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Best Fisher Price Imaginext Sky Racers Carriers

Fisher Price Imaginext Sky Racers CarrierIt seems like the Fisher Price Imaginext series gets better every year, and this year is no exception. The Fisher Price Imaginext Sky Racers Carrier is another exciting adventure, one kids are sure to love when they bust open the box. And if your child loves airplanes or watercraft, then that will only make things better.

The carrier is part of the Sky Racers and is made to be the focal point for activity on the sea and in the air. The ship has everything your child will need to complete his mission including an expandable runway for takeoffs. Imaginext has been a tremendously successful line for Fisher Price and this latest toy will only continue in that vain. It has everything kids love. They can imagine being at sea, flying, performing daring rescues and doing battle with the baddies. All things kids love to pretend.

Even the size of this toy is perfect. It is fairly large, 25 inches long and 14 inches wide. That means it’s ideal for little hands to move around and big enough for several kids to enjoy at the same time. There’s a door that opens and closes, an anchor, and even an elevator that does up and down. In short, it’s just like a real carrier.

Also included in this set are 2 buoy blasters and 8 disks, a couple of crew members with removable helmets and flight suits, a satellite dish, a crane, and a pair of landing flags to make sure the aircraft will land safely. And even with all these accessories, cleanup will be easy because all of them fit below the deck.

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The planes in the set are divided into a pair of groups. There’s the Hawks, who are the bad guys. And there’s the good guys, the Rangers. And there’s room for expansion too since additional planes are available and they will easily fit on the carrier deck.

Your child can fly planes of and off the deck or get them ready for flight down below. And they can shoot projectiles into the water with the buoy plasters and then retrieve them to fire again. There’s even a rapid fire option which allow you to fire five buoys at once from the blaster.

The Fisher Price Imaginext Sky Racers Carrier is recommended for children ages 3 through 8, but we believe some younger kids and even older kids will enjoy this one too, once they figure out how much fun it is. And when word gets out that your child has one, there will likely be plenty of neighborhood kids dropping by to play as well.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Sky Racers Carrier
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Fisher-Price Imaginext Sky Racers Carrier
  • The Imaginext Sky Racers Carrier includes an aircraft carrier playset, two figures, two planes, two helmets, flags, and seven projectiles
  • Each plane represents a different team racing team the Rangers (good) vs Hawks (bad)
  • Boys can use the Sky Racers Carrier to race their planes and collect the projectiles that are shot into the "water"
  • Pull the lever to rapid fire the five buoys into the "water"
  • The carrier also includes a door that opens and closes, an anchor, a crane arm, and an elevator that goes up and down
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