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Best Hidden Cameras Reviews

Best Hidden CamerasWhether you are looking to spy on a cheating spouse or protect your home from intruders, having hidden cameras on you or in the home can really help you to document any issues that arise.

While the hidden cameras of the past were easy to spot, today they are so small and so inconspicuous that no one will be able to spot them.

With so many choices on the market, this list of top 10 best hidden cameras reviews should help you with your quest.


Agent Spy 007 Spy Pen Hidden Video Camera

The Agent 007 spy pen is extremely helpful in you gathering information on coworkers, your spouse, or even intruders. The pen is made from high quality components, and will easily record your surroundings. Comes with a sharp 1280×720 avi recording system, providing you the highest quality photographs when you need them the most.

Agent Spy 007 Stealth Camera Pen

When you need your images to be crystal clear, the Agent Spy 007 Stealth camera will easily get the job done. Not only does it record photographs, you can capture video as well as high quality sound recordings. The extended life lithium battery will allow you to capture video or pictures for 60 minutes, then only needs 45 minutes to fully recharge. Comes with an 8 MG memory card so you can store all your evidence after collecting.

Jumbl JU-SC02B Spy Camera Radio Clock

Looking to catch someone in the act, without them ever knowing they are being videotaped or photographed. The Jumbl JU SC02B spy clock is the perfect accessory for the living room or bedroom, because it simply looks like an ordinary clock radio. Able to take still images and videos, the night vision feature allows you to capture your subject in complete darkness. Can record when any motion is detected, so the memory is not wasted filming blank space.

ePathChina 500 Mega Pixel Pinhole Spy Video Camera

The ePathChina pinhole camera is perfect for catching someone in the act without them ever having the slightest awareness something is recording them. The compact size of this tiny camera allows you to easily hide it in any area of a home or office. The small size of the camera lends should not in any way take away from the superior image quality this camera produces. This camera has been utilized in jewelry stores, ATM machines, and even in banks.

Amazing Pen Camera

The Amazing Pen Camera puts the recording technology right in your hand. Now you can record those around you with your pen, and they will not have the slightest idea anything is going on. Perfect for capturing images of those at work who might be stealing or conducting in illegal activities. Huge 8 MG memory, high definition lens, and exception video quality.

Foscam FHC994 Mini Video Hidden Camera

The Foscam hidden video camera not only has exceptional high resolution capability, it can be motion activated to work even when you are not in the room. Either recording video or taking pictures, the wide angle lens can record up to 64 GB, and is simple to use. No wires or installation is needed, complete with a battery life of 8 hours.

The Forestfish Sunglasses Camera

These sunglasses are the perfect recording device because no one will suspect they are being taped. Not only are the glasses made from study material, the camera has a 720P video recorder and even is Bluetooth compatible. Plug and play functions available, no need to have any drivers installed.

The Zetta Z12 Security Camcorder

The Intelligent Zetta camcorder is a motion activated recording device that has an impressive battery life of up to 8 hours.

Perfect for recording in low light settings, also includes a vibration trigger. Features either a motion or a voice activated mode.

Spy Pen Camera DVR

Looking for a spy pen with an astounding 1280×960 resolution on video or 3840×2880 for pictures, the Spy Pen Camera is the perfect spy device for you. Not only will no one know they are being recorded, this pen is sleek, discreet, and simple. Contains an 8GB memory card and has a full 1 year warranty.

Top Secret Spy Mini Clock Radio

No one will ever suspect your clock radio is both videotaping and taking pictures, but this Top Secret clock radio does just that. Able to record in dark lighting conditions, complete with a 4 GB SD card and can be locked so no one can turn off the recordings.

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