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Best Hiking Shoes Reviews

Best Hiking ShoesSummer – with little opportunity to use poor weather as an excuse, it’s time to get outside and be more active. And what could be a better summertime activity then going for a hike in the woods, or even a leisurely stroll down a country path? Anyways, let’s see what the best hiking shoes are.

But first, it’s essential you find the right footwear. Heading off without the right shoes for the task can leave you in discomfort, with damp or blistered feet and aching heels. You can even injuries such as sprained ankles if you don’t have the proper support. Hiking and walking don’t require a lot of expensive equipment, but a good pair of hiking shoes is a must.

Thankfully for outdoor enthusiasts, hiking shoes today bear little resemblance to their clunky predecessors. Stylish, supportive, high-tech and lightweight, there are many options available for your summertime pursuits. With a plethora of brands and styles to pick from, we’ve reviewed and ranked our ten favorites for men in the hope it will encourage you to get off the couch and make shopping a little easier.



Top 10 Best Hiking Shoes of 2017 Comparison

*Results Are Based On Amazon.com Hiking Boots Consumer Reports & Reviews*


Salewa Wildfire GTX Approach Shoe

Flashy, neon designs initially set this hiker apart from the others, but its quality composition will too. A high-tech, all-purpose walking and hiking shoe, it’s made of synthetic material with a Vibram sole.

Timberland Intervale Ventilated Boot

This reasonably priced hiking shoe is made of quality leather with a rubber sole. It’s more green-friendly than its competitors, too, with 100% recycled webbing overlays and a 100% recycled PET lining. The Intervale also features compression molded EVA midsoles for a comfortable hike. It’s sure to take you anywhere.

Adidas AX-1 Leather Hiking Shoe

This comfortable, light and flexible hiking shoe is ideal for lighter walks in the woods or impromptu treks off the beaten path. Made of durable nubuck leather, it features synthetic details for extra support and toe and heel caps for added protection.

Adidas Outdoor AX-1 Hiking Shoe

Another reasonably priced but good quality product, this hiking shoe is built for fast, agile traction in the outdoors. It has an air mesh upper for maximum ventilation and air mesh lining for foot climate control. The AX-1 is a rugged shoe perfect for those who like to play and jog outdoors. The only drawback is it’s not waterproof.

The North Face Hedgehog III GTX XCR Light Hiker

Complicated name and quality shoe. It’s a bit bulkier than some of the others, yet light and high-tech. This shoe is made of leather with a Vibram sole and features GORE-TEX membranes, dual-density, compression-molded insoles, and heel cradle stability support. The North Face knows outdoors, and the Hedgehog won’t disappoint.

Merrell Chameleon 4 Ventilator GORE-TEX

Made in true Merrell standard with a combination of leather, synthetic and textile materials, this hiker doesn’t feature some of the flashiness of the competitors. Still, it’s hard to go wrong with a Merrell. This hiking shoe will give you reliable comfort and support on easier trails and last for ages. Merrell shoes are always a good investment.

Teva Riva Event Waterproof Hiking Shoe

This one certainly is one of the best hiking shoes and can be truly great for hiking because of its waterproof technology. If waterproof is what you need, look no further. Teva is the quintessential outdoors brand and the Riva lives up to expectations. Made of leather with a waterproof, breathable eVent membrane and gusseted tongues that prevent water from getting in, it also features the popular Vibram sole and external shock pads in the heel for added comfort.

Merrell Barefoot Trail Glove

A true hiking shoe, at first glance this ultra-modern item could pass as a casual sneaker. But don’t be fooled; its textile and synthetic composition with microfiber, breathable upper and synthetic leather rear foot sling provide ultimate comfort and stability. The Trail Glove also features a microfiber footbed treated with an antimicrobial solution, which should help keep these shoes smelling better than your old hiking boots.

Merrell Chameleon 4 Stretch Hiking Shoe

This popular and top notch hiking shoe has a suede and mesh upper and Vibram sole. In addition, it features a lycra/neoprene blend stretch collar and Vibram Chameleon TC5 plus rubber outsole to maximize comfort. Made with Merrell’s typical quality and technology, it’s even suitable for those who like to “buy green” as it’s made with a 20% recycled EVA dual-density footbed.

KEEN Targhee II Hiking Shoe

With a leather and mesh upper, rubber sole and additional webbing, this durable shoe is waterproof and breathable thanks to Keen’s high-tech textile membrane, so it’ll keep your feet dry and comfortable. With an S3 heel support structure, secure-fit lacing system and removable metatomical footbeds, the Keen is a hot seller and a quality shoe for a wide range of hiking enthusiasts.

Hiking Shoes Buying Guide

When starting your search for new hiking shoes, there is no better place to begin than the Internet. Decide what you can afford to spend and research the brands you’re curious about. Become familiar with what models are available and which technology is used for several different models. So I guess now you know which hiking shoes are best and what will suit you better. Good luck with choosing one for you.

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Next, read reviews of what other consumers as well as hiking bloggers or online magazines are saying. It’s also a great idea to visit a local shoe or outdoors store and try on a few pairs to get an idea of comfort and fit; but don’t hurry up and buy just yet.

Great deals are often available on the Internet and since hiking shoes don’t come with a small price tag, it’s worth ordering them online if you can save money.

