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Best Makeup Brushes Reviews

Top 10 Makeup BrushesSo, you’ve found the perfect luminizer, foundation, or eye shadow. However, how would you apply it on your face?

Would you use the types of makeup brushes that comes with the makeup, or you’d invest for the best makeup brush instead?

Our advice, consider buying a good makeup brush because it could really make a huge difference. The best makeup brushes would help you glam-up in lesser time and could really enhance your looks.

So, on with the top list!

Everyday Minerals- Dome Blending Eye brush

This soft bristled dome eye inexpensive makeup brush is ideal for creating a very subtle shadow in the crease of your eyes. Likewise, you could also use it to blend out the concealer under your eyes, preventing it from caking up and getting too ridiculously thick. Ladies love how soft it feels on the skin, making it one of the best makeup brushes

Revlon Blush Brush

This perfectly angled blush professional makeup brush is perfect for applying just the right amount of blush, without looking like a clown! It has soft bristles that don’t apply much color, but it’s stiff enough to add a slight tint on your cheeks. Furthermore, the angled shape follows the natural shape of your cheekbones, so it’ll help you put your blush on with ease. No need to worry if you’re putting too much color on your cheeks, ’cause that will never happen with the Revlon Blush Brush.

Maybelline Angle Definer Makeup Brush

This liner foundation makeup brush is ideal for applying gel liner or for creating that mystifying cat liner effect on your beautiful eyes! The shape of the handle allows you to smoothly move the liner and get a perfect straight line that’s so hard to get with other brushes. Women would find this nifty tool handy and they’ll never think of using another brush liner again for their liquid liners.

MAC 239 Makeup Brush

This makeup brush is ideal for putting on eyeshadow on the lid- its firm, so it grabs the perfect amount of color. The size is appropriate for fitting just on the lid.

Women would unquestionably love this brush so much, that they may even have 4 of them, ready for use!

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

This beauty is one of the best cosmetic makeup brush. You can utilize this to apply your foundation for that airbrushed finish. Simply put your foundation over your hand, plunge the brush in, and stipple everything over your face beginning at the center out towards the cheekbones.

MAC 219 Pencil Brush

This makeup brush is incredible for smudging shadow under the lower lashes, mixing out harsh eyeliner, or making an extremely characterized external V. Since the brushes are quite stiff, it grabs a decent amount of color. Reach for this brush any time as it works impeccably for any kind of “smudged liner” look.

Real Techniques Blush Brush

Getting that Jennifer Lopez shine is super easy with this makeup brush! The delicate pair fiber bristles apply simply the perfect measure of highlighting powder or fluid. The small size head keeps from applying a lot, while the wispy bristles give that practically airbrushed impact.

Dex New York Brush: Small Crease

This could be a weird name for a makeup brush. However, it is the ideal size for applying darker colors in the external corner (external V) of the eyes. Furthermore, it meets the expectations truly well for that rocker smirched liner under the lower lashline- the size of the head gives a more extensive smudged line (not at all like the pencil brush which is a tiny bit smaller).

Smashbox Angle Brow Brush

There are a lot of angled brow cheap makeup brushes available. In fact, it’s so overwhelming that you’ll even think anything would do– that’s not really the case, though. However, this best angle eyeshadow brush has the perfect size and stiffness. It applies powder perfectly and professionally to the brows and the stiff bristles pick the right amount of brow color you need. Use it everyday to fill up your brows and make yourself look even more beautiful.

MAC 217 Blending Makeup Brush

It’s a multi-purpose makeup brush that you can use to highlight under the brow, blend any harsh lines, ‘feather’ out the outer V, apply concealer under the eyes, or even a light coat of paintpots as a base. Indeed, it’s truly the best eye makeup brush that would perform almost all of your makeup needs. For beginners, it’s suggested to make this brush a part of your makeup tools.



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