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Best Garment Steamer Reviews

best-garment-steamerLooking for the best garment steamer? We cover the most popular garment steamers that are available in the market and how each compare with other models. We also provides reports from real users making the contents more legitimate. This is to give you assistance in having an educated buying decision from the data gathered from this site. Check the special categories below or from among our posts and reviews of specific models to find the perfect garment steamer for you.

Of course there are lots of steamer reviews that flood the internet but this site provides the readers not only the positive reviews but also the negative ones including real user experiences which you can only hear from people who actually bought the product.

Although garment steamers cannot really replace irons especially to give more details to crisp edges like collars and cuffs, steamers do extremely well in freshening your suits fast and easy. It can turn hot very easily and can be used for hours just with a couple of tank refill. Further, garment steamers are easy to use, clean and store.

Real good steamers not only take out the wrinkles from the clothes but also can clean the drapes as well, which would be expensive if you have somebody to wash and clean these heavy fabrics. The hot mist emanating from the steamers could easily remove and clean the drapes, saving you time and money in the long run. These steamers are also really handy to freshen up other hard-to-iron items like hanging curtains and also bed skirts.

Garment steamers don’t use boards unlike the irons, to get the job done.  Hence, it further save space in a busy crowded room.You can just let your garment hung some place and steam the suit until your desired result is achieved.

Garment steamers are becoming increasingly popular today than ever before. There are now newly designed steamers that will just do almost anything to make your clothes and garments in the best possible condition anytime anywhere, ready to wear with pride and confidence.

You can choose whatever options you have, depending on your intended use. Whether you will use it at home, during travels or commercial purposes, garment steamers for each specific usage are available in the market.

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What is the best Garment Steamer on the market?

There are tons of Garment Steamers out there and now we will help you find the best fabric steamer and fit your needs.


Top 8 Best Rated Garment Steamers Comparison

*Results Are Based On Amazon.com Garment Steamers Consumer Reports & Reviews*


J-4000M Jiffy Garment Steamer with Metal Steam Head, 120 Volt

Pros: American made, this steamer is heavy duty, nice quality and colors, built like a tank, powerful and reliable, provides hours of powerful steam, easy to start and does excellent job, enouch to take very wrinkled jean material, saves you a lot of time especially when have multiple shirts that want to get the wrinkles out of, maintenance free, recommend it for professional or heavy home use, well worth the premium price

Cons: when more than half full of water it can take 15-20 min to warm up, wish the preheating time was shorter

Rowenta DG84 Pro Precision Steam Station with 400-Hole Stainless Steel soleplate, 1800-Watt

Pros: an excellent iron for the serious homemaker or sewer, no reason to go to dry cleaning places anymore, it makes ironing job faster and much more better, fast steam, does a great job on wrinkles or creases, perfect solution to wrinkly clothes, can see the water level in the tank, the continuous refill feature saves tons of time

Cons: generator is noisy at times but very powerful, wish it had automatic turn off

Steam Fast SF-680 Digital Fabric Steam Press

Pros: small but it’s work very nice, easy to use, always choose the lowest temperature that works on your fabric, makes ironing easier, does a great job on pressing your clothes, can iron huge areas with out any issues, steam press heats up fast, works great and cuts the ironing time in half or more, doesn’t require any muscle to press, recommend to anyone who does any sewing

Cons: price is a little high, wish it was a little longer

Singer Sewing Esp18 Steam Press, 1500-watt

Pros: love this for quilting, great time saver even for someone who can’t iron, easy to use, doesn’t take up a lot of space, it heats up fast and emits a lot of steam, good temperature control, great for ironing linens slacks, auto shut-off, terrific features, gives your clothes that professional look with no wrinkles

Cons: no complaints

J-2M Jiffy Garment Steamer with Metal Steam Head (Pink Series), 120 Volt

Pros: plus the steamer itself isn’t too big, easily store, it works great for basic at home use, handle does not heat up, super fast steam, heats up quickly, does a great job removing wrinkles, only takes a few minutes to heat up and removes even the toughest wrinkles, it cuts your work in half and it stays hot the whole time

