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Best Glass Door Beer Fridges Reviews

best-glass-door-beer-fridgesLets face it, many of you want a panel in front of your refrigerator to show off your personal collection of beers. With the glass display, you can not only appreciate the contents, you can also see if there still enough drinks on the inside to determine whether you need to replenish your drinks.

There are many perks to having a glass door beer fridge. Not only does it aesthetically improve your fridge’s looks, it is also able to provide you with the comfort of looking into it.

I have always had glass refrigerators placed in my room as a décor and never have I looked back since. No more opaque refrigerators for me. Also check out cheap beer fridges if you are cash strapped!


Nowadays, refrigerator companies have come up with several features that will allow your fridge to become a centrepiece in your household. They integrate full LED lightings on the top of your refrigerator to illuminate the interior. The beautiful lightings not only make your refrigerator look much better, with the glass panels, the lights are able to penetrate through them and create a small lighting around your refrigerator. They will look wonderful placed in any setting and make the fridge look like a piece of furniture.


So now that we have got a brief idea on what we want to purchase, lets do some shopping! The beer fridge glass door that I have selected below are the best rated ones in the market. They provide excellent cooling solutions to your drinks while providing you both the lighting and glass panels that you need.

 Danby DBC120BLS Beverage Center

This an all time best value unit that I highly recommend. Its large capacity,design and functionalities in addition to its fairly cheap price makes it the best choice!

It has a large glass panel on the front to showcase your personal collection and its led lights will make it a centrepiece in any setting.

NewAir 84 AB 850 Cooler

If you are looking for a high quality unit, this will be the go-to. It features everything you need in its compact size.

A glass door, top lighting and compact sized. Perfect for a beer glass refrigerator!

Whynter BR-091

If you going for the best designs and aesthetics, this is the perfect unit for you. It features a fully white exterior and steel trim panels with a glass door and lighting on top.

The perfect glass door beer fridge for the elegant and minimalistic lover. Its clean design will complement its surroundings well.

Edgestar 84 Cooler

The similar capacity as the NewAir. Even though it is cheaper, it has the same capacity as the Danby despite having similar prices.

So if you are really spaced constrained, do go for the Danby because it has a higher capacity. It has a glass panel with steel trims and a black exterior. It also has LED lighting features to brighten up its interior, enhancing its visual appearance!


Thanks for reading my post on the best beer fridge glass door models. I hope that you are more familiar with the best choices that you can get. Go ahead and display your glass refrigerator anywhere you like! They will surely be able to complement any setting and stand out. Besides, they are ideal for entertaining purposes due to their compact sizes, great looks and functionalities.

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