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Best Inflatable Water Parks Reviews

best-inflatable-water-parks-reviewsChoosing the best inflatable water park for your kids this summer can be hard with the vast amount of excellent bouncers offered.

That’s why we’ve reviewed and compiled a list of the 10 best inflatable water parks to use this summer.

Each of the units below are the best in class for wet and wild summer fun.

There is simply no better way to cool down on those hot summer days than going to your own personal backyard water park.

Blast Zone’s Crocodile Island Inflatable Water Park with Dual Slides

Are you looking for something to keep the kids entertained all summer? Do you need a place for your kids to escape the heat, but want something more exciting than a shallow, plastic pool? Do you want to have the coolest backyard on the block? Look no further than Blast Zone’s Crocodile Island Inflatable Water Park with Dual Slides.

Use it as a bounce house without water or add water for double backyard water slides. Whichever way you use it, at eight feet tall and over twenty feet in length, it’s proven to thrill and delight children of all ages… and their parents.

Blast Zone’s Crocodile Island Inflatable Water Park with Dual Slides inflates in less than two minutes using the included blower, and stays up for hours of continuous use— don’t worry about the kids being too rough or bursting it; this Water Park can support up to 300 lbs. at a time!

While the kids experience thrills on the slides, you can stay completely relaxed: the Crocodile Island Inflatable Water Park’s high sides secures children from fall injuries, and its overhead safety net prevents children from jumping off the inflatable platform.

Some home water slide systems direct the slide right into the yard or have the stairs to the slide over grass, but not the Crocodile Island Inflatable Water Park. It’s completely self-contained— the kids never have to leave the large splash pool area to access the slides. This cuts down on grass and dirt making its way into the splash pool.

Although drying the Crocodile Island Inflatable Water Park can be a challenge, the process is not complicated. Simply deflate the water park to let out the water and re-inflate it until it is dry. Even though the Crocodile Island Inflatable Water Park erects to impressive proportions, it stores in a compression sack the size of a large sleeping bag.

Blast Zone’s Crocodile Island Inflatable Water Park with Dual Slides is a durable inflatable that can last several seasons, making it a great investment to banish summer boredom.

Misty Kingdom Inflatable Bouncer Water Park with Slide

If you’re looking for a wet and wild bounce house, you simply can’t go wrong with the Blast Zone Misty Kingdom Inflatable Bouncer Water Park and Slide. This water park combines the best of all of your child’s favorite play zones. It’s not just a bounce house. It is a slide, water park, and ball pit all in one. The Blast Zone Misty Kingdom Inflatable Bouncer can be used wet or dry and in hot or cold weather.

By attaching the hose to the included sprayers, the castle becomes a unique water park. If it’s cold, forget the water and just toss some balls into the pit and let your child go to town. The Blast Zone Misty Kingdom Inflatable Bouncer Water Park with Slide is durable, safe, and most of all, exciting.

When it comes to offering your child a fun and memorable experience, why would you rent a play area for a day when you could own one just as easily? You can literally purchase a Misty Kingdom Inflatable Bouncer for roughly the same price you’d pay to rent a similar play house. The Misty Kingdom is designed to offer you and your family safe, reliable fun and even exercise any day of the year.

The house can be set up in just minutes by unrolling the product, attaching the blower, inflating it, and staking down the sides. This play house won’t deflate either, as the fan runs continuously to provide sturdy, stable inflation all while you and your child enjoy superior play. With this item, you’ll not have to worry about planning or paying for another expensive vacation or trip to an amusement park. Purchase a Blast Zone Misty Kingdom Inflatable Bouncer Water Park with Slide today and transform your backyard into the ultimate play zone.


  • The castle is easy to set up and blows up in less than 2 minutes.
  • The quality of the product is outstanding.
  • The house is large.
  • The product includes all of the necessary items for set up – quality blower, stakes, water sprinkler, and storage bag.


  • The product is heavy, requiring at least two people to carry.
  • The slide is not very slippery, but makes sliding possible.
  • Deflating the product and packing it up for storage takes a good deal of time.

If you’re looking for a way to make playtime fun and memorable for your child, you need the Blast Zone Misty Kingdom Inflatable Bouncer Water Park with Slide. This unit has it all and then some. Most parents can’t get their kids to spend enough time outside, but when you invest in a Misty Kingdom, you won’t be able to keep your child inside!

Blast Zone Ultra Croc Huge Inflatable Water Park

Turn a backyard into an oasis and a sizzling summer afternoon into a refreshing playtime with the Blast Zone Ultra Croc Huge Inflatable Water Park. Made from a highly durable vinyl material, the Ultra Croc is complete with 3 slides, 3 splash pools, 2 tunnels with cooling mists and a challenging climbing wall to provide hours of delightful entertainment for youngsters of all ages.

