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Best Inflatable Beer Coolers Reviews

best-inflatable-beer-coolersYes you got that right! An inflatable beer cooler is a great way to cool your drinks. It is attractive, fun and has a large capacity. All you need to bring are just ice and your drinks. Simply inflate, place your contents in and you drinks will start to get ice cold.

Perfect by the poolside, parties, gatherings and picnics.

An ideal item to have if you want to brighten and liven up the atmosphere of an event! If you are looking to cool your own personal drinks at a pool party, a floating beer cooler would be the perfect companion for all water related activities!

What to look out for?

Size. This is an important factor for the product because they range from mini sized ones to huge sized ones that could potentially touch the roof of your house(4 ft!). They also come in a variety of different shapes, so finding a fitting shape to fit your table or ground is optimal. A round one for the ground or pool and a rectangular one for the table.

Capacity. Contrary to what people may assume, the larger the size of the inflatable cooler does not necessarily mean that it has a larger capacity. Due to the nature of it being a fun product, most of them have a middle section built that is meant to visually enhance its looks. This cuts down on the amount of storage space it has modestly.

Looks. What makes inflatable beer coolers so fun? Their models! They come in all sorts of beautiful designs, ranging from salad bars to palm trees to car tires to football stadiums and many other cute models!

Recommended products

Now onto the fun part, reviewing of the inflatable beer cooler. These are not specifically catered to store your booze. You can still throw drinks and food inside to keep them cool too! Below, you will find the best rated inflatable beer coolers to keep your drinks and party cool!

Inflatable Tiki Cooler

The Tiki measures 22 inches wide and 25 inches tall. It has a capacity of 24 canned drinks. Suitable for any occasion, the tiki will be an excellent choice a cooler.

Its design will surely lighten up the atmosphere with its brown exterior and colorful prints!

Inflatable Pirate Ship Cooler

This pirate ship measures 24 inches wide and 36 inches tall. It has a whopping capacity of 72 cans and it has a more unique design than most of the products out there.

It has a mixture of brown wooden texture and yellow colors. I highly recommend this inflatable beer cooler as it is truly a one of a kind item!

Amscan Palm Tree

It is 3 feet wide and 4 feet tall. It has a large capacity, capable of storing 36 beer bottles and 12 cans, including 20 lbs of ice within its contents.

Perfect design for the pool as it is very beach themed with its blue and yellow colors!

Football Fan Touch Down

Measures up to 30 inches wide and 14 inches tall. It has a ridiculous capacity of 72 cans.

Perfect for sporting and tailgating parties. Football fans will appreciate this product!

Red White Stripes Inflatable Buffet Salad Bar Serving Station

Measures up to 24 inches wide and 54 inches tall. This is the perfect choice for party tables.

Simply put it on top and everyone can get their fair share of ice cold drinks!

Why buy an inflatable beer cooler?

An inflatable beer cooler is not only beautiful, but it has fun designs and they are extremely portable too! If they are deflated, they are basically the size of a cloth. Put them into your handbag or even carry it in your hands! When you reach your destination, simply inflate it and pour all your contents into it. There you have it, a cooler right in front of you! They are very versatile and convenient at the same time.

Suppose your friends do not have one and you are heading to their party, instead of carrying your bulky coolers, simply bring along your inflatable beer cooler and inflate it at the party! Now you got a fun looking product for you to store your drinks!


I hope you have enjoyed the read here. These are perfect for any setting as they are all visually appealing. Spice up your parties today! Great for any birthday parties as children are guaranteed to love them!

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