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Best High Security Door Locks for Home Reviews

best-high-security-door-locks-for-homeWhether you live in a house, mansion, villa or an apartment. You need to review and improve the security of the place you live in. Statistics shows a burglary occurs every 15 seconds in United States. For this reason and more, you have to ensure that your personal security relating to your house is as adequate as you can reasonably make. First and the foremost step you need to take is have a high security door locks on your outside doors. since the burglars mostly enters the house through front or back doors.

Research before buying High Security door locks

Most people buy locks without doing any research or analysis. There are different types of locks and brands, each has it own characteristics and made for specific purpose. So you need to do some homework before buying door locks which suits best to you. Read our Best Door Locks Buying Guide and High Security Door Locks before buying door locks.

Schlage Locks

Schlage is one of the most popular brands of consumer and commercial locks in the United States. This company was founded in 1920 by Walter Schlage in San Francisco. Schlage is also a leader in developing security devices for residential and commercial markets.

Schlage BE469NXCAM619 Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt


  • ANSI Grade 1 – Delivers the highest level of durability and security at the main points of entry.
  • Durable Resistive Touchscreen – Fingerprint-resistant touchscreen protects against fingerprints and smudges and ensures wear patterns remain undetectable.
  • Motorized Bolt – Tapered bolt design that automatically locks and unlocks when user code is input.
  • Auto-lock Feature (disabled by default) – If the door is left unlocked the deadbolt will relock automatically after 30 seconds, as an added security measure.
  • Built-in Alarm Technology – Audible alerts to potential security threats.
  • Holds up to 30 user codes
  • Easy installation with just a screwdriver- no wiring required

The Schlage BE469NX is BHMA/ANSI Grade 1 certified, the highest residential rating. Built from high quality materials, this keyless deadbolt gives you the highest level of security at the main point of entry. Additionally, the Schlage BE469NX door lock comes with a built-in audible alarm sensor that alerts you to activity at the door. You can select between 3 alert modes, activity, tamper, or forced entry, providing alerts from first contact with door or handle to when the door is opened. Quickly and easily cycle between the three settings simply by pressing a button on the lock. Read More

Schlage BE365 PLY 619 Plymouth Keypad Deadbolt


  • Provides the convenience of keyless access; customizable to fit your security needs
  • Innovative turn lock feature allows you to lock and leave without a key
  • 19 user code capacity with 10,000 user code combinations to choose from
  • Ideal for front doors, garage entry doors, and side and back doors
  • Easily replace most existing deadbolts with a screwdriver in about 30 minutes
  • No programming required; preset with two user codes so it’s ready to use right out of the box
  • ANSI/BHMA grade 2 certified
  • Fits standard door preparations
  • Battery operated with over 3 year battery life
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Schlage’s plymouth deadbolt locks provide primary or auxiliary security locking for both commercial and residential applications. All products in this series feature a full 1-inch throw deadbolt with Schlage’s exclusive wood frame to deter “kick-in” attack. The timeless solid brass Plymouth design is a simple and elegant complement to any entry door.Schlage BE365 PLY 619 Plymouth Keypad Entry with Flex-Lock, Satin Nickel Features:; Innovative Turn Lock feature allows you to lock & leave without a key; Provides the convenience of keyless access; customizable to fit your security needs; Ideal for front doors, side & back doors, garage entry doors, etc. Read More

Schlage BE365 CAM 613 Camelot Keypad Deadbolt


  • Keyless entry for enhanced security
  • Simple, one tool installation
  • Keypad illuminates so you can see it at night
  • Codes easily added or deleted right at the keypad using the lock’s unique 6 digit programming code
  • Includes 9-volt battery, a 6 digit programming code, and two 4 digit user codes pre-set at the factory

Medeco locks

Locks manufactured by Medeco Security Locks, Inc. are perhaps the most well known high-security mechanical locks in United States. Also Medeco locks are most recommended by security and police personals.

Medeco’s 10- through 50-series locks incorporate the basic principles of a standard pin tumbler cylinder lock mechanism. The pin must be elevated by the cuts or bitting of the key. This first element is normally the only security afforded a cylinder in a standard commercial or residential lockset. The second element of Medeco’s double locking mechanism is a sidebar that requires pin tumblers to be rotated and elevated by the unique angular cuts on the key. This rotation aligns a slot in each pin tumbler. When the pin tumblers have been properly elevated and rotated, the “fingers” or projections on the sidebar may now enter the pin tumbler slots. Inserting the proper key releases the locking mechanisms to activate the lockset.

Medeco cylinders are also protected by hardened, drill-resistant inserts against other forms of physical attack. There are two hardened, crescent shaped plates within the shell that protect the shear line and the side bar from drilling attempts. There are also hardened rods within the face of the plug and a ball bearing in the front of the sidebar.