Make sure to choose a well-regarded online seller such as Amazon, where you’ll have buyer protection and the option to return the shoes if they’re not what you expected.

How To Buy The Right Hiking Boot

How To Buy The Right Hiking Boot  Are you going on a camping trip to the mountains with a lot of hiking and other adventure sports on the cards? Well, then you must pack your bags with all the essentials that will make your trip comfortable and easier. Hiking boots is one such important essential which you should never forget before embarking on your hiking expedition.

There are various kinds of hiking shoes available and you must have a meticulous look at each type before selecting the appropriate one for yourself. In fact if you go for the waterproof hiking boots, then it would be the best shoe purchase you have ever made for sure. Here are some important aspects to keep in mind while choosing the boots.

Waterproof or Not

Well, waterproof boots are better than normal hiking boots because they ensure you can climb up easily even with wet feet. Leather make boots need the waterproofing facility to ensure that it lasts for some time. If your hiking shoes are of nylon materials or any other synthetic material, then also waterproofing will help a lot while hiking. If you have purchased non waterproof boots, you can check out the website of the boot makers to know how to waterproof them.Normally, materials based on silicon or wax are used as the waterproofing agent.

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What To Do When Buying the Best

Wear socks and then try the different hiking boots. This will give you a better understanding of the size and fitting of the boots. Ask for recommendations from the sales person at the store. They have a better understanding about the performance of each kind of hiking boot. Check out over the internet about boots suitable for the type of hiking you are going to do. You can also consult with the representatives at the store about the nature of your hiking trip and boots suitable for the same.

Make sure that the boot you choose provides some space between the boot front and your big toe. This will help climbing downhill comfortable. Apart from walking around the store in the boots, ask for a slanting plank or slope on which you can walk. You need to spend hours in the boot so make sure to check the fit and comfort level from every possible aspect.

How to Care for Hiking Shoes

How to Care for Hiking ShoesHave you recently purchased a pair of a very classy hiking shoes and you wish to keep it as good as new for a long time? Well, purchasing good hiking boots can surely create a dent in the pocket but if it gets damaged due to poor maintenance then it will be more painful than the expenditure. Thus, it is very important to carefully clean and take proper care of the boots after every use. Here are some easy and effective ways for pampering your precious hiking shoes.

Firstly, check whether the laces are in good condition and opt for replacement if you find even a bit of wear and tear. A sudden break of the lace can lead to harmful disasters during hiking. Always use warm water to clean the best hiking shoes followed by proper dying. Use soap as well for cleaning but not on leather hiking shoes. Never leave the hiking boots outside to dry in the sunlight nor use any kind of hair dryer, fire, or artificial drying agent.

Let it dry naturally without any intervene so that the soles and leather do not get distorted.

For waterproof hiking boots, check the area of conjunction between the sole and the upper portion as it is prone to damage. Use a good waterproofing substance suitable for your boot to repair the damage.

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For non-waterproof hiking boots, use a good agent as suggested by the manufacturer for waterproofing the boots. It should be done after each and every use. Toothbrush can be used for waterproofing as well as cleaning. The stones and other remains of dust and dirt can be removed with it.You should never keep the best hiking shoes in a very hot or cold place. Storing them at normal room temperature is just perfect.

Never store the hiking shoes for a long time without wearing them. From time to time put them on for a few moments so that they do not lose shape and become hard for your feet.Moreover, never purchase hiking shoes without proper consultation and knowledge else maintenance will be more difficult. Hope these tips will help you to  take adequate care of your expensive hiking boots.

What are the Best Hiking Boot Brands

What are the Best Hiking Boot BrandsAre you planning to purchase the finest hiking boots for your next backpacking expedition but absolutely confused about the best hiking shoes brands? Well, then you must have a look at some of the key aspects to ensure that you do not invest in the wrong product.

Size, comfort, functionality and quality must be compared to select the hiking boot for you. You can search over the internet or visit the stores in person to try out different hiking boots, compare the comfort level and price of different brands and after full research bring home the best suited one.


Hiking boots are meant to protect the delicate ankles and feet from any kind of strain and pain.

If you are going for a casual hiking trip, the best brands of boots offers mid ankle hiking shoes. For serious hiking, go for boots from the best brands that are up to the ankle preventing it from twisting and turning during the hike.

Waterproofing Of Boots

It is very important that the best brands provide right kind of waterproofing. There should be different levels in the hiking boots to prevent water from finding its way to the feet. A good branded boot will make use of proper waterproofing material coupled with a secondary waterproof lining to stop water penetration.

Leather Used

Analyze the quality of leather used in different brands of boots. Some use the split grain material of leather which is light in weight and offers a soft feel to the feet. Some brands use the leather of full grain type that offers better resistance from water, durable and more support for the ankle. Nubuck leather is also used in some hiking boots for better water resistance, flexibility and long hours of hiking. The best hiking shoes will incorporate both these features together to provide the most comfortable and protective boot.

Different Types of Hiking Boots

You need to understand the type of backpacking expedition you are going to join and as per that choose the brand for hiking boots. Light hiking shoes or trial boots are for short day time backpacking trips. Hiking shoes are for day time light weight carrying hike trips. Backpacking boots are for long expeditions and carrying loads of varying weights. Mountaineering boots are for serious hiking trips for longer duration of trekking through day or night, ice and snow.

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