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Best Inflatable Obstacle Course Units Reviews

best-inflatable-obstacle-course-units-reviewsToday there are many different types of inflatable obstacle courses for you to choose from. Wither you are simply adding a fun addition to your next event or making a major purchase for your business, this review has you covered.

Below are our top 6 recommendations of the best inflatable obstacle course for you.

By the end of this article you will have a detailed understanding of which is the best inflatable obstacle course units.

35 Foot Long Inflatable Obstacle Course

This vibrantly colored 35 Foot Inflatable Obstacle Course is sure to be a hit at your next social event. Whether it’s a birthday party, graduation, family reunion, or business function, this interactive inflatable will get the crowd interacting in no time at all.

Your commercial quality bouncy inflatable obstacle course unit will come with a 1.5 HP blower, heavy duty storage bag, 8 ground stakes, vinyl repair kit, and a safety precaution sign. With pop-ups, squeeze walls, slides, and areas for jumping through and climbing over, this inflatable is sure to provide hours of amazingly wholesome fun.

Are you looking to become the most popular neighbor? Or, maybe you just want to add a little more excitement and diversity to your party rental or bounce house business. Either way, this 35 Foot Inflatable Obstacle Course is a recommended attention getter. Once it is set up and ready to roll, guests will be in awe!

Inflatable activities have become extremely popular. This bouncy inflatable obstacle course unit provides the versatility of being engaged in a competitive event or, it could simply be used to provide leisurely entertainment. The useful possibilities are virtually endless.

With strict compliance standards in safety and durability, as well as, meeting, or exceeding fire protection requirements, you can be sure you are providing a safe environment for participants of all ages. Throw in a 1-year warranty to protect your purchase from manufacturing defects and you have now added additional protection along with a peace of mind. The popular features and built to last dependability are sure to provide you with years of enjoyment.

Offering the 35 Foot Inflatable Obstacle Course as an attraction for any group gathering is a sure way to enable interaction and socialization in a fun-filled activity. Loaded with different challenges, individuals of all ability levels can participate with confidence. Physical activity has never been more inviting.

Whether you need it for commercial or personal use, this bouncy inflatable obstacle course unit will provide necessary guidance in taking the edge off of planning a memorable event. This inflatable can offer hours of enjoyment, team-building skills, and physical maneuvers that can enhance any body type or soul. When you are watching the kids (young or old), frolicking with delight, you will know that adding this inflatable bouncy activity was the right choice for your party planning needs.

Adrenaline Rush Extreme Inflatable 34 Foot Obstacle Course

The Adrenaline Rush Extreme Inflatable 34 Foot Obstacle Course is a twisty turn-y bounce house that kids of all ages will never want to leave. Even the adults will want a turn, too! That’s because this extreme obstacle course contains 1,850 square feet of fun complete with two slides, squeeze walls, rock climbing, pop up obstacles, pop out obstacles, and crawl areas. Kids will jump, crawl, squeeze, and laugh their way through the maze.

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The maze is made up of three separate inflatables. You can keep them together for one giant playground or place them separately as three play areas. Change up the order as you see fit to keep the excitement going and keep the obstacle course interesting.

Whether you want a giant inflatable obstacle course unit for your own parties or you want to rent one out as a business to make your own money, the Adrenaline Rush Extreme Inflatable Obstacle Course will wow everyone that sees it. Your party guests will tell the world that you threw the best party or customers will praise your business and tell their friends to hire you.

Some examples of events to use these awesome bounce house obstacle course include birthday parties, school fundraising events, town fairs or carnivals, and family reunions.


  • 1,850 square feet of fun
  • Three separate bounce houses. Keep them separate for three play areas of together for one giant playground.
  • Two slides: 16 feet and 14 feet tall
  • Two lanes to kids can race to the finish
  • Only requires two operators
  • Can hold players up to 250 pounds. That means adults can get in on the fun, too!

