine reviews the problem issues seem to be isolated to a few people only. The majority of customers are extremely happy with quality of the machine and it’s ability to sew. If you are looking for a multi featured top sewing machine in a class above the cheaper entry level models we think you should definitely consider the Singer 7258 Stylist.


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Janome 7330 Sewing Machine Review

Janome 7330The Janome sewing machine is a dependable unit that will be able to handle any heavy duty project that may be in your future. Whether you need to hem a pair of jeans for your growing teenager or sew together a new set of seat covers for your husband’s truck, this machine will rise to the challenge. Weighing in at twenty pounds, it may seem like a light weight, but do not underestimate this machine’s stamina or drive. Dedicated to the more extreme sewer, than the dainty seamstress the Janome 7330 will be the best addition to your sewing room for years.


The Janome 7330 is built for more rugged applications than some more contemporary models. There are thirty built-in stitches that are functional for all utility uses. The start and stop button allow for ease of use without the ever constant foot pedal common to this type of workhorse; and the auto declutch bobbin winder works well with the superior feed systems that make this model so reliable. Although built more for utilitarian use than overt sophistication, the Janome 7330 does include some best features that are considered state of the art; such as the automatic threader and tension adjust that is controlled by the touch of a button. In addition, the two digit LED screen allows for easy maneuverability through the built-in stitch functions.

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The Janome machine practically uses itself. The incredible features and high quality of this unit make it the perfect starter machine for anyone who wants to learn the skill and art of sewing. From simple beginner projects to more advanced designs, the Janome will be an invaluable resource for any sewer. This is not the clunky models used by your mother years ago that required a special lesson on how to operate. This sixteen pound wonder is easily transported and easily mastered.


With a wide range of reviewers being male and those who tend to use the Janome 7330 for more durable projects, it is no wonder that the number one favorable remark regards this unit’s durability. Not only do consumers find this machine to be well built, they also rave about its ability to sew through six plus layers of denim. The Janome 7330 is also known for its seemingly flawless adjustments between varying fabrics and threads. It is no wonder that this unit is considered to be extremely easy to use as well as dependable.


The two complaints regarding the Janome machine are to be expected of a workhorse; lack of accessories and lack of heirloom stitches. When you are looking for a solid, dependable machine, you rarely need to look for the bells and whistles. If you are in the market for fancy stitch work and quilting feet, than Janome makes other models that would be better suited for your needs. The 7330 is made to sew heavy fabrics and heavy projects, though it is more than capable of withstanding everyday use of more common applications.


Without a doubt the Janome 7330 sewing machine is not a fancy model, but it is one that will sew through just about anything and continue to keep on working for innumerable projects to come. The Janome 7330 is by far the most dependable and long lasting sewing machine in the $400 to $500 price range. No matter what your utilitarian needs may be, the Janome will be up to the challenge.


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Singer 7470 Confidence Electronic Sewing Machine Review

Singer 7470If you have developed your sewing skills and are itching for an upgrade, the Singer 7470 Electronic Sewing Machine is a great and high-quality computerized solution that is worth your hard-earned money.

Singer has been manufacturing top-notch sewing machines for many decades and the 7470 is a manifestation that they are still at the top of their game. This electronic sewing machine is a beauty to behold. If you’re an expert sewer who’s just tired dealing with threading problems all the time, the Singer 7470 will put an end to your worries.

The Singer 7470 simple push-button control panel is easy to understand and operate. The 173 built-in stitches might seem a little bit too much, however if you’re an aspiring fashion designer this is a great and fine feature. Knowing that you have a handful of patterns and designs to choose from will make you feel confident that all of your projects will come out nicely done with excellent stitch quality.

If those features aren’t enough for you to feel confident in purchasing this product, here are the other top features that the Singer 7470 has:

  • AUTOMATIC TENSION – You don’t have to be anxious about the Singer 7470 Confidence tension control system. This is what makes the Singer 7440 a delight for expert sewers who’s just exhausted in adjusting the tension control system in their sewing machines.
  • FLEXIBLE STICH WIDTH AND LENGTH SETTINGS – The push-button control panel makes stitch adjustment a breeze as you can move from one setting to another with a few touches on the control panel. This machine is outstanding and flexible as it can provide you the stitch pattern that you want in different stitch widths and lengths with few presses on the machine’s control panel.
  • DROP AND SEW BOBBIN SYSTEM – Never will you struggle with bobbin placement again! The Drop and Sew Bobbin System ensures that your thread is always placed exactly where it’s needed. No more step-by-step bobbin directions are needed, since you can just drop it and your Singer will consistently secure the thread right where it should be.
  • SNAP ON PRESSER FEET – You don’t have to worry about buying extra presser feet for your Singer 7470. This machine comes with a general purpose presser foot, a zipper foot, special purpose foot, blind-stitch hem foot, and a one-step buttonhole foot so you can do hemming jean edges to decorating on silk fabrics with relative ease. They are easy to snap on and easy to detach from the top sewing machine. This is a breath of fresh air for expert sewers who have been using age-old sewing machines for most of their lives.

Customer Reviews

A lot of the current owners are definitely satisfied with their purchase of this model. Most of these owners have been sewing for a long-time using their trusty old tabletop machines and were a little bit sad that they have to purchase newer and more advanced models to replace the broken ones.

There are also novices who decided to invest early on and bought the Singer Machine. The automatic tension gives them the flexibility work with any type of material they wish to use in their projects. The Drop and Sew Bobbin System is such a breeze as this eliminates the occurrence of bobbin jams when they’re working on their sewing tasks.

The LCD screen and control panel allow users to easily manipulate and control the stitch settings with a few presses on the console as they appear clear on the screen. The 7470 Electronic Machine even comes with audio and visual warnings if your set-up is incorrect.

Overall, the Singer sewing machine consistently delivers high-quality results and outcomes to its lucky owners. There were come consumers who were disappointed with how fragile-looking the bobbin system was but once they replaced their bobbins with metal ones their doubts about the sewing machine’s quality and performance faded away.


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