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Best Hunting Crossbows Reviews

Top 5 Hunting CrossbowsA lot of people choose to use crossbows for hunting. Part of the reason is that they have more power than regular bows do. It is possible to find models that have a draw of up to 200 lbs. This means that it has a very fast arrow velocity and a lot of power. That power lets it punch through anything in its way and can make a clean kill.

But a potential bow hunter can’t just go into any store and pick up any old model and take it hunting. It is important to get a good hunting crossbow. That will cost a lot of money. A person who wants a good crossbow to hunt with will pay for it. The better it is the more accuracy it will have. It will last longer and be much more durable. Prices can range from 0 to several thousands of dollars depending on many factors like draw weight, accessories and what the bow is made of.

When buying one there are several things to think of, including the material, since there are several things that they are made of. They can be made from plastic, plywood coated in resin and laminate. A crossbow made of laminate would be the strongest of the three. Plastic is lighter, but it the vibrations and shock are worse in a plastic bow.


There are two kinds of crossbows, compound and recurve. They are basically the same and work the same. But there is one main difference. The limbs of recurve are longer. It makes it much harder to be carried around and isn’t much use in tight shooting areas. A compound crossbow is heavier and generally has more power than the recurve.

Draw weight

The heavier the draw the more power that it has. However more power isn’t always better. The larger the draw weight the more force that has to be applied to the bowstring to pull it to reload. Pulling it back by hand takes a lot of strength and can be dangerous, especially at the higher weights. In fact, at the extreme limit the only way to cock it is to use a cocking device. Most people who use these for hunting, no matter the draw weight, use cocking devices because they make it easier and quicker to pull the string.

Package deals

A package deal can often save money when buying a crossbow. This is because there are a lot of accessories that go a long with it. They include things like sights, cases and cocking devices. Buying a package deal can allow a person to get a better one for hunting than they could otherwise. They are very popular. They are easier to carry in the woods than a traditional bow can be. They don’t need at much practice to become good, and they have more power. But it is important to get the right bow for the best experience.

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit Review

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow KitVery popular and well equipped with all the essentials for an experienced user, the Arrow Precision Inferno Fury is a lightweight alternative to the more expensive crossbows. It is also perfect for first time crossbow hunters who need a more affordable package without giving up quality.

The Inferno Fury Kit comes with a 175 lb recurve crossbow, quality 3-dot multi-range red dot scope, adjustable weaver style scope mount, quick detach quiver with 4 arrows, padded shoulder sling and an ambidextrous auto safety. The Inferno Fury package is wildly popular. The package is packed with all the essentials for the seasoned veteran seeking a lightweight alternative to larger outfits.

It is also good for first time hunters seeking an affordable fully equipped package. The Fury package comes with a 175lb recurve, premium 3-dot multi range red dot, quick detach quiver with 4 arrows, comfortable padded shoulder sling, adjustable weaver style scope mount, and an ambidextrous auto safety. It also includes an ambidextrous rear stock, and all assembly tools needed.

The Inferno Fury Crossbow provides 175 lbs of draw weight with a powerful velocity of 235 feet per second. This top crosbow model is designed for both left and right hand users, this carries a one-year limited warranty from Precision Arrow and comes complete with all assembly hardware.

Essential Features

  • Recurve Crossbow with 175 lb draw weight
  • 3-dot multi-range premium red dot scope
  • Quick detach quiver including four arrows
  • Comfort padded shoulder sling
  • Weaver-style adjustable scope mount
  • Dipped full-coverage camouflage pattern
  • Ambidextrous (right or left hand) auto safety


  • Draw weight of 175 pounds
  • 235 feet per second velocity
  • Weight: 4.84 pounds
  • Length (without foot stirrup): 31 inches
  • Limb tip to limb tip length: 27 inches
  • String length: 26.5 inches
  • Compression fiberglass Limb
  • Lightweight composite rear stock
  • Aluminum Truck/barrel
  • Suggested arrow: 16-inch 2219, 20-inch Carbon
  • Product Size: 33 x 15.5 x 4 inches
  • Product Weight: 5 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 9.8 pounds
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Crossbow Reviews

Consumers have given the Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow a 4.2 star rating for excellence. Extremely powerful, well made and accurate are some of the descriptions given for this. Several users said they were reluctant to order a less expensive one but were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the workmanship. Assembly was said to be easy and the kit also comes with strap and rail lube, string pulley and foot brace for easy cocking and a stringer cable for easy changing of the string.