Things to keep in mind:

  • The extreme obstacle course is very large in size and requires ample space of about 50 feet to reach the set-up area and even more space for set-up.
  • Can’t be placed on concrete because it must be staked into the ground
  • Requires four outlets for operation

The fun will never end with the Adrenaline Rush Extreme Inflatable 34 Foot Obstacle Course. Whether for fun or business, you will not regret this choice. Get ready to hear shrieks of laughter coming from within the walls of this crazy inflatable obstacle course unit.

Commercial Grade 40′ Rainbow Mega Inflatable Obstacle Course

Turn a backyard into an oasis of fun and adventure with the Commercial Grade 40′ Rainbow Mega Inflatable Obstacle Course. Built from durable, lead-free PVC vinyl material, this castle of fun holds up under the stress of weather as well as little feet. Tunnels, slides and massive towers of reds, yellows and blues lend imagination to the art of exercise.

Jumping, crawling and problem solving are but a few of the many skills targeted as children maneuver through the challenging obstacle course. To ensure the safety of all participants, added overhead netting deters jumping mishaps. Free play or structured obstacle course relays are a few of the possible activities during playtime on the Rainbow Mega.

Besides keeping kids occupied for hours, this is a perfect way to develop gross motor skills in children of all ages. With a weight capacity of up to 1000 pounds, it is a great activity for the neighborhood kids or for that special birthday or family reunion.

Designed for personal or rental use, the Commercial Grade 40′ Rainbow Mega Inflatable Obstacle Course puts the fun into any outdoor occasion. With bright colors to inspire the imagination, this giant inflatable obstacle course unit is a surefire hit in any setting.


  • Easy to inflate with 2 blowers that are included
  • High-grade material that is made to last
  • Can be used in an indoor gym
  • Great for renting or when used as a promotional activity
  • Safe for kids of all ages


  • Does not come with a tarp for covering
  • Might have trouble getting the kids to come home when playtime is over

When searching for the perfect backyard or indoor gym activity, the Commercial Grade 40′ Rainbow Mega Inflatable Obstacle Course is the way to go. With its durable construction, easy set up and eye-catching design, it is certain to be at the top of the list at any gathering. Used for personal use or as a source of income as a rental, this inflatable obstacle course unit puts a delightful new twist into the usual playground activities. Kids of all ages will jump for joy when experiencing the fun of the Rainbow Obstacle Course.

Inflatable Adrenaline Rush 4 Inflatable 35 Foot Obstacle Course

The Adrenaline Rush 4 Inflatable 35 Foot Obstacle Course offers you the ultimate form of competitive fun. This fire-resistant obstacle course features a heavy duty bag for storage, 12 stakes for placement, a repair kit complete with vinyl patches, a sign for safety purposes, three 1.5 horsepower bounce house blowers, and a business card holder.

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The inflatable obstacle course unit offers plenty of safety and fun for the entire family or party. Each unit comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts for up to one year from the date of purchase. The object of the inflatable obstacle course is for two people to race from start to finish. Everyone will enjoy using it for competitive party play.

Your party scene will explode to the next level with the Adrenaline Rush 4 Obstacle Course. People will line up to give it a try, and you’ll be the most popular person on the block. The friends of your children will talk about your party for weeks to come.

No other obstacle course allows for the same type of competitive fun as this course. Many products have tried to achieve the same features and capabilities, but they fell short. The Adrenaline Rush 4 Inflatable 35 Foot Obstacle Course delivers on all its promises and then some. You can’t beat the value for what you pay.


  • Unique fun for people of all ages.
  • Easy to assemble and put away for storage.
  • Durable material with a repair kit.
  • Safe against fires and other hazards.
  • Competitive fun and hours of entertainment.


As you can see, the pros outweigh the cons by a mile. Life is too short to miss out on the kind of fun brought to you by the Adrenaline Rush 4. It would make a great gift for any occasion, and the recipient won’t be able to thank you enough.

The stage is set for you to hold the greatest party of your life. You just need to take the important step of buying the Inflatable Adrenaline Rush 4 Inflatable 35 Foot Obstacle Course. You’ll never see parties the same way again.

