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Best Floating Beer Cooler Reviews

best-floating-beer-coolerA Floating beer cooler is a great way to have your drinks cooled under the sun when you are in a pool, river, lake or beach! Simply place them on the water’s surface and watch them float with your drinks on them.

Not be confused with inflatable beer coolers which don’t float, a floating beer cooler is usually made with a floating base and a compartment on top that acts as a storage to store your drinks.

What to look out for?

  • Size and capacity. They differ from each product, so be sure to check their capacities that generally range from 12 cans to 72 cans!
  • Practicality. Some of the floats will have can holders that allow you to put your cans on them, so you can safely put your drinks on it without having the fear of spilling them.

Intex Mega Chiller II

I highly recommend this product as it features a huge 72 cans capacity, including 6 can holders that you can safely use. It also has 4 handles for easy portability.

It features a two toned design, consisting of navy blue and white. Extremely durable to boot. Perfect for those who would like to use this in rougher waters like rivers and lakes that have debris in them. It is strong enough to withstand impacts.

Swimways Kelysus

The Kelysus is able to be folded into a bag when deflated, making it very easy to carry around. It features a 12 can capacity and 6 can holders, making it an ideal choice for small pool parties and personal use.

Its exterior is made of up two colors, navy and light blue! Use it in your pool and now you can enjoy cold drinks at your fingertips!

Intex 58820E Mega Chill

Like all intex products, they have extreme durability! With its 24 cans capacity, you can store a decent amount of drinks. It also features 5 can holders and handles for you to carry around!

Ideal choice for those who want a durable but small capacity inflatable beer cooler. Bring it to parties and now everyone has a cold beer to drink!

Byers 1700 Big Bobber

This big bobber has a more unique design compared to the rest. It features a fishing float-like look, with a red and white exterior. It has a capacity of 12 cans and it is made in the USA. It has a fun opening cap design where you store your contents in, however, its lacking on the practicality part

Why buy a floating beer cooler?

A floating beer cooler is able to provide you with its innovative cooling solution on water surfaces. Not only can they store a large amount of drinks and keep them cold in their middle compartments, they help prevent your drinks from getting wet and spilled into the water.

Some even have handy features such as holders for you to hold your beers in place, acting like a floating table!


I hope you have enjoyed my article on the topic – floating beer cooler, and you are now ready on your way to improve your pool drinking experience! These products are the best rated ones on the market, and I personally use one of them at home. I highly recommend the Intex Mega Chiller II.

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