Several users commented that they had experience with more expensive models but the Inferno Fury had met and even succeeded their expectations in performance. When deer hunting, one user said that the arrow passed completely through the deer at 20 yards. Hunters using this love it and killing deer or hogs up to 40 yards is a cinch. It was also suggested that this affordable price they were going to purchase more than one.

There were comments on the availability of finding string replacement for the Precision Inferno Fury and one user said that all that is needed is to call Arrow Precision for the replacement string. Overall, the reviews for this recurve crossbow were very positive and for the price just can’t be beat. We would feel very comfortable in recommending this hunting weapon to novice and experienced users alike.


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Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package Review

Barnett Jackal Crossbow PackageThe Barnett Jackal Crossbow offers a cutting-edge design featuring a smooth glossy finish of military stock. There is convenient and comfortable hand placement using the divided foregrip. The draw weight and velocity of this crossbow make it a perfect weapon for formidable hunters. This lightweight and compact crossbow has a quad limb assembly in addition to high energy wheels with synthetic string producing arrow speeds of 315 feet per second.

The Barnett Jackal also features Barnett’s new ADF MIM trigger that supplies a smooth 3.5 pound pull. There is also the additional benefits of a picatinny rail which gives you a mounting platform. This crossbow package comes complete with quick detach quiver, 4-20 inch bolts and a 28mm Single Red Dot Scope for better shooting accuracy. It is also backed with a 5-year warranty and is made in the USA.


  • Shoots at 315 feet per second
  • 150-pound draw weight
  • 3.5-pound trigger pull
  • Sleek designed military-style stock; high energy wheels; synthetic string and cable system
  • Includes quick-detach quiver, bolts, and premium red dot sight
  • Picatinny rail provides a mounting platform
  • This item is not for sale in some specific zip codes
  • High-definition camouflage
  • AVI foot stirrup
  • Quad limbs
  • AVI bolt retainer
  • ADF MIM trigger mechanism
  • Synthetic cable system
  • High energy wheels
  • Barnett Jackal has a 3.5-pound trigger pull
  • Picatinny/Weaver rail
  • Weight:7.7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 35.5 x 26.5 inches
  • Velocity: 315 feet per second
  • The Barnett Jackal has a draw weight of 150 pounds
  • 95 foot pounds of energy
  • 12 inches of power stroke

Like so many top products we do research on, it seems most items are 50 percent love and 50 percent dislike or hate the product. However, it seems that when it comes to Barnett’s Jackal, there is overwhelming support for the product. Granted not everyone likes it, and it’s not $1000 plus, or even $500, but to be honest, you really don’t need anything even close to that cost for the casual to mid range hunter. Accurate and fun to shoot is how we best describe this hunting crossbow.

Viewed a couple video reviews and assembly instructions, and it goes together fairly well with the instructions provided. Use wax, get a few more bolts and have some fun. Everyone that’s shot this has been impressed, even die hard compound bow guys!! Highly recommended.

Awesome crossbow

Look no further- this top crossbow is a powerful beast. The first time you shoot it you will get a huge grin on your face. The red dot/ green dot laser sight is excellent. Great crossbow for the price. It is louder than expected, but that did not seem to be a problem.


Brutally fast, so fast there’s almost no discernible time between trigger release and the sound of the arrow hitting the target on shots out to 30 yds or so. Very accurate, even for a newbie. Will drive a field point almost completely through a pine 2″ x 10″ at 20 yds. Pretty easy to assemble.


The 3-dot scope is not great in low-light.

After many many positive crossbow reviews and an overall 4.2 star rating from over 600 online reviews, we would highly recommend the Barnett Jackal Crossbow Package for anyone looking for a professional and quality driven crossbow. Designed to outperform the average models within this price range. A cocking device is always recommended.

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Excalibur Vortex Crossbow Lite Package Review

Excalibur Vortex Crossbow Lite PackageThe Excalibur Vortex Lite Stuff Crossbow is one of the best compact archery crossbow with lightening speed and flat bolt flight. With its cutting-edge design for unmatched performance, the Excalibur Vortex has a draw weight of 200 lbs and it launches bolts at 330 fps. It is anchored by a thumbhole stock and finished with the Realtree AP HD camo pattern using Kolorfusion for realistic effects and a life-long finish. The Excalibur Vortex comes with a VCB 2.4×32 scope. This has a 15-1/2? power stroke and is drilled and tapped to accept scope and quiver mounts.