Bright colors of green and blue add eye appeal to draw the curiosity of children. Throw colorful plastic balls into the mix and watch the fun escalate. The Ultra Croc comes complete with a fan, carrying case and complete instructions for an easy set up.

The Ultra Croc Huge Inflatable Water Park, while providing hours of fun for children of all ages, lets kids expend energy while staying cool in the heat of the season. Great for imaginative play as well as developing important gross motor skills, the Ultra Croc is the perfect answer to staying cool without having to pack up and find a beach. Convenient and fun, the Ultra Croc lets kids be kids while staying comfortable in the long summer months.


  • Sets up in a matter of minutes
  • Made of durable vinyl that lasts
  • Safe and entertaining for younger kids
  • Easy to take down


  • Needs to be set up on soft surface to prevent tearing of vinyl
  • As with any unit, it may take a while to dry completely before storing

When it comes to summertime fun, the Blast Zone Ultra Croc Huge Inflatable Water Park is the answer. Inflated in a matter of minutes with the included fan, set up is super easy. Add water and a running hose for a slippery ride down the slide and the kids will want to spend the afternoon in their own backyard pool. Large enough to accommodate up to six kids at one time in the different areas of the Ultra Croc, the neighborhood will never quite be the same. Made to last from a heavy grade vinyl, the Ultra Croc is a great way to stay refreshed during the dog days of summer.

Waliki’s Lazy Pool Tall Inflatable Water Slide & Water Park (Bounce House)

From the legendary makers of the nation’s best selling bouncy castle comes the fantastic Waliki’s Lazy Pool Tall Inflatable Water Slide & Water Park. With an enormous 14′ x 7′ x 7′ size, this water slide and inflatable bouncy water park will entertain kids for hours, even days!

Why We Recommend the Lazy Pool Tall Inflatable Water Slide & Water Park

Many parents enjoy buying the Waliki Lazy Pool Inflatable Water Slide for special celebrations such as birthday parties, sports championships, religious ceremonies or other festivities. Some parents buy them for continued backyard use throughout the summer. Either way, your child and dozens of invitees can spend hours engaging in healthy, physical play while thoroughly entertaining themselves on this fun, bouncy water slide and mini park.

The Waliki Lazy Pool Tall Inflatable Water Slide & Water Park operates via an included electric blower, which must be connected continuously during use. The Waliki Water Slide is a cinch to set up – just plug one end into a common household water hose and then connect the electric blower. Add a healthy mix of happy, eager kids ready to enjoy themselves in a fun and physical way, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for an afternoon of backyard fun.


Waliki is renowned for continually improving their design. This robust inflatable water slide can handle plenty of exuberant play from kids of all ages. With durable and reliable seams, the Waliki can withstand plenty of abuse while providing hours and hours of outdoor fun for kids. Instead of being cooped up indoors playing video games or indulging in other sedentary activities, with the Lazy Pool Tall Inflatable Water Slide & Water Park, kids are enjoying the fresh air while getting much-needed healthy physical exercise and stimulation.


Although the water park is designed to provide hours of water based entertainment for young people, it does require proper draining when no longer in use. It is important to give the Waliki Inflatable Slide enough time to properly drain and dry before packing it away for long-term storage.


Whether you’re looking to provide a day’s worth of fun for a birthday party or other celebration, or you just want to give your kids a summer full of backyard water park fun with friends, the Waliki Lazy Pool Tall Inflatable Water Slide & Water Park is the perfect summertime choice.

The Blast Zone Shark Park Inflatable Water Park Bouncer

This uniquely shark-themed inflatable water park is all the fun of a water park in your own back yard. An 8 foot slide, topped by an overhead sprayer, splashes down into an 80 square foot splash pool surrounded by three more sprayers to make sure no one gets out dry. The shark tank themed bounce area is big enough for several enthusiastic bouncers whether they enter from the splash pool or through the tunnel under the slide. Play balls are available for purchase to add to the excitement.

Safety handles and foot holes on the back ramp and an enclosed platform at the top keep climbers safe, and safety netting encloses the bouncer to keep kids and the optional balls inside the fun.

Kids love the excitement of the water park, but most parents would rather avoid the crowds and the cost. The Blast Zone Shark Park Inflatable Water Park Bouncer is the perfect answer. High quality, commercial grade materials and an exciting design offer hours of safe, wet fun for up to 9 kids at a time, with enough room in the splash pool for the grown-ups to relax and cool off.

Easy to set up with just a garden hose and the included blower, the Blast Zone Shark Park Inflatable Water Park Bouncer is ready in minutes. Parents are instant heroes – just add water – and the back yard becomes the most exciting place to get wet and have fun.


