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Best Foraging Toys & Boxes for Birds Reviews

best-foraging-toys-boxes-for-birdsToys and foraging boxes for birds aren’t just little indulgences you give to your pet, they’re truly a creative way to keep your bird healthy and alert.

Birds that are bored and have nothing to do all day will develop bad habits such as pulling out feathers, just to liven up their day.

The best way to keep your bird happy is to give it a variety of toys and boxes that challenge its brain.


Creative Foraging Systems 4-Big Boxes

When looking at bird toys for sale for your larger bird, a foraging system like this one will keep it occupied for long hours. Fill each of the see-through drawers with foot toys or different treats. Your large bird will spend long periods of time opening the drawers and foraging through the selections inside.

Surprise Box Spikey Ball 12&Prime Bird Toy

Made with many different natural materials, this foraging toy hangs in your bird’s cage and offers many forms of entertaining investigative possibilities. Made with a variety of textures and colors, these discount bird toys have stacked boxes, each of which has a door to cover up a treat you put inside.

Creative Foraging Systems Foraging Carousel

Buying bird toys wholesale doesn’t always afford you the best choice or quality. Choose the toys for your bird individually to get such high quality items as this clever foraging system. The clear boxes all have tops that open, and each one opens in a different direction for creative play and foraging behavior.

Creative Foraging Systems Hide & Seek Refillable Canister

Foraging toys and boxes for birds need to be intricate, filled with detail, and have the ability to be refilled for the best interaction experience. This cannister fits every detail. The openings on the side of the cannister are large enough for big birds to use, and the clever back opening makes it easy to refill. Fill it up with foraging toys, and add a few of its favorite treats.

Super Bird Creations Fiesta Ball Stuffers Bird Toy

Have the fun and make your own bird toys with these Fiesta Ball Stuffers. Filled with crinkled bird-safe materials, you can fill them with bird treats, foot toys, or any number of entertaining objects. Refill the ball frequently to keep your bird entertained and working for its treats, keeping its mind sharp and fending off boredom.

Parrot-Toys and Play Areas : How To Put Some Fun Into Your Parrot’s Life

If you’re the creative type and want to spend a little time making things for your feathered friends, this book will be a valuable addition to your book shelves. All about how to make bird toys, it concentrates on finding your parrot’s play style, then creating toys that cater to that style.

Super Bird Creations Make Your Own Bird Toy Kit

Creative bird owners with creative attitudes will have hours of fun playing with this kit. It includes enough bird-safe materials to make homemade bird toys that will keep a bird happy for months. Vines, wood, plastic, cordage, and bells are just some of the materials that combine to make up this kit.

Paradise 2 by 19.5-Inch Triple Foraging Box Pet Toy

Three foraging boxes in one toy means three times the fun and entertainment for your bird. Fill some of the boxes with foot toys and other bits of entertainment, and hide a favorite treat in one for variety. The natural sisal rope and colorful beads separating the boxes make this a useful toy even after the boxes themselves are shredded.

Surprise Box Swing 10&Prime Bird Toy

This entertaining swing also functions as a colorful foraging toy for your big birds. Natural textures and materials give the toy a nice variety to keep your bird entertained, while the three boxes all have doors and the raffia balls can be filled, all to encourage foraging behavior.

Super Bird Creations Sneakers Toy for Birds

These chewy little sneakers are completely free of metal, and make a great addition to a bird’s toy box collection. The foot opening is large enough to fill with favorite treats or smaller foot toys, while the different colors and textures help to improve foot dexterity both inside and out of the cage. Use a cardboard box as a toy chest for your bird, and add these clever shoes to the collection.

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