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The unique double locking mechanism makes Medeco cylinders very difficult to pick. For additional security Medeco cylinders are equipped with hardened steel inserts that protect strategic areas of the cylinder from drilling and surreptitious entry. Anti drill rods surround the keyway and hardened inserts protect the shear line and sidebar areas of the cylinders.

Medeco offers a variety of products that includes Deadbolts, Mortise locks, padlocks and key knob locks. Below are some of the medeco locks which are high security door locks.

Medeco Deadbolts

Single Cylinder Maxum Deadbolt Lock

The Maxum deadbolt lock series offers superior physical protection and key control to fit your security needs. Every inch of Maxum is designed with specific features that resist the techniques thieves use to gain entry. The Maxum provides maximum protection with anti-drilling and anti-prying features and includes the Medeco patented high security technology for U.L. 437 rated pick resistance. The Maxum is available for nearly every tubular deadbolt application, with single and double cylinder models as well as the unique captive thumbturn model that comes highly recommended by law enforcement officers. The Maxum is an ideal high-security locking solution for residential, business and institutional use. In the U.S. there are two common backsets for residential locks, 2-3/8&Prime and 2-3/4&Prime. The backset is the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the 2-1/8&Prime bore hole.

Medeco Mortise Cylinders

Medeco’s high security Rim and Mortise cylinders are made for residential and commercial applications of door locksets. Both incorporate the double locking principle, and both are made of brass with drill resistant inserts. The Mortise cylinder is secured into the lockset and has a cam. The Rim cylinder has a tailpiece and is mounted with two. screws and a plate into the opposite side of the door.
Medeco® Rim and Mortise cylinders provide patented key control and UL437 Physical Security in adaptable retrofit cylinder formats.

Medeco Key in Lever/Knob

The Knob Type high security cylinders, incorporating Medeco’s patented double locking principle, are constructed of brass and include drill resistant inserts. These cylinders are used in cylindrical locksets, deadbolts and padlocks of other major manufacturers to upgrade the security level of their locks.
The package contains one cylinder and a variety of different tailpieces, providing a greater retrofit cabability, while at the same time reducing the amount on inventory required Unique elevating and rotating tumbler pin system is virtually pick proof. All Medeco cylinders are constructed of durable machined brass components, designed to last the life of your equipment Patented Medeco Key-in-Knob cylinders keys may only be duplicated by Medeco or an authorized Medeco service outlet, and only at your request.

Medeco Padlocks

Medeco 54-71F00 Medeco Padlock

Medeco manufactures two basic types of padlocks. Both contain pick resistant, high security cylinder. Either may be used for industrial safekeeping” perimeter gates, cargo vehicles, on vending machines and on gun cabinets. The High Security padlock may also be used for remote station security.
The High Security padlock is made of solid bronze with 19hardened steel inserts. The hardened steel shackle comes in a choice of three diameters – %”, 7ft6&Prime, and 1;2&Prime. It has a stainless steel bolt and a hardened steel bolt cover. The padlock weighs over two pounds and has a top loaded, removable, 6-pin Medeco cylinder. It is available in the key retained function only and can be keyed with existing Medeco cylinders. Other features include a pull resistant shrouded keyhole, toe and heel deadbolt locking action, and is available with a dust cover and safety chain.

ASSA Twin 6000 Classic High Security Deadbolt

Combining uncompromising physical security with the highest level of Key control, ASSA high security cylinders offer the ideal solution for situations where controlling unauthorized key duplication is important. ASSA Twin 6000 series of locks have two independent locking systems – a 6 pin tumbler cylinder mechanism incorporating mushroom drivers and a unique coded sidebar system which provides additional protection against picking. Cylinders include resistance to drilling by utilizing stainless steel side and top pins & drill resistant inserts.
Assa Twin 6000 series of locks that use pin-tumblers and a sidebar to provide two layers of security. It uses six pin-tumbler pins and five sidebar finger pins. To open the lock, all pin-tumblers must be aligned at the shear line and all finger pins must be properly aligned with the sidebar legs.

Kaba Locks

Kaba is another company which makes high security door locks. Founded 1862 Kaba has grown from its origins as a small workshop producing safes into among one of the world’s leading providers security solutions. Their product includes from electronic access systems to lock cylinders and keys, enterprise data and time recording, physical access systems and hotel locks to electronic high-security locks.

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Kaba Ilco 1011-26D Mechanical Pushbutton Combination Lock


  • Fully mechanical pushbutton access: no electrical wiring, electronics or batteries
  • Thousands of possible combinations
  • Weather Resistant
  • ASA 161 door prep with additional holes required; Door thickness: 1-3/8&Prime – 2-1/4&Prime
  • Included: 2-3/4&Prime Backset (Latch); ASA Strike Plate

Kaba E-Plex 2031 Lever Electronic Push Button Lock

E-Plex standalone access control products are scalable to accommodate current and future facility needs. Includes basic options with all lock and user set-up performed at the door, with no software requirements. Wide range of lock type options, ranging from cylindrical, mortise and exit device trim.

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