  • Commercial grade material for durability
  • Plenty of safety features
  • Multiple play areas
  • Easy and fast to set up
  • Easy and fast to put away


  • At 90 pounds, it’s not ultra-lightweight
  • The large footprint can make it a tight fit for smaller yards

Any parent looking for a way to entertain their kids this summer – and become the destination spot for the neighborhood – can’t go wrong with the Blast Zone Shark Park Inflatable Water Park Bouncer.

Rainforest Rapids Inflatable Bouncer with Slides

The Rainforest Rapids Inflatable Bouncer with Slides brings the rainforest to your backyard for some summertime fun. Two giant palm trees sit on each side of an enclosed bounce house. On opposites sides of the bounce house are two slides that land end in a bouncy pit.

The best thing about this inflatable bouncer is that you can use it wet or dry. When dry, the entire thing makes for bouncing fun. Bounce down the slides and climb back up. Toss some plastic balls into the pit for a bouncy ball pit. For some wet fun, hook up hoses to the included sprayers. The water flows down the slides turning them into awesome water-slides. The pits fill up as well for wading and splashing.

Why should you purchase the Rainforest Rapids Inflatable Bouncer with Slides? Renting bounce houses for a child’s birthday party can be expensive for a few hours of fun. Buy the bounce house yourself and it will pay for itself after just a few birthday parties or backyard summer events. You could also rent it out to others at a lower rental price so others can enjoy the water fun and you make some money back on your purchase.


  • Holds up to 500 pounds and 6 kids at a time
  • Perfect size: 16′ by 15′ by 7′
  • Contains bounce house, two slides, and optional ball pit
  • Use wet or dry
  • Includes sprayers to wet the slides
  • A safety net surrounds the bounce house to keep kids safe
  • The pit only fills with 6 inches for safety


  • Blower remains on during entire use and can become hot to the touch so rope it off with caution tape.
  • As with all water units, drying is essential (Hint: Keep pool area on slight slope for easy pouring out of water.)

The Blast Zone Rainforest Rapids Inflatable Bouncer with Slides is a cost-effective choice for your summer extravaganzas. It is small enough to carry and store easy, but large enough for tons of fun. You will want to use this water bouncer all summer instead of just at birthday parties one time events.

Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable Combo Water Park and Bounce

Delight the youngsters during the heat of the season with the Blast Zone Pirate Bay Inflatable Combo Water Park. Large enough for five kids, this water oasis will draw a crowd with its brightly colored slide, splash pool and water cannons. Constructed of heavy vinyl, this backyard water park is made to go the distance. A built in flow-restriction system helps conserve water so kids can play longer without worry of wasting water. The Blast Zone comes with its own storage bag, sprayer, stakes to secure it firmly in the ground and a blower fan to get it set up in a matter of minutes.

When it comes to backyard fun, the Pirate Bay Inflatable Combo Water Park and Bounce is a great choice for kids of all ages. A great addition to any backyard or when hosting any outdoor event, the Pirate Bay will keep the kids occupied and cool for hours on end. Its durability and pleasant appearance enhances its benefits of developing important gross motor skills such as crawling, balance and, of course, aim as they try their hand at shooting the water cannons at their favorite pirates!


  • Made of heavy duty vinyl
  • Up to five kids can play at once
  • Sets up in minutes
  • Comes with a handy storage bag
  • Folds up into the size of a rolled up sleeping bag for easy storage


  • Pretending to be a pirate may carryover after play time
  • Need a warm, sunny day for maximum enjoyment
  • Not intended for adults

When looking for a super fun way to keep cool during the heat of the summer months, the Pirate Bay Inflatable Combo Water Park and Bounce takes the blue ribbon. Let imaginations take over as its pirate theme works on the minds of the kids as they crawl, bounce and splash through the Pirate Bay. The water cannons shoot a steady mist to refresh those little pirates in the path. When finished, simply deflate, dry and store the Pirate Bay Inflatable in its own small storage bag until time for the little buccaneers to cool off on the next hot day.

Blast Zone Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park

A summertime favorite among kids of all ages, the Hydro Rush Inflatable Water Park features a famous two-minute setup and a curved waterslide that meets with a splash pool large enough for four to six children. The sprayer system rains down from the overhead slide and a second water cannon sprayer attached to the splash pool makes for even more fun and plenty of relief from the summer sun.

Because the Hydro Rush Water Park uses a low water supply to keep the slide slippery and has the added safety of outlets in the splash pool to eliminate extra water, as a parent you’ll love the commercial grade durability and safety measures that have gone into the creation of Blast Zone Inflatables.

Let the Good Times Roll – with Your Own Water Park. Whether for summer BBQs, birthday parties or simply for regular use in a neighborhood back yard, this inflatable water park is among the most popular and versatile inflatable water parks on the market today.