Inflatable Interactive 30 Foot Long Obstacle Course

TentandTable’s Inflatable Interactive 30 Foot Long Obstacle Course is a two-lane vinyl inflatable featuring four challenge zones. Designed to allow side-by-side competition, the course can quickly cycle though a high number of users, making it an ideal option for large group rentals and bounce house centers.

With its size and color scheme, this inflatable obstacle course unit will be an attention grabber which pulls clients over for a closer look. The obstacles create a unique challenge which will appeal to older kids whom might have become bored with traditional bouncers.

By offering the ability to race against one another in a side-by-side competition, this inflatable will keep clients returning to challenge one another in new races.

Packaged with the inflatable are all of the supporting items needed to safely operate and maintain the equipment. When you purchase this package, you do not have to worry about adding additional costs for a blower, stakes, or storage bag. This package even includes a repair kit, and a place to display your business card.

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Integrated into the product design are a number of safety features which protect against fire, tearing of seams, and sudden deflation. Businesses can rely on offering a product that is both fun and safe.

Buyers looking for a reliable and well manufactured device for their facility or rental house will find a solid product in TentandTable’s Inflatable Interactive 30 Foot Long Obstacle Course.

The durability of the Rhino Tuff Seam, and the multiple levels of box stitching will keep this unit in service for many years. With its fun design and multiple physical challenges, the course will keep racers coming back for more.


  • Durable Manufacture
  • Ships with all needed components
  • Allows for side-by-side competition
  • Easy to Clean
  • Commercial Grade
  • Exceeds the National Fire Protection Association Fire Resistance Standards
  • Manufacturer’s One Year Warranty


  • If space is an issue, it has a larger footprint requirement than with traditional bouncers
  • Forklift / Loading Dock recommended for shipping

Anyone wishing to build or expand a bounce inflatable obstacle course unit house or party rental business would be well served by purchasing TentandTable’s Inflatable Interactive 30 Foot Long Obstacle Course. This is an well designed, durable product that will create happy clients for years to come.

Commercial Grade 30′ Rainbow Xtreme Inflatable Obstacle Course

Imagine the delight on a youngster’s face when confronted with the challenge of the Commercial Grade 30′ Rainbow Xtreme Inflatable Obstacle Course. Constructed of 15-ounce lightweight durable PVC vinyl, it is made to endure hours of climbing and jumping fun.

Large enough to accommodate the neighborhood crew, this affordable obstacle course enjoys a capacity weight of 800 pounds so no need to take turns when waiting for a try at completing the course in record time. Its rainbow colors of slides, tunnels and poles catch the eye of youngsters from 5 to 15 and draw them into a world of imagination while strengthening stamina and muscles.

Safety is enhanced with its overhead netting designed specifically to deter youngsters from taking a poorly judged leap. The soft vinyl of the inflatable obstacle course unit prevents injuries while kids practice their jumping skills. Set-up is quick and easy with the included blowers. Watch fun become the norm with this affordable obstacle course.

When looking for a great solution to get kids moving, the Commercial Grade 30′ Rainbow Xtreme Inflatable Obstacle Course is the answer. Safe for kids of all ages, this giant rainbow of fun is a great way to entertain during playtime, family reunions, birthday parties or any other special occasion. When used as a rental item, it becomes a nice source of income as well. Designed primarily for children, it helps develop core developmental areas such as gross motor, balance and problem-solving skills while expending energy to provide a good night’s sleep after a hard day of play.


  • Great way to exercise
  • Improves developmental skills
  • Bright colors invite play
  • Safe for kids from 5 to 15
  • Great for personal use or for renting out


  • Made primarily for kids, however, adults are going to want to try it
  • May need a tarp for an outer covering when not in use

Everyone knows how much children love the imagination a new toy brings. With the Commercial Grade 30′ Rainbow Xtreme Inflatable Obstacle Course, the challenge of crawling, jumping and climbing the way through its maze of tunnels, towers and slides brings excitement to a whole new level. Watch the neighborhood or any special gathering come alive with pure fun with the Rainbow Xtreme in the mix.

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