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Cons: the steamer head is so heavy, wish they made a large water bottle

Panasonic NI-C78SR Steam/Dry Iron with Stainless-Steel Soleplate

Pros: a bargain for the price, very user friendly, seems heavy duty, very light weight, easy to navigate, removable water tank, retractable cord, can control the auto shut off, quick to heat, easy to fill and empty, smooth to use and does a great job

Cons: turning dial to shut power off is a minor inconvenience

Shark Press and Refresh (GS500)

Pros: shipped quickly, great steamer for clothes and curtains, compact and stores nicely, one of the best travel steamers, great product for a great price, puts out a lot of steam and gets the job done, fast and easy way better than ironing, very convenient, does the job with thin fabrics, a must for anyone with a messy closet

Cons: wish they make a larger version with a large tank and adding a retractable cord

Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer

Pros: affordable, works well, easy to store, light weight, the instructions are clear and easy to follow, it’s easier than ironing, the wide steam head it a plus, heats up fast, super hot, great for steaming clothes, it cuts down your ironing time in half, like the fact it is on wheels as well

Cons: garment and steam wand holder should be rotated 90 degrees, the power cord is not that long

Buyer’s Guide


best fabric steamerMany people remember watching their mothers and grandmothers spending hours on the laundry and finally many more hours at the ironing board making sure that all the clothes are nicely pressed and ready to be worn. Nowadays the modern woman appreciates the value of permanent pressed clothes that rarely need ironing and can be quickly hung straight out of the dryer to look great.

The modern woman has a job and a life that reaches beyond the laundry room or kitchen and has little time to waste on mundane chores. This has resulted in a booming business for the dry cleaner, which can be very expensive and takes time to deliver and pick up as well. Add to that the fact that dry cleaning chemicals are quite toxic and seem to always remain in the clothes you’re wearing next to your skin.

Now many women have discovered the incredible value of a garment steamer to be used in home. It doesn’t use any toxic chemicals like the dry cleaner does, nor does it damage clothes like a regular iron, it safely replaces both options at once. Having a personal garment steamer at home is wonderful for removing wrinkles rapidly without an iron, can remove the chemical smell from dry cleaned clothes, or freshen a garment that is only been worn once and isn’t ready to be cleaned.

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Using a clothes steamer is a fantastic way to save ironing time and dry-cleaning bills but that’s not all that it’s good for. You can also use it to clean drapes that are too delicate to be washed and difficult to clean, but super easy to be steamed on a regular basis. Linens, table cloths and comforters are all quick and easy to be cleaned with a fabric steamer.

And remember, because it only uses steam it won’t melt and burn sensitive materials which are usually quite expensive as well. You can also say goodbye to the sheen that a traditional iron leaves on your clothes, this is actually caused by a slight melting of the fabric and causes clothes to wear out rapidly.

As far as safety is concerned, a clothes steamer is far more gentle on fabrics that an old-fashioned iron could possibly be. The steam blows through the fabric loosening dirt and straightening out any wrinkles without damaging any of the delicate fabric. It’s easy to be used around buttons and pockets, which can be quite difficult for a regular iron, but a simple task for a garment steamer, and most fabrics tend to last quite a bit longer with the steamer rather than an old-fashioned iron.

As you can see, the use of the garment steamer at home is much safer on your clothes and fabrics than a traditional iron, plus it is many times faster and safer to use for you as well. Then when you factor in the high cost of dry cleaning and their dangerous chemicals, the personal garment steamer looks like an incredible bargain as well.

Here are a few safety tips when you’re using a garment steamer:

  • Use mitts or gloves to avoid scalding or getting burned.
  • Do not touch the nozzle when you’re steaming.
  • Make sure the steam head is facing opposite you, in case of drips and water leaks.
  • Do not plug it in the socket with another high-wattage appliance like the dryer or fridge.
  • If possible, store it in a dedicated space and only move it around the house when you need to.
  • Do not use it horizontally (for bed sheets/upholstery) unless it was specifically made to do so. Otherwise, it will just drip hot water everywhere.

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