Everything you need arrives all in one box and with free shipping to boot, you can have this waterpark set up and ready for use before you know it. You’ll get the UL 480 volt air blower, carrying case, instruction manual and DVD, 1 year warranty guarantee + two-year promise, anchor stakes and everything you need for sprayer assembly.


  • The durability of this inflatable waterpark ensures a prolonged lifespan, with many parents reporting that they’ve been able to use their Blast Zone Water Park year after year.
  • The climbing wall for the waterslide is located inside the splash pool, significantly reducing the amount of dirt, grass and other debris that finds its way into the pool.
  • The fast and easy setup is among the favorite features of families who have purchased this waterpark.


  • Some parents have reported that getting the water park into the carrying case has been the biggest con and can sometimes be a hassle. You may wish to buy a slightly larger carrying case to remedy this.

Let’s face it, there aren’t many waterparks out there that kids don’t love, but Blast Zone Inflatables take all of the fun and the games to the next level by committing to designing products that meet both kids’ and parents standards. The fun and laughs go on all day with the Hydro Rush Water Park and we stand behind our belief that you’re going to love this product for many summers to come.

Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park

Every kid on the block will have their socks knocked off when they see this amazing high-tech inflatable water park and slide. Many parents have seen how renting or purchasing a Banzai Pipeline can provide hours of entertainment for birthday parties, religious ceremonies and other special events. With an incredibly durable construction that can handle up to 400 combined pounds of laughing, happy children, the Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park can easily be the centerpiece of any celebration.

Why We Recommend the Product

Unless your children are extremely young, a small backyard waterslide just isn’t that satisfying. Only a small group of kids can use it at a time, and the splash pool is too small to have any fun. It’s great to get wet and splash in the summertime, but today’s parents know that what will truly give their children and their friends hours of healthy, physical enjoyment is a full-scale inflatable water slide like the Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park.

The Banzai Pipeline is designed to be the centerpiece of any backyard entertainment, and is made out of a unique UV-resistant material to give homeowners and bounce house business owners years of fun for kids. With two different slides, a great splash pool, high-powered water guns, and a tunnel, the Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park provides unparalleled play spaces for water-loving children of all ages.


The Banzai Pipeline is a cinch to set up. Simply connect the Pipeline Twist to the included continuous airflow blower motor and an ordinary home water hose to the filler input on the pool. After use, the Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park can easily be folded for transport or storage.


When preparing the Banzai Pipeline Twist for long-term storage, it is important to completely drain and dry everything. Depending on weather and atmospheric conditions, in many cases it can require a considerable amount of time to completely dry the Banzai Pipeline.


Parents and inflatable business owners who have invested in a Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park have reported that kids feel a magnetic attraction to this colorful and inventive fun park. Any kid with a Banzai Pipeline Twist in his or her backyard will definitely be the envy of the entire neighborhood, which is perfect as this huge aquatic playcenter is built out of durable materials to handle the pummeling and playing of many happy children.

Bounceland Jump and Splash Bounce House Bouncer

The Bounceland Jump and Splash Bounce House Bouncer is a combination wet and dry bounce house for kids’ functions. It measures 11.5 by 9 by 6 feet, and it comes with a pack of 9-inch long ground stakes for additional stability. The bounce house features an extra velcro surface for sliding during dry play.

The unit features a basketball hoop for sport play, a water hose and nozzle for water games and large carrying bag for better portability. The Bounceland Jump and Splash comes with a repair kit with instructions, and it is powered by a 0.7-horsepower UL blower with a 25-foot power cable.

The bounce house offers hours of unique entertainment for children at larger events. The Bounceland Jump and Splash Bounce House Bouncer provides different ways to play as it can accommodate wet or dry activities, and it can be used as a ball pit. The unit is easy to install and easy to take down. Once deflated, the unit is portable enough to take to multiple functions if necessary as it features its own carrying bag. It is beneficial in that it comes with many of its own accessories such as the repair kit, security stakes, water nozzle and carry bag.

The bounce house has many benefits that make it an ideal choice for entertaining kids.

  • Accessories: The unit comes with numerous accessories to make it easier to use, and this prevents the need to purchase such items separately.
  • Size: The bounce house is small enough that it can be stored easily, and it can even be set up indoors in empty rooms or basements.
  • Secure: The Bounceland Jump and Splash is made with small holes to prevent the risk of over-inflation and rupture.

The unit is well-liked by most buyers, but the design is not without a few minor flaws.

  • Pool Area: The pool area is a bit small with a low rim, so adults should monitor how quickly kids move down the slide.
  • Padding: If placed on a solid surface, the landing at the end of the slide can be somewhat rough. The unit would be better suited on soft grass or softer indoor flooring.

Parents or event companies looking for a bounce house to entertain kids at parties and functions should consider purchasing the Bounceland Jump and Splash Bounce House Bouncer for its wet and dry capabilities as well as its simplicity when setting up. It will get the job done without busting the budget!

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