  • The Excalibur Vortex generates speeds up to 330 fps
  • Draw weight: 200 lbs.
  • Power Stroke: 15.5?
  • Efficient ergonomically designed thumbhole stock (Realtree AP HD)
  • Reduced overall length
  • Varizone multiplex scope
  • Weight: 6.3 lbs.
  • Length: 37-1/2
  • Package includes:
  • Varizone multiplex crossbow scope mounting rings and base
  • Four 20″ Firebolt carbon bolts with field points
  • Four-bolt quiver
  • Mounting bracket and rope cocking aid

Crossbow Package Reviews

After researching and reading many reviews on the Excalibur Vortex Package we came to one best conclusion and that is the buyers of this are serious hunters looking for functioning performance, balance and accuracy. With this they got that and so much more.

One user of the Excalibur Vortex stated that he had never been able to successfully hunt deer with a crossbow before and that he has since been able to bag two deer, both point bucks. He now has confidence in his skills with the Vortex. He also mentioned that on both shots the bolt passed completely through the deer. Without all the bang and smoke, he quietly and efficiently took home the dinner.

After reading the reviews of the Excalibur Vortex cross bow one user said it compared to a more expensive model in velocity and speed. He stated that it was accurate from the start and the true test was the first day of hunting season; he took a doe at twenty yards and it took twenty more for her to drop. He said that if you are looking to save money the Vortex equally compares to the more expensive crossbows.

Another man using the Vortex stated that The Vortex Excalibur is a 200 pound rocket launcher (330 feet per second) that is surprisingly easy to cock using the provided rope cocking accessory. The scope is clear, accurate, and adjustments are quick, easy, and precise. He said that after using this he knew he had made the right decision. Some of the words used in many reviews to describe this are: simply incredible, dead on accuracy, quality is second to none, work of art, crystal clear, uncluttered, rock solid and my favorite ” I’m so glad that I chose simple,horizontal, and above all “EXCALIBUR”!!!

The majority of the buyers of the Excalibur Vortex crossbow have said that it is simplistic in design yet awesome in power and accuracy. It is durably made and easy to assemble. You can easily cock and un-cock the bow without having to shoot a bolt. The reputable manufacturer Excalibur, stands behind their products making the Vortex crossbow a top choice. They wanted one that would last for years and reviews say the Excalibur Vortex will give you exactly what you are looking for.

Most of the customers of the Excalibur Vortex couldn’t be happier about their decision to choose it. It is for this that we would feel very comfortable in recommending this to anyone searching for one the top crossbows.


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Horton Vision 175 Scope Crossbow Package Review

Horton Vision 175 Scope Crossbow PackageRevolutionary, compact, whisper quiet and incredible speed describe the Horton Vision 175 Scope Crossbow. This durable yet lightweight and incredible powerful hunting tool is optimized for greater uncompromising performance. As one of the most high performance models available, it comes loaded with exclusive Horton technologies such as the proprietary Frontal String technology, reverse Draw Limb design for incredible balance and CNC machined wheels for maximum speed and superb knockdown power.

Small in size but offering a heavyweight punch, the Horton Vision is precision balanced and lightening fast.


  • Patented Frontal String Technology
  • Speed, Stealth and Balance optimized with Reverse Draw Limb
  • CNC Dual Ball Bearing Machined Wheels
  • Equipped for In-field String Replacement with CH Arm
  • Integrated Cocking Rope Groove in CNC Machined Riser
  • Aluminum Barrel assures Accuracy and Strength
  • Horton Vision 175 Scope Crossbow is Safety Designed and Dual Sided
  • Versatile Ambidextrous Monte Carlo Cheek Rest
  • Ultra Light MIM Talon Trigger
  • Synthetic High Performance String and Cables

What includes

  • Horton Vision 175 Crossbow
  • Lighted reticle scope 4×32
  • Hunter Elite 3 arrow quiver with cocking sled
  • 3 arrows with practice points.
  • Size is 9 7/8-Inches
  • Weight: 8.3 lbs
  • 20-inch arrow length
  • 300 feet per second
  • Validated CNC machined aircraft grade riser with optimized accuracy and proper balance
  • Revolutionary reverse draw limbs that gives the vision exceptional balance.
  • Shipping Weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Draw Weight: 175
  • Length: 35 3/8 in.
  • Powerstoke: 13 in.
  • Feet Per Second: 300
  • Width (Axle to Axle): 16 1/4 in.
  • Loaded Width (Axle to Axle): 9 7/8 in.
  • Weight: 8.3 pounds
  • Kinetic Energy: 85 ft pounds
  • Arrow Length: 20 in.
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Consumers have given the Vision 175 a five star rating for excellence, performance and satisfaction. Archery enthusiasts have described it as wickedly fast, deadly accurate and exceptionally quiet, this compact crossbow is a favorite among those needing a lightweight, yet of top performance. Weight and balance are easily handled when shooting the Horton Vision 175. Users love the quiet performance and well balanced weight.

Consumer reviews stated that users especially appreciate the compact size of the Horton Crossbow making it much easier to carry and maneuver compared to the average models. Deadly accurate, powerful and easy to use were commonly used descriptions of this. Buyers also said that the lighted scope was really nice with illuminating colors of black, red and blue.

Deer hunters using the Horton Vision love the easy maneuverability. One user said that the power was incredible with the bolt passing straight through the deer. With the performance of the higher competitive hunting crossbows, hunters are loving the less expensive Vision 175.

Consumer issues with any defective or broken parts are always quickly and effectively addressed by the Horton manufacturer to the consumers satisfaction. As a high quality performance bow and the many positive reviews for the Horton Vision 175, we would feel very comfortable in recommending this package to anyone looking for a top quality product that is performance driven.


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TenPoint Titan HLX Package with 3X Pro Scope Review

TenPoint Titan HLX PackageDollar for dollar value the best crossbow in the industry is the NEW Titan HLX Crossbow. It is a faster enhanced model of TenPoint’s established workhorse Titan. The Titan’s speed was upgraded to a blistering 300 fps with the new assembly featuring powerful 175-pound HL limbs outfitted with Fast Flight string and cables and machined aluminum wheels.

For improved handling and accuracy, its Verton molded combination FST IV stock and barrel design now houses TenPoint’s premium 3.5 lb patented Power Touch-10 trigger, known as the best trigger in the industry. Double-dip fluid imaged in Mossy Oak Treestand®, the Titan HLX challenges its classification as an entry-level model by surpassing and outperforming other brand’s top-of-the-line crossbows.

TenPoint Titan HLX includes a 3x Pro-View Scope that is calibrated for crossbows that shoot in the 300 fps range. This 20, 30, and 40-yard combo illuminated dot and crosshair configuration is housed in a lightweight, seven-inch aluminum tube ready with fully-coated 3X optics. At the intersection of each duplex crosshair is where the dots are positioned.

Depending on your hunting environment and conditions, you can decide from a non-illuminated black dot or one of two illuminated, colored dots that are red or green. Controls the light intensity and color is controlled by a five-position rheostat.


  • Weight: 175lbs
  • Power Stroke: 11.125
  • Mass weight: 7lb. 8oz.
  • Length: 37.25?with stirrup”
  • Width: 25.875 Axle to Axle
  • Speed: 300 fps
  • Kinetic Energy: 84 ft lbs
  • Arrow length: 20?Package Includes:
  • 3 X Pro view scope with 7 / 8 fixed dovetail mount
  • deluxe 4-arrow HX quiver
  • Three pack TenPoint aluminum arrows with 3-100gr practice points
  • Wedgie retention spring silencer
  • TenPoint staff shooter cap
  • Owner’s instructional DVD
  • Vehicle window sticker

TenPoint Titan HLX Reviews

After researching the reviews for the TenPoint Titan HLX we came to one conclusion and that is the users of this are extremely happy with their decision. Most seem to be serious hunters and this is an awesome archery bow for accomplishing the task easily. Assembly only took minutes and the firepower astounded most first time users. Buyers were happy with the durable high quality of this as well as it’s “bad boy” looks.

One avid hunter said he had owned many crossbows and no other compares to his Tenpoint Titan HLX. When using this for the first time it only took him three shots and two clicks to adjust the scope and was then hitting the bullseye from forty yards out. Owners also appreciated the instructional DVD that comes included.

Some of the buyers of the TenPoint Titan HLX were former Tenpoint owners and were looking to upgrade what they had. As experienced shooters they said the Titan HLX with 3X Pro-View Scope is one of the best crossbows they had ever used and they would most certainly buy it again. This was rated five stars by 99% of its owners.

After reading all the rave reviews for the TenPoint Titan HLX we would feel very comfortable in recommending this hunting deer crossbow to any hunter or novice looking for an excellent tool.


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